3 things that stop you being a Heart Centered Entrepreneur

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A label is like a badge. Anyone can wear one but whether you align to being what that label in all its essence encompasses is a truly different thing.

Long before every feminine led business coach come therapist took on heart centered as their domain I was using this term with conscious entrepreneur and both are distinctive archetypes. Not fancy pants marketing or pretty labels for people who want to be part of a club that makes them feel oh so special and separated, and explains why things are more difficult for them in this big bad world full of darkness and shadow! It is a specific soul and spirit alignment and purpose led archetype.woman surrounded in heart petals

Yet as with all popular terms ‘heart centered entrepreneur’ has been taken over and adopted and adapted to be the new emperor with no clothes. People wannabe because they know they can be, however they stop at the label and think some spiritual ritualistic activity and professing is enough to demonstrate how they are what they say they are.

Can you remember that childhood rhyme that went something like, sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me?  Well sticks and stones will still hurt and now names and labels will not define me, what I do and how I do what I do is what defines me is the new adult version of that rhyme!

Today I am being franker than usual as we are in 2014, the 2nd half of the year. A great opportunity exists for those who step forward and yes there is an urgency that they do yet people still flirt with labels and being barely part time.

The New Era energy calls and invites many not just heart centered and conscious folk and those who respond fully to the call are the ones who are making waves and those who say YES and then disappear are not contributing.

There is a big difference between wanting and actually doing!

Why is it that you are not heart centered?

How has that question and the title of this article got you?

Did it grate?

Did it make you feel like you are more of a fraud than you feel?

Did it make YOU feel like you have been caught out?

I don’t want you to feel any of those things, if you do then that is for you to resolve, however I do want to cause you to think and then what you do with it is up to you. That is always the case, I do my service and who decides to implement and take action will and those who want to put it off will too. That isn’t my concern however that leads to…

3 reasons you maybe blocking your heart centered role in the world!


If you delay what you know will be right, supportive and appropriate for you then you are not being heart centered to yourself. Doesn’t matter what excuse plausible or otherwise you give yourself, if you say NO, if you avoid, if you delay and let yourself be distracted – then while that is part of your journey it is not part of your journey being heart centered, it is your journey to becoming heart centered. Picking and choosing is totally your right and part of free will, however if your personal will which is based on fear, hesitation and a suspicion of universal truth always gets heard and followed, then accept that is how it is for you and that you are moving towards being heart centered. Heart centered and conscious business owners make decisions based on intuition not fear and trust and know that they create their own reality so they can make it how they like. It isn’t a part time situation, or an as an when situation! Well, unless you want it to be, in which case expect limitation as you are limiting yourself and turning off who you be!


If you love to be an academic spiritual sage, the one who reads the books or the blogs, digests the information, thinks yes, I kind of know that so I shall take that as my theory – yet you never practice or rarely do. Here you cause harm to those you take from and assume you can be them because you have confused inspiration and aspiration with some weird notion of we are one,  – have you looked in the mirror recently we aren’t one! You also are not being authentic within the archetype you have a calling and desire to be aligned to. It’s like a Doctor, who has a practice but won’t see patients and when s/he does, he talks about the weather and mostly he is sat reading medical books and watching other Doctors saying to her/himself I know all this. Wouldn’t be the kind of Doctor that you want to see would it? Practice what you teach and that isn’t just doing rituals in a distracted way, it is about going deeper and releasing the shackles that keep your spirit hidden and trust me that is a wonderful and never ending opportunity.


Perhaps you are still habitually making others wrong; wrong for not eating organic. Wrong for not agreeing with you, wrong because you think they aren’t awake AKA conscious enough. How do you know what their soul purpose is in this life? Everyone has one and everyone is purposefully living whether you like it or not, some are triggers, some are sleepers, some are heart centered, some are actively in the spotlight and so on…! Of course some fall off the light of their path  – who doesn’t and some can’t overcome the need to cause harm – and yes there are consequences for harm both in reality and in energy (karma), however when you are heart centered you do not contribute to harm by making others wrong and some right, you know what is your business and you know what your role is and you know you don’t need to ever be emotionally driven or enslaved. Emotions are what cause a fracture between mass consciousness patterns which are low vibration and divine will! Or put it another way emotions are nothing to do with the heart!

Everything and everyone is spiritual and part of the universe. If it’s happening, it is purposeful, the challenge is in understanding why without needing to be right or prove others wrong, demolish, harm or judge. That is truly heart centered and conscious.

What do you think? Where do you feel you are on this journey? Aspiring and 100% committed 24:7, flirting with the idea, loving the label but money and time, health etc stopping you from being heart centered in and through all you do?

*Note – being heart centered isn’t about what you do, it is about how you do what you do!*

Share your questions and comments below and remember accepting where you are means you can start to make conscious changes and that would be very heart centered, don’t you agree?

Sarupa Shah



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