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One of the greatest challenges the spiritual business community which includes aspiring heart centered business owners face is their relationship with money. It impacts everything. However, taking a purely business perspective, remembering business is essentially about making money as if you aren’t you aren’t in business, a relationship with money that isn’t aligned or aligning any more, will create a business of struggle and no business!  This is why money healing is so significant and there’s a huge story behind the rejection and confusion about money!

Previously I have explored what it means to be Heart Centered, and to summarise simply it is about operating from the heart not the gut or the head or anywhere else. And no, you can’t operate from the heart and then give it to the head for interpretation and veto as that is just not Heart Centered!

Being heart centered is a journey not an entitlement based on a title.

Here are some clues money healing is for you!

  1. Money is at survival or worse, so you aren’t earning in your business…!
  2. You have reached a financial ceiling, can’t get beyond a certain point which is also making you question if your success has run out…!
  3. You don’t pay on time and hold back from your own spiritual & business development growth hoping to find proof and guarantees from outside of you first!
  4. You feel creatively stagnant.
  5. You live more in gut than heart as worry is a default.
  6. You stop taking risks and become about safety and smallness.
  7. Your visibility is impacted, you could be a chameleon, hiding in plain sight, or simply becoming invisible.
  8. You stop valuing yourself and this is reflected in over delivery and people pleasing.
  9. You have chaotic pricing and are quick to discount for no reason other than you panic that no-one will pay you otherwise.
  10. You argue with yourself and others too about whether money is spiritual and even if your words aren’t doing the arguing your actions will be as you will do everything you can to avoid doing money healing work.
  11. You feel like every year you make a commitment to success and then find excuses and distractions so you let another year go by without achieving the outcomes you once dreamed of!
  12. You fear this life is your non-abundant one and hold that fear like a tattoo you regret every having and hope no-one else can see.
  13. Your Spirituality is in a compartment or box, okay when you want to hold a crystal or talk a remedy and that makes you feel very spiritual, however your leaning is that business isn’t really where spirituality can help you flourish…!
  14. You struggle with the ‘shoulds’ when it comes to abundance. Abundance talk has been around for years and there’s this pressure that we ‘should know it’ so you tell yourself you should and it stops what could be…!
  15. The most significant is that your heart isn’t just closed to your clients, it is closed to you and your Spiritual connections as you refuse to let it lead! If this wasn’t the case you would have a money story that wasn’t full of famines, drama, stress, worry and no earning!

Without an aligned relationship with money and abundance, how are you every going to resolve what stands in your way of financial abundance? How are you going to stop hiding those fears and stories, which by the way have layers to them…?

You know at any point of financial growth and expansion there comes with it the challenge of growth! So why the shame about doing money work…after all shame is an emotion so part of the illusion. While it is true you have everything you need within you, we aren’t supposed to walk the planet as islands saying we are operating at our potential when we aren’t, there is always a place to grow and expand as that in itself is abundance in action.

The alternative is so much more fun and so much easier – getting money to flow to you! Addressing old habits and patterns that stand in your way, releasing the layers of fear that are ready to turn into your Gold and open up space for financial abundance!

In the video below 11mins 11 seconds long (don’t you just love it when numbers are being magic) – I am sharing why you want to do money healing.

I  am also sharing the details of a Money Magnet Mastery Workshop happening in London on July 16th 2018.

Money Healing is a topic that causes so much reaction and stigma in the Spiritual and Heart Centered Communities. Fears, doubts and judgments about money move from is it spiritual, I ‘should’ know this, to it will never happen for me – everyone else is better than me – I haven’t worked hard enough, I don’t know enough – I am not enough!!!

This for Money Magnet Mastery – one day in London  – July 16th is filled with wisdom and truth about money – so please watch it and get yourself to London on July 16th 2018…a day of deep immersion with your Soul and alignment to abundance.

We are going to:

* do past life regression
* transform limiting beliefs
* change fears that keep money abundance locked away from you
* you will learn how to make money a sacred ally
* AND *new* teaching on how the rhythm of money – and how you can use that in manifestation, pricing, abundance expansion and so much more…

“If you keep putting money work off or tell yourself you did it once and now you ought to know it – so you keep saying no – may mean you will never experience the abundance that was yours in this life”

Sarupa Shah

PS don’t forget to share this post – you may feel the resistance of doing money healing work, however not everyone does as the awakening and rising is gathering momentum!


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