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To everyone seeking that magic 100k for 2018…and by that I mean maybe again or for the first time saying that huge money goal that you have possibly and probably never come close to before. 

I watched a Facebook live this week. It asked a question about what you want to earn – and the comments were filled to the brim with 100k…the magic number – as if that will mean you have made it?

The idea and feeling that 100k will be the answer to your need to prove you are in the right business and that people want what you do…well if that even in the tiniest bit is part of it – then you would be better trying to pin a jelly to a wall…! (There were plenty of 7 figure claims too and even with 10k or 20k packages you have to sell a lot of those – and considering that how are you feeling what is the resistance, the story…how will you address the energy that sits and holds opposition to your money flow?) 

You can earn what you want, it is abundant and therefore limitless…however what is the 100k made really about – (or more or less, whatever you great figure may be)?

And what have you ever invested in … a free webinar or FB live here and there, and a small networking do, or one day event…because you aren’t in the market for going BIG with yourself, you just want others to go big with you…!

It’s time to give up the pipe dreams – and make it real…invest in your growth, do what it takes to create a plan that shows you the money, that gets you to step out and addresses what scares you about being who you were born to become – and even that is a choice…many aren’t willing to make that choice whole heartedly. They want the proof first before they step out fully and that is when the 100k pipe dream becomes entrenched as just an idea to pacify yourself.

Saying it because it makes you feel like you are moving somewhere, is not serving you.

Instead ask – if that is a goal you want to achieve in 2018, who would you be when you call in that 100K, can you be her now? 

What support would you have in place – can you allow yourself to have that now.

What would you be offering, can you offer that now? It would now doubt be significantly different to what you are doing currently especially if you have only made ‘just about surviving in 2017’…often with these ‘commonly used’ money goals underneath it is the stubbornness to try and prove that what you have been ‘trying’ to do for the last few years and offer as services or products needs to be the way to create financial well-being and service success…! There is probably a reason you haven’t earned audacious money doing what you ‘have been’…so ponder that and then do something about it.

How would you feel knowing that tomorrow you hit the 100k target? For many it will be not feeling like a fraud, a belief in self, not seeking approval from others and son on, so why let your beliefs be hinged on what you earn, when you can believe and embody those beliefs now? Do it now and do the work to see what lies underneath why those beliefs haven’t been present and have become conditional to the green stuff.

How would you show up if your bank  had the 100k in it now? Do it now…don’t wait.

Making your money goal the same year in year out and not achieving it because you want the money as proof or a symbol of who you are and not to doing the growth to BE that business or career woman (or man) is you serving no one, least of all yourself.

It lights no fires to make a whatever money goal again, it changes no-one. In fact it creates struggle and causes heartache; as in the end it’s like you are walking in a forest in the dark calling out for a 100k as you believe that might give you the map home…it won’t…! It’s time to do it differently.

Be willing to go in and unravel yourself from ego, illusions, expectations and demands of proof from the Universe.

Be willing to understand ‘you’ and chart a Soul (or inner-self) map for how you move forward – and then why 100k it might be 500k it might be less it might be more – however what it will be is that service will drive you. Being in service will ignite you and it will stop being about the money. Which only keeps you on a hamster wheel. Money will just flow.

It’s all true you can earn what you want despite your stories and defence. It is true that what you have to offer is wanted by the world. It is true that it might not be what you are offering now. 

It is also true that money goals, each year become for most that pipe dream, the great pie in the sky as there isn’t a foundation in place, inner or outer and that it all becomes a head and emotions game. Where’s the service? Where’s the Soul? Contrary to belief the Soul doesn’t live in your head…it’s lives in your heart! Logic is what lives in the head and that simply isn’t what the Soul is interested in, and yet the opposite of logic isn’t pipe dreams neither…!

Yes people will flock to what you offer when you are in alignment, however aligning to Spiritual Service is the way. Aligning to money first is ignoring service and therefore isn’t about the service.

Money Healing as a spiritual journey work isn’t about aligning to the numbers. It is about aligning to who you are, your purpose and understanding why money has been put on a pedestal and in the driving seat instead of it being an ally and a tool to serve. And even if you don’t have it flowing, the supreme focus on money, makes it in the driving seat.

If you want to explore this in your life, and go in deep – talk to me – I will give you an hour of my time to explore this. (only available in January 2018) We will look at what is really stopping you from achieving and keeping you in a numbers game and setting a goal of 100k (or whatever it is) for 2018 while trying to do it being exactly the same. Contact me here to arrange your session.

Stop proving yourself as someone who can’t.

Make 2018 the year that you grow and the year that you put fire to what you know, limit yourself with and let it be what it truly can be. Spiritual growth is ongoing and if you aren’t letting yourself grow, then you have chosen to stand still.

Sarupa Shah


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