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There’s a fashion of sharing quotes all over social media. I love creating my own too. Here I share with you my personal favourites taken from my own collection as well as from other greats. These quotes are powerful and will support you to raise your energy to meet the New Era.

As you read the quotes and my explanations if you find any are sticking out more than others to you, my advice would be to meditate and/or journal about that quote and your reactions to it.

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I am all about the conscious revolution and each of us has a role to play!

MG quote 1

Stop waiting for things to change or be different or putting responsibility outside of you. If you want the world to change and you know you are here to change the world, then start with you first! That will change your energy, raise your vibration and power and you will change the world.

ss quote 2

Feelings are emotions and the New Era is about transcending emotions and returning to that place of knowing which is certainty that comes from your spirit, not confusion and fear that comes from emotions.

CJ quote 3

The New Era is about acceptance. From acceptance is born transformation and power. When you try and ignore what you judge as bad because you fear giving your attention to it will make it grow you are ironically giving it the attention you wanted to avoid! Don’t resist, accept!

ss quote 4

Having an intention is a great start but if your actions aren’t aligned or cause harm to you or others, even by accident, then you are creating karma. Karma the in the New Era needs to be resolved before you can move on. Good actions underpin intentions as well as desires.

dl quote 5

With the raging inner battles of self-criticism, self-doubt and telling yourself you are not good enough, you are not at peace; you are at war with your true self. This battle is always reflected in the outer world. Making peace with yourself is the greatest act towards world peace you can make!

ss quote 6

Whenever you are mad, sad, or blaming someone or holding them responsible for how you feel you miss the point, as it wasn’t what they did or didn’t do, it is simply how you reacted that matters. If you take responsibility and learn to respond then you will be more powerful and you will consciously create! It is always about you!

quote 7

Instead of letting the twists and tribulations of life keep you on the floor and trapped in low vibration, get up, dust yourself off and be stronger. It’s your choice. When you think you have fallen down it is your opportunity to understand and grow and always come back more!

ss quote 8

If you are searching for anything in your life and wondering why… then you have your answer. Whatever it is you need to understand or know, you have the answer too! Love, love, love, it is because of love! Learn to live with love!

MLK quote 9

Don’t retaliate; instead ask yourself how you can be more and how you can bring more light in, don’t wish others harm or try and match their energy when you know it is low vibration. Don’t judge them either or try and control them either, just stand in your light and let that shine! That is the true way to inspire and create change.

JTB quote 10

We all don’t feel like it, or believe it possible from time to time, or simply talk ourselves out of ‘doing’ because we give in to distraction and drama. If you give into those feelings and indulge, telling yourself the time isn’t right and you aren’t in the flow, then the only person you are short-changing is YOU! The New Era requires a tenacity as anything else is low vibration.

ss quote 11

It’s so easy to slip into victim-hood about what you see as adverse situations in your life. This is an old paradigm archetype and the New Era has birthed to remind you that everything is a gift and everything in your life happens for a good reason. Just lighten up on yourself and have some fun with all that comes your way!

There you have it…11 quotes that will change your business and life! Which is your favourite, most provocative or inspiring quote from above or maybe there is one that I have not included that you want to share…share in the comments below!

Sarupa Shah



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