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When we first start in our heart centered business, it is pretty special. It might not stay that way for too long as reality hits soon. If you have no ideal clients, then you have no business. That also means you have no money and before you know it you have that long-term visit or Great Aunt Doubt to stay. She comes uninvited and isn’t showing signs of leaving!!!

If you were like me you left working for someone else. Said goodbye to the corporate world. Believed setting up your home business doing what you love was gonna mean a lot of things including two fingers at the way business was done in the corporate world. 

 Oh, the naivety and judgement in that, hey!

Then reality sinks in. You realise those who are rocking it in your business field are talking about things like ideal client, plans and sales…targets and ROI. The terms you thought you had left behind for the lofty heights of but I am doing spiritual work and now I can turn my back on business stuff…uh-oh no!

The beginning of the ideal client mistakes…

Then you decide your ideal client is the entire world. As you are doing something that will make sliced bread look outdated.

Your coach then pushes you so you say, okay okay, I am here for women.

All women? She asks. Yes. Every woman of every age you say with a conviction that is so sincere and meant.

And it carries on and on until you have your ideal client nailed, and secretly you know you only did it to keep your coach off your back. To keep her quiet and happy as you know you are here for everyone, okay maybe every woman as they like you want what you are offering.

 The ideal client illusion just morphed into a whole new playing field as you decided that you are your ideal client. And if you create what you love and need then you will be battening down those hatches to keep your ideal clients out and employ security to ensure they form an orderly queue. And oops. No.

This is a real issue in the Heart Centered Community the notion you are your ideal client. That means your business is all about you and what you need. It isn’t about who you serve.

Oops, hey?

It is often said and true we learn what we need to teach, (or share or create) however it’s better to learn it first before you create your business as otherwise you are on your own learning journey and hoping people will pay you and see you are the one to help them as you help yourself. Okay I admit that is an extreme example of the reality that says I am my best ideal client, however that is the energy.

You aren’t your ideal client. You are the one creating service or products to help those you are here to serve. Those you have a Soul contract with. There will be parallels in some life experiences, however not necessarily. You aren’t looking for clones or are you?

Let’s take another perspective on this. If you create what you need as you believe you are your best ideal client. Then you are blogging for you, marketing to you and creating for you and if you don’t ‘pay you or buy off you’, what kind of energy is that spewing out into the world?

I will tell you…

That you even as your own ideal client refuses to pay you for what you have created? Sounds silly, however the energy pattern was set by you. You said you were your ideal client and even if you pretended to create an ideal client, you created ‘a you’ and made it all about you. The energy does what you have directed it to do. 

We all want authenticity and I don’t mean the word slathered across a sales page.  I mean real walk your talk, take your own medicine authenticity. Where you get to live the truth you share, speak from a place of having been there. I am so done with the watched a free webinar and read a book once experts. They are living to earn and make themselves marketable and are part of that icky spiritual competition energy.  I am everything as I know everything and can distil it down to me knowing the answer and being the expert. Same energy as: I am here to serve everyone. It’s not possible!

With authenticity you will have overcome, experienced, resolved, understood, moved beyond and grown whatever you are sharing with others and won’t have stopped growing either.

You live to tell and share. You become the role model and inspiration for others who want to move their life forward and claim their light and magic and are on the path you offer. You can only be that when you are clear on who your ideal client is. Down to the details you believe are insignificant as then you are manifesting and connecting to the Soul of your ideal client.

Then you will create for her (or him) and energetically they will represent the Soul of your ideal client community. That is how you will attract her (or him) in and that is how you will lead.

Remember the business coach that pushed you into nailing who you were doing it for, go back to those notes and revisit as just as any Soul growth, your ideal client grows as you do. As you serve more, it impacts on the many. One grows we all grow, right?

There are so many mistakes with ideal client work, believing it isn’t spiritual work, believing it isn’t important, however if you stop making the biggest mistake: you are your best ideal client that will stand you in good fettle to manifest your ideal client and create your piece of magic for the world!

What are your thoughts on this topic? Share in comments below and if you want to connect to the energy of your ideal client, check out my ideal client meditation!

Sarupa Shah




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