Why the Law of Attraction isn’t working for you

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I’m gonna give you four tips so you can change how you work with the Law of Attraction.

When I was first pondering this article it was in answer to the question I get asked or a statement that is made to me more like. “I can’t get the law of attraction to work… [HELP]!” 

It’s hard not to say. Ahhhh it must be broken again. Yes it’s out of service till the Law of Attraction engineer comes to fix it – the team have been called. I jest of course

The Law of Attraction is always working. It doesn’t breakdown. It doesn’t make a mistake. It’s consistent.

You know that though. So don’t have a melt down and start on the thought train that there’s something wrong with you. Or worse. As then that’s your energy you radiate out and that’s where you attract from. Or ‘de-attract’  – reflect away what you really want or better.

It’s a question of resonance. Frequency. Match.

That’s the Law of Attraction.

What you say to yourself that’s keeping you feeling like your just not enough becomes entangled in your frequency and blocks and limits it. It creates a density that lowers your vibration.

As the Law of Attraction is always working you can’t hide what you think, believe and feel about what you wish to attract (which by the way is different to manifest.) What most people do is decide to attract what they want e.g. speaking opportunities and don’t deal with the inner stuff that is on repeat saying – you can’t or won’t. That low vibration energy is denser and more magnetic as it needs resolving!

If you hope the Universe doesn’t feel the frequency of you believing you aren’t good enough. Then take a deep breath. It does. You push that vibration of I am not good enough out of you in a rhythm which creates a magnetic resonance for attraction.

This is why inner work is so key. And despite my love of affirmations. It’s more than that. As you are more than your mind. You are your emotions. And you are Soul and Spirit too.

Here are four (4) steps for you to work with which will assist you in aligning what you want to the power of Law of Attraction.

The Law of Attraction is you attracting or magnetising at an equal resonance to the energy you are radiating and holding within your aura. And this can stifle and finish your light equally as it can lift you and raise your consciousness as much as it can dim your light and fill your energy with limiting thoughts and sabotaging feelings … it’s a good idea to look at your energy.

4 Simple Steps to use the Law of Attraction to attract more of what you want!

  1. Be mindful of when your energy drops. And when it does do something about it. Now if you’ve been invited to give a talk on a stage and it’s causing you fear. And you’re dropping your energy and stressing and wondering if you can ring in sick. And anyway who’d want to listen to you and such like. That’s the energy you are radiating and walking around in so it feeds itself and increases. This is what most people do. Sit and stay in the lower vibration.

I know your next question will be what can I do about it. If you’ve successfully identified sitting in lower vibration energy and what I call engaging in spiritual self saddo masochism. Others call it self-sabotage. However the addiction to pain and low vibration that exists I feel masks a perverse addiction to pain and is all about the old no pain no gain adage. If you’ve become aware of your addiction. Your habit and pattern to swim in that low vibe. Then excellent progress as you can choose to make a change.

  1. Next simple action is raise your vibration. I like a whole-istic and multi-faceted approach. (a) Affirmations. Yes. However being present and committed. They aren’t wet towel to a brow situation. (b) do something that raises your vibration. And nothing does that more than what makes you joyful and full of laughter. (c) take a small step forward. If we go back to our talk example. Perhaps imagine you’re giving your talk. Don’t close your eyes and visualise as being in your body at this time is important. No escaping into the astral planes or usinfg meditation as spiritual anaesthesia. (d) do something physical. Run up and down your stairs if you have any. Clean. Hang the washing. Whatever it takes to get you moving physically.
  2. Write down your fears on a piece of paper. Detox. Give yourself no more than 12 minutes. Then read them and say so what. Be defiant. A little. Then tear that paper up and dispose of it.
  3. Time to write a new belief. One that you are going to foster and be on purpose with. You don’t have to fully believe it just accept that you will and act in alignment with the belief.

Magic!!! That’s how it feels when you work with the Law of Attraction. It is always working. What we are learning is how we can use it consciously and wisely rather than unconsciously. As conscious and wise is part of how Magic happens.

What other tips would you add? What questions do you have. Share in the comments below. And do share this post with others.

Sarupa Shah



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