Is Your Inner Work Stopping Your Money Flow?

Have you ever felt like you’re always doing “inner work,” (like hardly forgot your daily stuff) and STILL your business and finances remain stagnant?

You attend workshops, visualise, have a (dusty but, still) vision board you walk past, and repeat positive money affirmations, but the wealth needle just won’t budge?

This can be incredibly frustrating, and I know it leaves you wondering, and doubting as to if inner work is even worth the effort?

BUT everyone says it is, and heck you teach it to others and you know there is magic in it, so you don’t stop. And you do everything you can to ignore that constant nagging annoying inner voice that is reminding you: there is something wrong with you, and when it says: see it isn’t working… that voice isn’t ‘strictly’ telling you an untruth. Your ‘inner work’ isn’t working like everyone on social media boasts there’s is… (side note: don’t believe everything people post!)

But, that inner critic voice is a mean voice…and we all have it, and despite it being mean it can be, as long as you don’t fall into it, a brilliant CLUE that there is something for you to look at, address, tweak, or explore...

Not all inner work is the same …

The truth is, there’s a BIG difference between generic “feel-good” inner work and the kind that leads to real transformation.

Is Your Inner Work Stopping Your Money Flow?

Generic inner work often focuses on surface-level positivity, and busy-ness, and leaves your limiting beliefs and energetic blocks hidden beneath the surface. It’s like painting a beautiful picture on a cracked wall– the cracks will always eventually show.

And, it just keeps you busy…!

Or if you are in the mood for another analogy, it is the difference between a fast and processed take away. Sure it will fill you up, and often make you feel comforted too, but fast food has limited nutritional value.

What is missing is ALIGNED inner work

Aligned inner work, is like having a map, flashlight and supplies, so you find your treasure.

Aligned inner work, helps you identify your limiting beliefs, clear energetic blockages, and move towards your Soul Money goals.

True Soul aligned inner work goes beyond temporary motivational ideas and feelings. Motivation has a place, however, soul aligned inner work is about unearthing the root causes of your struggles and aligning your inner world with your soul’s deepest desires.

And here’s the thing, it mostly does it without drama and without the healing crisis that most people fear. And that fear is why most end up with busy and unproductive inner work rituals that don’t move the needle.

And the other major fear I have seen in my clients who are stuck on an inner work loop that keeps them standing on the same spot, is they fear that anything that **actually** moves them will reveal their deepest fears like they aren’t enough or destined to be wealthy as true. So, instead they do generic inner work (wand mostly think about doing it, and that can be a major clue, if you mean to do it but again didn’t get round to it that something needs tweaking with your inner work!)

And here’s a thing. Just because it is time to up-level your inner work game, doesn’t mean you don’t know anything or have been getting it wrong. It simply means you are ready to be in this new level of conversation and energy.

Think about this, it is a bit naive to think, that there isn’t more to your ‘inner work’ story and that the same inner work forever is all you need. How is that growth? It is really saying growth doesn’t exist…and that is just d’oh.

Let’s explore three powerful benefits of doing inner work that’s specifically designed for who you are (a), where you want to be (b), and most importantly, helps you see and move beyond your blind spots (c).

1. Uncover Your Unique Abundance Blueprint :

Generic inner work prescribes a one-size-fits-all approach. But what works for one person might not be what you need or what will work for you. Aligned inner work is about where you are and where you are heading, where your soul knows, focuses on uncovering your unique abundance blueprint.

Very early on in my work as a money mentor I saw a difference in what helps people manifest money. It wasn’t knowing a process, as helpful as it is. The process (steps, of which many versions exist) for manifesting are a framework but not the failsafe. In exploring this I saw I needed money in the bank, or else my panic and stress would take over, so I began to understand the foundation for how I manifest. What my energy needed.

A client I was working with around the same time, needed to hit the end of her overdraft and then she would over night manifest 6 figures. If I had made her fit into a box that said, this is what Sarupa does so you do that too, she wouldn’t have seen how she manifests.

As this develops and we mature, and let go of more of our old stories, it doesn’t stay static, as we move with the energy and now, this client can manifest without need to hit the end of her overdraft and without the adrenaline of, if nothing comes in I won’t be able to eat driving her.

That is growth.

But you can’t get that if you are being chucked into someone else’s boxes or made to walk their path and sadly many who are ‘reading books’ and telling the world that they are experts in money inner work and manifesting aren’t able to see or follow the energy as they are mental experts. And logic ain’t got nothing to do with manifesting….or energy.

Even now, in my Soul Money Club, we have a whole section dedicated to Opening up to Receive, and the tools and processes in there allow club members (sometimes with my guidance) to work with what is right for them. It isn’t always what we ‘think’ or ‘feel’ as that part of us can be the bastion of out limitations.

2. Bridge the Gap Between Desire and Action:

We all have dreams and aspirations, but the space between “wanting” and “doing” can feel vast. Aligned inner work helps you bridge this gap by identifying and clearing YOUR limiting beliefs that hold you back. These beliefs might appear to fit the generic categories: worthiness of abundance, of not good enough, of fearing success, etc. and they create a subconscious resistance to change.

HOWEVER, when a not good enough unconscious pattern might come up for release for me, it will manifest differently to you. SO what is right for me to explore, and use inner work for to keep my energy open to the new and not the old stories will be different to you.

Different medicine is needed.

For example: You dream of building a thriving coaching business, but a nagging voice is constantly whispering, “Who are you to help others?” Then another person wanting to build a thriving coaching business has a nagging voice telling her that she has nothing special to offer.

Both are born from the not good enough energy. BUT, simply telling them both to repeat: I am good enough …is highly unlikely to work and is bad advice when your foundation is filled with, why you aren’t good enough. Instead, follow the energy and see how that is manifesting and then you can create the inner work medicine that works like a treat.

3. Shine a Light on Your Blind Spots:

We all have blind spots (hidden) – areas in our thinking and behavior that hinder our progress. The very nature of a blind spot makes it near impossible to see on your own and even impossible to feel a resonance to it when it is unearthed. We hide it and then disassociate from it!!!

Aligned inner work provides powerful tools for uncovering and addressing your blind spots. This might involve journaling prompts, energy clearing practices, or working with a mentor who can offer a safe space for self-discovery.

Humans weren’t here to be self sufficient islands, we are here to exchange our magic with each other and this online industry idea that you have to figure it out all alone to prove you are an expert really needs to stop. And more so for you if your business and finances are stagnating.

I was working with a life coach and she was frustrated that her marketing efforts weren’t attracting her ideal clients. And she was kinda angry as she felt she was doing everything ‘right’ …except nothing was changing this stagnation for her. This part of her journey wasn’t for her to make up her medicine, but she tried for years to do just that and would have small random bursts of success.

When she came to me, she got aligned inner work, and she discovered layers of a fear of rejection, that she had painted over and ticked off as sorted So much so she had a mask over it, and to others, she didn’t seem to care what others thought about her, she was ‘out there’ and a loud voice above mundane noise.

On paper she was doing the ‘right’ things. However inner work allowed the energy that she was holding hidden, to reveal itself. The energy that caused her to hold back on people seeing her marketing and feeling like they could respond to it.

She was unconsciously making herself invisible in plain sight. By seeing her blind spot in this area, it’s stronghold auto-released and then in moving beyond it by moving into the energy she changed everything and in fact ended up marketing less than online gurus tell you, you *must*! And she made more money than ever and increased her impact.

The magic of aligned inner work!

Inner work that truly moves the needle is about self-discovery, and creating the soul-aligned you, not about projecting an image of perfection or dedication to how much inner work you do (there is no inner work locker room!).

It’s about shedding layers, facing limitations, and aligning your inner world with your soul’s knowing and vision of abundance and then manifesting it.

Over to you …

Is your inner work more fluff than your fuel for change? Share in the comments and if you have any questions about your inner work, share them too and I will help you get clearer on what could work for you!

How to get more

Are you ready to break free from generic inner work and unlock the transformative power of Soul aligned inner work?

Join my Soul Money Club, a supportive community designed to guide you through this powerful journey.

Inside the club, you’ll receive:

  • Tailored inner work exercises: Go beyond the generic and explore practices designed to address your specific needs and goals.
  • Expert guidance and support: We have monthly community calls where we deep dive on generic limitations and you see how you might be manifesting them and what you can do about them as well as time for you to be mentored by me.
  • Actionable strategies: Learn how to integrate your inner work with practical business strategies for lasting success.

Don’t wait any longer to unlock the true potential within you. Inner work is the lynchpin for everything as it is about your relationship with yourself and your acceptance of your value. It is what will make your business strategy and how to’s come alive and allow you to continue developing your soul connection so you can be the heart centered leader you have always known you are here to be.

Sarupa Shah

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