11 signs that you are a spiritual entrepreneur

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When you set out to have your own business you probably weren’t thinking about even more labels like conscious or spiritual entrepreneur. Yet as you started to take those business steps; you remember when you registered your business, when you told you family what you were doing…and your friends and of course yourself, you probably had no idea what was going to happen.

As time passed, which isn’t always the same as saying the road to being successful was travelled in the way that you had hoped and even dreamed, you did however realise something.

Your reason to going into business was much more than filling your time or simply something that fitted in nicely around childcare arrangements. Thinking like that doesn’t serve you, your family or the planet. Just an excuse you realised that kept you playing small and even though it might have been the trigger to set up on your own it wasn’t your BIG WHY.

Are you a spiritual entrepreneur?Are you a These Days (1)

Over the years I have myself and through observing and coaching others realised that if you could identify yourself as a spiritual entrepreneur, a specific overarching archetype that encompasses the conscious and heart centered entrepreneur energy within it you would find success far quicker than when you tell yourself a story about why you are in business and why it doesn’t really matter.

Of course not everyone is part of this archetype.

You do matter and what you do is of great importance, not just for your soul but for the greater good of all to. That isn’t grandiose that is simply a fact!

Here are 11 tell tell signs that you are a spiritual entrepreneur. In the next article in this series I will share with you how you can support yourself and your business so you can manifest and create the success and abundance you dream of.

As a spiritual entrepreneur you are an old soul, which means you have been around the block and your challenges may appear greater but so too are the rewards when you accept who you truly are.

Tell tell sign 1

Being in Business is a calling

Even though you may not tell everyone you have had a yearning since a young age to transform the world and do something of significance that leaves some kind of legacy of love™ . Go on admit it being in business is more of a calling than something you did to fill your time!

Tell tell sign 2

Personal development

Probably having been or still are a bit of a personal development junky, your passion for personal development is because you want to learn to be more and give more of you to the world. Of course there is a shadow to this like there is to everything and that is you can get stuck in personal development and no action in business.

Tell tell sign 3

Life and / or soul purpose is important

You feel like you are on an eternal search for the truth about who you are and what you are here to do and even though you can feel like you have nailed it, you realise that it grows and expands each time you accept more of the truth that you have a significant purpose, that is unique to you.

Tell tell sign 4

You don’t care what others think            

This is an interesting phenomena I found that as soon as you stop caring what others think and do what is right for you (see below) the divine joke has it that people start to pay you more attention and are more interested in what you do! A spiritual entrepreneur doesn’t please others before she or he pleases herself and by that I mean you don’t sacrifice ‘you’ in the pursuit of life or business.

Tell tell sign 5

Intuition is key

You believe in intuition even though you are probably not 100% sure if what you take note of is always intuition. Often it is fear, emotions and just thoughts but your faith in following intuition is strong. The opportunity for intuition to be a guiding force in your life and business happens when you choose to expand this gift.

Tell tell sign 6

Money matters

You see money like all things as energy and your relationship with it is about how you are faring in your inner world.

You are not afraid to take action and do the work to heal your money patterns and you see money as part of the spiritual story not something outside of it. This is wrapped of course in wider abundance issues as a spiritual entrepreneur knows that it’s all about abundance so you might as well get on with it.

Tell tell sign 7

You don’t judge

As you may see as we move up the numbers the sign of being a spiritual entrepreneur is getting more refined as there is a process of growth and expansion to embody this archetype. It always starts with the desire and inner knowing, followed by the acceptance and then comes the ‘okay how do I get there?

For most this is a, I wish I didn’t judge or  I didn’t realise I was judging this situation but the strive is to stop judgments of self and others.

Tell tell sign 8


This doesn’t mean you feel sorry for everyone and everything, as that is low vibrational sympathy. Compassion is the heart energy of not wishing to do harm to others by either over doing interference or simply being mean. Very few achieve this truly as the ‘I didn’t mean it’ … ‘don’t mean to cause offence’ energy is born from trying to take a spiritual high ground.

There is a greater place of compassion that often gets overlooked but is a defining trait of a spiritual entrepreneur and that is compassion to self.

Tell tell sign 9

Telling the truth

Might seem contradictory but this is about telling the truth to yourself. What is really happening? What is it that you really want to do that you pretend isn’t there or is just a pipe dream? What do you avoid and bury your head about in the sand?

Tell tell sign 10

Believes in community

This tell tell sign is what defines a spiritual entrepreneur as someone who moves beyond the idea that ‘I have to figure it out all alone’ and/or thinks ‘let me see what I can get for free.’

When this energy is resolved the spiritual entrepreneur knows the community  they are in has the resources they need and will benefit from equally to knowing that the community needs what they are bringing through their gifts.

This is a community model built on abundance and not scarcity. A scarcity community model is based on lack principles and is not serving anyone’s highest good!

Tell tell sign 11

Understands how to consciously create

A spiritual entrepreneur moves beyond the popularist theory about the law of attraction and manifestation and actual embodies it and is a master at making things happen that others may see as miraculous!

Are you an aspiring spiritual entrepreneur? How do you nourish your soul and spirit and create success in your business or are you still trying to figure out how to embody your desire to be a spiritual entrepreneur? Would love to hear from you so why not share in comments below and if you loved this article then please share it too.

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