How to turn your brilliant ideas into client magnetising offers

It’s the business holy grail to make all you do client magnetising..

Something that pulls all us business owners in. “The secret to filling your programmes” “Unlimited leads if you do this one thing!”

And it always boils down to marketing, dressed up in different ways … and so easy for us heart centered types to believe our magic isn’t enough because we don’t know how to use words properly!

When we are watching our box sets we can drift off and start to get what we think is the best idea to launch. Better than the one we launched yesterday.

When meditating we can think we’ve just got the best content idea to make work what seems to be another idea that you are once again determined to not let fall by the wayside.

It consumes us even if we don’t want to admit it.

The overdrive of working hard to fix what appears to not be working the way the marketing gurus said it would.

I see it with clients, they get pulled in by the how to launch, follow this sequence and steps…like that is their missing piece.

Market it right and they will come marketing gurus say. Follow this template and it will bring your ideal client to you in abundance.

Post on social media regularly. That’s what you need. Long posts. No short posts. No videos. (confusing, no?)

Email your list stories they said. That will make them know you and then they will want to buy from you because they like you.

Blog consistently. Show off what you know and how you can help them.

The list of what to do – how to fix it by doing more, could go on and on…

Some even go off piste and say to have a positive mindset. Visualise but don’t go woo woo as you have to polish your funnel.

Magnetising needs magic!

None of the pieces of advice are dud. Or bad per sè.

Except the way they are used makes them the same as wall papering over the cracks. Ignoring your inner world ends up becoming checkmate to your inner sabotage. It wins.

Being and aspiring to heart centered, marketing and ‘doing’ alone isn’t enough. They aren’t your surefire methods to make your offers magentise clients.

And that’s not because the advice of posting 4 times a day on LinkedIn and commenting on your

There’s a piece missing.

And that piece is your address what is in your unconscious. Your journey of growth exists right there. The more you can be is locked in the stories in your unconscious.

Your magnetism is held back or propelled by the energy whirring away inside of you.

What is in there that’s maybe saying no to success right now? What part of you is now showing up as out of alignment to who you’ve started stepping into that you need (or could) to let go of, to reach your next level of success?

What within you is saying, nope, don’t have any more value and that your peak has been reached and success can’t be repeated or increased?

What part of you has fallen into working hard is the only way to succeed, and then there is the part of you that rejects that as that part of you is leading you to magic but you aren’t following?

Or is that your inner stories are convincing you that you’re better off letting others take care of you so you don’t have to and that means avoid more success at all costs?

And what IS what it’s saying really covering up?

Yup. What we ‘think’ it is or must be is often a mask.

And the way to discover and address and bring light to your unconscious and hidden sabotage habits is by writing a new money story.

By bringing to the surface your illusions and busting them you will soon find that your polished funnel attempt with renewed launch plan version 36 stops being ‘just good on paper’ and ‘text book’ and instead and becomes the client magnetising offer that you intuitively knew it to be and before your unconscious threw it off alignment.

How do you know your unconscious is playing havoc in your business?

So much of this is simply your soul journey. Stuff you came to get over. Not a punishment but part of your awakening. And can be understood when you start working with writing your new money story and working with your soul archetype.

That’s where you get to see what’s happening in your unconscious and see your hidden mindset and change it.

Where you dissolve layers of sabotage and allow what you want to do and know how to do, to POP and be propelled and fuelled by your new inner alignment that empowers you to manifest.

Everything changes. All that investment in desire and wanting starts to come real.

But here’s your clues…that writing a new money story is calling you. And not more how to learn to market better. (I don’t believe we are all here to be marketers. Many of us are here to be the magicians working with energy!)

  1. You’re not thriving like you desire and have a never ending niggle that makes you constantly feel like you’re underperforming
  2. You’re attracting people that want your information but don’t want to pay you for transformation. Not just yet. Maybe later. Not got the money. It’s the same ol’ story and you sometimes wonder if it’s because you’re not enough
  3. You’re in a perpetual feast famine famine cycle, and it’s so frustrating as you feel like you ‘do’ all the right things
  4. You’ve done the rounds with business how to’s. Had your blogging phase. Your Go Live on Facebook phase. Your Insta phase. And so on and none lit up your business to a new level of being. They gave you results that didn’t sustain
  5. You’re suspicious of people who could help you. Competitive even, telling yourself you know the same or more
  6. You’ve stopped meditating and for a heart centered entrepreneur that’s the same as a chef not eating
  7. You’ve given up on your dream. Put it on hold.

If any of this resonates as true for you and you want to do something about it. Then use the contact form below and let’s chat about the journey into your unconscious and how you could write a new money story.

Sarupa Shah

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