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I am a bit sick of hearing how going into business is the greatest personal development experience. I will explain why…

  • Everything is personal development
  • BUT affirming business is your BIG personal development ground is such an unhelpful affirmation.
    • What it is really saying is being in business means having crisis after crisis is OK and justified, – your nightmare and a marketers dream!businesswoman

I just cannot agree with that or support it.

Business is…

  • A vehicle to making money
  • Where you would like to be creating an impact
  • Your key to creating a lifestyle of your dreams and…
  • Maybe how you get to change the world…?

Do you think the likes of Richard Branson and Warren Buffet went into business so they could develop personally or make money…?

It’s quite interesting when you look at it like that don’t you think? Of course they like anyone have grown through their business and maybe because of their business but they did not hold the intention or affirmation that going into business was a good way to deal with growth and personal development. NO! NO! NO!

In fact it is a very dangerous to affirm going into business is all about your personal development. Like I share, all of life is about growth, it happens consciously or unconsciously, from beginning to end.

Yet – when you are in business if you decide that your lack of self-esteem, or confidence or inertia or fear of success needs to be wrung out and dried on the public line it is no surprise really that you find yourself in struggle.

If you identify areas for growth that require more understanding and then go do something about them as well as staying focussed and present in your business, that is a win:win situation. You are taking care of your personal development growth outside of your business and not blaming your business, which is an energy you need to avoid.

Playing it out in your business is bad for business!

Business is where you have the potential to shine and grow. Business is not the place to experience pain and lack of self-esteem, money, clients or anything else – if that is happening you indeed need to grow so your business can net you the results it was supposed to.

If you believe business is what causes your personal development growth or breakdowns you will immobilise yourself and distance yourself from business and success. You will also get caught in a rut in your business and in a trap with business coaches who pray your own your weakness and fear as they will make you dependent on them. After all you have been affirming that personal development issues are because you chose to go into business, so you will attract people into your life who share this and thrive off it.

Just to be clear, I know business may make you grow but going into business is not driven by a desire to grow, that is the nuance that makes a whole world of difference, small but incredibly significant!

The reason you grow through personal development is because that is how life works.

The reason you go into business is to be a success.

Try living by those truths and see your business and life change.

Sarupa Shah




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