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The Soul Agent Blog is where you will find a huge library of articles and is where I share straight-shooting wisdom to help you create your life and business. I show you how to claim your value and discover the steps you need to take to make a difference in the world.

You will find How To's, Journaling Prompts and epic conversations about spirituality, business and value for you to join in on. You matter, what you were born to do matters, and your magic is what the world needs right now!

My speciality is your success and I show you how to do this through healing your money story which includes, money mindset and is SO much more, as here at The Soul Agent Blog, it is all about your soul purpose! 

If you want to create abundance in your life and experience financial wellbeing and manifest more money, joy and good things while sharing your magic in the world then take a dive into the library of wisdom right here! 

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About the Sarupa

I'm  Sarupa Shah, AKA The Soul Agent

I always wanted to play the heroine who slayed the meanies when I was a kid. Little did I know it was training and grounding for the work I do know.

I show you how to slay your money blocks...

It all started kind of by accident, ... and I know you don't believe in accidents. I don't. But it did happen in a very sneaky way.

For more years than I want to share, as I still imagine in my head I am in my 20s, (I know grow up, right...but we are as young as we think...!) In fact from when I was the little girl slaying meanies I used to have this recurring vision of standing at a podium in an outdoor auditorium and talking about love.

It would drop in as a daydream and then go.

I just knew from that moment I wanted to help people live the life they dreamed of and a life of their potential!

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