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The Soul Agency is here to assist you, the woman who desires to serve, inspire, succeed & have fun & who is ready to be fearless and heart centered in discovering her Soul Brilliance. Leading you to walk the path of your Soul Purpose and step into a powerful & empowered lifestyle, where manifesting your dreams are easy and making money is natural and where spiritual growth & expansion is everyday.  

Spiritual Intelligence is a Divine Design and with Sarupa Shah's 20years+ work with Corporations, Business Owners & people with dreams just like her life long study with the Masters, you will be excited by the fresh, unique and extraordinary yet simple and powerful opportunities that have been created for your Heart, Soul & Success to flourish.

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"Sarupa connected me to my creative fire. Somewhere along the line I put all these expectations, judgments about not xyz enough and beliefs that my creative input was not going to work.

As a home-made entrepreneur I’m pretty savvy about how I like to run my life, but before working with Sarupa I couldn’t SEE how I ran my life worked against me, my business and my creativity and natural talents.

Working with Sarupa I learnt the process of working with my gifts so I wasn’t a slave to social media or my entrepreneur life and I started to naturally generate clients. And I am still generating them, which was not happening before I started working with her." Angela Ambrosia 

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From how-to's, meditations, provocative and expansive articles, you will truly feed your soul. Be inspired as you are challenged to step into a deeper alignment with your why, with your soul and claim your success, wealth and fun...taming your wildest dreams to become your reality, creating a consciousness of service and contribution with positive and long-lasting impact...the articles are a discovery into new spiritual teaching - taking the woo out of Spiritual, and the BS of wafting Joss sticks out of it and keeping it really REAL..., practical & powerful business advice...bring your cuppa and sit down to read... 

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Imagine this...your personal retreat, where you map out your greatest adventure, contribution and life & business expansion...a deep dive with down-to-earth plans that will lead you to the outcomes you once thought were just a dream....

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