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I used to get so excited about wealth programmes when they first started to appear. Wealth gyms. Wealth clubs and such like all professing to give you the secret of earning money.

In my heart I knew there was an ease to earning and wealth. It wasn’t my upbringing as my parents believed in luck and hard work and that even as a child that made my stomach churn. So I rebelled against it, as what I knew inside of me was something else. I see now it was a trigger to keep the fire stoked for what I do now – Business, Money, Spirit work.

When I was employed and doing cooperate contract work I always earned well, very well. There were some contracts I went for where I’d have researched what daily rate colleagues were getting and I asked for double that and without a blink of an eye I’d get a yes from whoever was sat across the table from me.

Literally money would flow to me from banks saying their error which I didn’t even know was being rectified by this lump sum payment as a way of saying sorry.

It was normal.

Breakdown before the breakthrough…

Well until I started working for myself full time, money was super easy and then…

I made a decision to go full time in my business, no more top up and safety from being employed or in a contract. Not because there was anything wrong with either of those two situations. It just wasn’t what I wanted to do and had been dilly dallying with part time to contract work to ease into my business and the dilly dallying was proving to be a duff idea.

So metaphoric guns blazing, I went full time into my own business. And like a firing bullet came the I’m can’t story, which seemed to trigger the I am not enough button to get pressed and low self-worth fireworks started to go off.

I’m not going to tell you a sob story of how I couldn’t afford a pizza take out and sob sob sob as that is the equivalent of me doing a low vibe smack down to you. However I am going to tell you not earning enough to thrive and to match that sense of this is my purpose so let’s do it and only barely surviving … was … well I allowed it to be so defeating. And it bought up a lot of stuff – doubts, uncertainties, fears and so on.

The major sprouting seed was I am a fraud, followed by I’m not good enough. Why would anyone want to pay me and in any case I couldn’t imagine charging anywhere close to a living wage. I wanted to be liked and didn’t want to make anyone feel uncomfortable about paying and I was making up stories about what they could afford.

Ridiculous. Yup. And so pointless.

Bear in mind I had already channelled a whole heap of money work at this point and it was gathering dust in a folder under my dressing table.

As time went on and savings started to dwindle I began to also get frustrated. With me, and with the Universe and Spirit too. I was a bit darn cross.

The desire to bring Material and Spiritual together was too strong despite the frustration. I wasn’t going to give up as in my heart I knew this wasn’t why I had signed up to be a Spiritual Teacher … being skint. That wasn’t my menu choice for this life. And listening to others in the Spiritual communities I hung out in who were ‘bad mouthing’ money and the material world, just didn’t fit with my understanding of Spirit and the Universe. I kept quiet a lot which for me was a feat!

They would hold a story that the struggle was somehow holy and a sign that the dark forces weren’t ready for the light and part of their belief was that they were here to break down the material world…I just didn’t buy it and still don’t. Yes there is always change and improvement, I am not asleep to that.

In my quest. Stubbornness. Defiance similar to my rebellion in my younger years to buck a trend that Spiritual Workers were living and many do which is keeping Money and Spiritual Separate and confused about whether money is Spiritual at all, I looked to these emerging wealth folk.

Excitedly I’d listen to tele-seminars. Read reports and articles. And they never told me anything of any substance. Yet they professed to be about the ‘secret of money and wealth…’ !!!

It was all a bit empty and a bit emperor with no clothes when it came to the secrets however it was filled with everyday sound business advice.

Money Healing is born!!!

No one was talking energy, some were touching mind-set – and Norman Vincent Peale published a book in 1952 called the Power of Positive Thinking – which I read as a 13 year old one summer holiday – so mind-set wasn’t new and yet even then it wasn’t about the energy, mind-set was about the mind.

There was nothing bringing together Spiritual Development and Business and really looking at manifesting business (AKA money) and while that is more popular now, it is still all about the material side of it and misses the Spiritual Growth side – as if it is a means to an end…so I knew I had to do something.

I found my channelled work, the education came from it, the exercises and more new ones were born which led me to coin the term Money Healing. This didn’t sit with me comfortable and fluffy as I had to go through it. I had to walk my talk and ‘create’ my way out of the money story I was living. Or else I had to go back to work and accept that not feeling good enough won…and that wasn’t sitting with me as the visions I had in meditation, (and still do) and the understanding I was channelling and had been for years was about a very different way of life. It was the way of the heartnot the gut and that was and is the essence of Money Healing.

I pioneered bringing Money and Spirituality together and created the path and process which led took me to 2010 when:

  • I closed down my then business and said goodbye to a database of about 5000.
  • I put up a one page coming soon with sign up box at sarupashah.com
  • I changed how I worked and with whom and was met with my coaches saying how you gonna get these people. You have no database and one was so adamant it wouldn’t be possible, I almost wobbled. Then thought NAH…that was in May 2010.
  • In June 2010 I had my first 20k client and by August I had made 100k. I hadn’t set out to do that – although I was working and doing energy work – I was simply getting on with stuff, and practising what I taught and still teach.

And in 2011 I launched my first Heal Your Money Patterns Programme as a group experience and then 121 and it has run every year since.

The Future of Money Healing

This unravelling of self when I went full time in my business was my greatest gift as all things are gifts. My journey since has led me to work with people who in one way or another have become stuck and frozen and on repeat and can’t seem to move forward despite the inner yearnings and amazing talents. Sometimes their defences are so well built  – it is a tiny part of them they can hear that is saying – this could all be so much more.

I work with those who hide from themselves and the world, who let fear rule them and keep them small and disconnected from their own magic and Spirit. Those who doubt they can, who perhaps like you have stopped believing in themselves and in their service. Those who have limited their joy and abundance and who question if they belong and even deserve to dream and wonder whether they ought to give up their Spiritual Path as it doesn’t seem to be working for them or maybe it isn’t for business.

  • I take people on an adventure to who they truly are to unlock where they can access abundance…
  • Together we excavate stuckness and create movement and flow…
  • We go to the depths of what has been so well hidden, frozen or immobilised and uncover them and I show you ways to accept and find the gifts that are within…
  • Using powerful Spiritual tools, techniques and wisdom and bringing you on an adventure with real magic, where you transmute and transform and get to create your dream business – not fluff but real service based thriving business.

Working with the energy of money and business woven together with Purpose & Service, I bring Spirituality outside of the personal development box – remove the compartments and provide the blueprint for you creating a Spiritually focussed business that aligns to your service, your desires to be soul-driven and show you how you can bring Spirit into your business…and you can! That is money healing! It is a journey to abundance, it is a journey to your inner being and the secrets that you hold their about easy and effortless living and it is about claiming that you are enough and can always have enough.

Money Healing is and will remain a Spiritual journey, it is so much more than your mind, your emotions and your gut – this is about the Heart which is connected to All That Is…and that is where the real magic is.

Are you ready for Money Healing – then do check out my Money Healing Programme and sign up today!

Sarupa Shah



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