Why you can’t be soul based and procrastinate too!

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Procrastination is a 100% a personality thing and overcoming procrastination is hugely desirable as the negative impact of procrastination is well understood and probably experienced by you firsthand!

There are some who believe it is a positive thing, and while there is a *specific* potential for this, the positive thing is mostly misunderstood as an indulgence of the personality. Even now in 2017, years after the New Age movement took over the Spiritual and timeless wisdom and repackaged it as personal development, the majority remain in the ‘cult of the personality’. Driven by emotions and thoughts and that is the cause of procrastination.

Now for most you can recall a time when procrastination took over and how much you went off alignment, however before you can get to overcoming procrastination (and it is so easy you will wonder why you didn’t do it sooner) let’s go on a journey…

What is procrastination?

  • Purposeful delay and avoidance…
  • Resistance of your next step…
  • Distraction; keeping busy doing everything else except…
  • Sacrifice, so everyone else’s needs are where your time goes…
  • Saying you will think about it…and then taking days to do it…
  • Saying you will feel into it and then like all emotions, hot stepping between this, that or the other…
  • Never totally and really committing, so talking the talk without walking it…
  • Avoidance of intuition, disbelief, uncertainty, doubt, confusion etc…

The last bullet point above is key, you see your Soul – your intuitive voice and gateway doesn’t procrastinate.

Divine timing is nothing to do with procrastination, however you can’t be both, procrastinating and divinely timed. One is a personality activity, and you know which one that will be…procrastination!!!

Divine Timing might give you a no, stand still, not today, or not that today, that isn’t to be addressed yet kind of response, however it’s purpose is to keep you moving and aligned. The consequences of Divine Timing are positive and all about your service, always!

Procrastination is all about the delay, the avoidance and the excuse, the reason and story why not, and pure stubbornness in many cases too, ‘I want proof before I move forward’, ‘the universe has to show me that I am worth it and I will definitely succeed before I do anything else!’ etc… and they change the course of your life by taking you out of alignment. The consequences are always more struggle and yet it is a chosen path as procrastination doesn’t happen, it is a choice! When you procrastinate you are dropping your personal power and connection to you purpose…is that really the choice you want to make?

When you truly embrace being soul-based, and all that it is to truly be led by your Soul, you wouldn’t procrastinate as you would simply ask your intuition, receive guidance and be in alignment.

This is where people feel the most challenged, to do this 24:7.

When making ‘spending’ decisions around their growth, people say that they are seeking their intuition lead and then take weeks to think about it – procrastination in its full momentum.

When intuition has spoken and been heard people spend ‘weeks’ analysing it and interpreting it, correcting it to fit with their logical ideas and to indulge their fears… procrastination again as well as a dissing of your spiritual guidance and a waste of it too!

The mental and emotional bodies, AKA the gut is still being bandied about as intuition and even the heart (when was the heart in your gut?!) and when they are both in charge, or vying to be in control that

Overcoming procrastination!

  1. Become aware of it, you know when you are doing it and when you catch yourself doing it, no beating up of self metaphorically or otherwise, follow a method given to me by one of  my teachers in Spirit a few years ago: DO DESPITE
  2. Start to connect to your intuition and take the action, implement the learning without interpretation and if you have to learn how to access your intuition and get support in implementing. Life isn’t a puzzle to struggle with as you won’t always find the pieces you need easily for whatever reason, that is why we all reach out for support and have mentors in our lives.
  3. Make a decision and stick with it and trust that if you are connecting to your intuition and truly Soul led, even if the decision you made was a head or emotional one, your guidance will find a way to get you aligned, however guidance like a friend generally is invited to be in your life, so re-read point 2!

As you see so far there hasn’t been any ‘healing’ or ‘fixing’, it is about moving forward and there is a final step 4…

Using your intuition understand why the procrastination was there in the first place, fear  – you might guess or say however why? In understanding why you can change the pattern and habit that stopped you following your intuitive guidance and give into your mental and emotional bodies and overcome procrastination for ever!

Have you been caught out by your own procrastination? How much has it been impacting on your service, and abundance? How much of a habit has procrastination become for you?

Share this post and share in comments too, maybe you have a great procrastination beating tip of your own, I would love for you to share that too!

Sarupa Shah

PS if you want to propel your soul-based business forward and lean into your intuition as your guide and want to increase your spiritual power, let’s talk mentoring. Set up a time here to speak!


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