Journey into the Magic of the Essential Archetypes!

As far back as Ancient Greek times, and I know that was a long time ago, Plato talked about Archetypes. They are patterns of consciousness.

The popularity of Archetypes came with Carl Jung, who saw these patterns of consciousness as collective myths in images, characters; in all people across time and led his beliefs that we are all connected. Do not confuse that as the same.

He saw that communities that had no contact with another still displayed these inherent patterns, or ‘archetypes’.

Personality or Soul Journey?

Humans have continued to develop his concept of Archetypes and nothing has sped it up more than the online world.

BUT, before the bigger BUT, it is because understanding patterns is exciting.

It is why people love to be DIY astrologists. Why the oracle and tarot are so loved. There is this illusion that if we can find the ‘template’ to follow for our greatness, the one that you can fit and say is all you, then you have your road map for life.

“If I abide by the rules of this and that, archetype, then success has to be mine.” Is the sentiment. 

Template and pattern are different. Patterns are observations in their purest sense. Templates are something you want to size into or against – something to fit to and that is the inherent issue.  

Who would have thought that one word changing was so significant for the journey? 

It’s more than semantics. It is energy. 

It is also called putting yourself in a box.

People spend years trying to fit into boxes, when the real magic is only ever when you aren’t in or trying to fit a box.

And weirdly we spend our whole life trying to avoid that final box. 

Ironic. Yeah, I think so too. 

Take painting by numbers.

It is a limited perspective on what art is and, no, this isn’t a philosophical point. It is limited and wholly focussed on an outcome that is painted well but doesn’t have the depth of the magic of real art.

That is what any personality based Archetype system is. And, that is the big BUT!

It limits the depth of your magic, which begins with your soul. 

And given the origin of modern Archetype understanding by Jung, his quote:

“People will do anything, no matter how absurd, to avoid facing their own souls”

…seems to ring true here.

Staying true to Jung’s development of the Archetypes there are 12 and it is interesting most of the personality interpretations only work with 8. 

Soul Journey with your Archetypes!

Saying I am XXXXX archetype is misleading.

Just as much as saying you are, your birth star sign is. Any true astrologer knows the interplay between intuition with houses, signs and planets is the significance of your astrology.

Saying I am XXXXX archetype puts you in a box, and you end up trying to paint that archetype over you.

You do everything you can to fit it. It can feel affirming and safe to be in a box, I get it as it is entrenched into the human psyche to belong we must adhere to common traits. That is a big illusion.

And here’s the kicker: personality will only fit the bits it likes or understands so even if it was how Archetype energy worked as a personality template, the approach is already flawed.

Archetypes are an energy and influence on who you are and hold the key to who you could be, but they aren’t what you are. Much of that influence is unconscious and the point of working with your inner Archetypes is to make the unconscious conscious. Make a life of response. That is how to create your own reality.

Soul energy drives personality, so sticking the Archetypes as a personality tool short-circuits you and blocks your conscious energy flow and soul purpose and potential for change while permitting your unconscious to rule the roost.

Ultimately, it is a choice to bring light in, or leave light blocked out.

Archetypes are your hidden and inner world. Your unconscious and it isn’t just one archetype. You have 3. And the 4th is your soul Archetype.

That’s the system I trained in, developed, channelled and birthed into life by Helen Barton.

12 archetypes. 

  • A1: Personality
  • A2: Your emotional body and responsible for your value and money story
  • A3: Your mental body responsible for your relationships (incl. money)
  • A4: Your soul responsible for your soul mission

Each Archetype is assigned to one of the 4 elements. So the energy aspect just consolidates with universal aspects as you work through the layers of your unconscious.  

When you step into a mentoring journey with me, we work with the first 3 initially. Drawing out your patterns. Your strengths. Seeing your judgements about yourself. And changing your money story and relationship. And that opens the door to your soul and to her mission for your life.  As you clear the impediments of your inner world, you allow your soul to influence your outer world with ease. Isn’t that what we are all looking for?

The ego dressed as soul is one of the key things that Jung saw in his work, and as you work to align to your soul, – you open the door to your possibilities rather than the deep-rooted reactions held in the collective unconsciousness.

You break into the realms of universal consciousness.

Your soul is the key to your liberation.  

The way to liberate yourself is to make the unconscious conscious. That way, your life becomes a response to the wholeness you are.

The archetype journey as an esoteric psychology (where the focus is on the soul) journey is the most powerful and life-changing experience. 

If you’re all about soul and you want to see how mentoring with me can shift your business (or career) and make your unconscious conscious, then book in a chat here.

Over to You…

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Sarupa Shah

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  1. Interesting article. I have always been fascinated by archetypes, ever since I first studied Carl Jung at university. They have a special resonance, and represent a source of power and energy we can all tap into.

  2. Interesting post. Archetypes seem good to get an impression or idea, but never as a way of putting someone in a box and assuming everyone is the same x

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