Why Heart Centered Marketing can be a damp squib…

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Marketing mostly gets such a bad press from the majority of those who aspire to sit in a Heart Centered category. Often wrapped up with selling, which is another ugh…allegedly and only made sweeter by adding the term heart somewhere…

Marketing with heart.

Heart Centered Selling.

Great, except if they are aspirational labels or wanna belong labels, they don’t really change your relationship or success with marketing (or sales, though we are talking marketing today) then the heart centered label is just a coating at best.

Heart centered is about listening to the heart – it’s an art form and a way of being and with it comes getting over the limitations that stop you. It’s part and parcel of being Heart Centered. Otherwise it is a bit like deciding to bake bread, shop for the ingredients and put them on your kitchen counter and stare at them hoping the homemade bread just appears by magic…

Marketing and Manifesting are different sides of the same coin. They are partners, like yin and yang and both necessary when it comes to business, career or similar kind of opportunities that you desire to manifest.

If you aren’t therefore in lurve with marketing, you have a problem. If it is your weakest link you need to change that as otherwise you are hopping to success and not only is that tiring you are gonna keep falling and have to keep getting back up. Plus that outcome, if it is the imaginary finish line is just gonna seem endlessly far…and before you get there you will change direction…because to avoid addressing what lies beneath your marketing challenge, you will tell yourself whatever you have to, to avoid…clever, not really just protection of limitations. Here at The Soul Agency we are all about dissolving limitations!

Now I am not talking emotional love, the kind of I want to marry marketing as that would be weird.

Unfortunately for most spiritually open and conscious desired women, who have a strong emotional desire to succeed, they have as equal measure or more, an unresolved emotional story that says that what they would really love to do, achieve, create and share with the world isn’t really possible. The inner voice saying it might not be fantasy and anyway you aren’t good enough…so instead the pattern is pause, stop, talk a talk … ! This impacts on manifesting as a whole, however today’s focus is on marketing.

What is heart centered marketing?

It’s the same as marketing in any circumstance, except it is purposefully intuitively led and aligned to your purpose consciously, it’s a blend of the Soul signature that is being sought so it is the same and distinctly different from marketing in general terms. An overlap is probably a better way of looking at it.

Marketing is an activity to create attention, and invitation to what you do, offer and lead to sales and other opportunities that enable you to share you, your message and let’s say it before it becomes the elephant on the page, earn…earn abundantly, easily and effortlessly.

Both marketing and manifesting are related and while I will always say inner work is IT, listening to guidance comes first like a l w a y s, there is never ever a case to ignore marketing as a business activity.

Marketing when from the heart will be your magical invitation to those you are here to serve!

If you follow someone else’s template which was oh so popular way offering few years ago. A fill in the blanks approach, you end up pulling  your hair out as the formula didn’t give you what the ‘seller’ promised possible. And if you aren’t putting heart and soul into something (which isn’t code for hard work) then you aren’t showing up to be seen. 

The 3 reasons marketing is a damp squib!

Some just don’t market, they may have a copy page up for their event / product / service and follow this notion of build and they come and stare at the page as if I built now they must come! When you don’t market you fear being seen and you are invisible. And this is the one time when invisibility isn’t a superpower!

If your marketing to make out you are marketing trying to tick  the boxes and giving no consideration to your energy and message and intuition…just giving control to your head and feelings while tricking yourself that you are soooooooo busy marketing, and still nothing, no-one buys  –  you will be hiding in plain sight. It might look like you are ticking the so called marketing boxes, and yet you get no traction then it isn’t marketing with heart it is marketing to keep busy and preserve hiding.

If you market by copying someone else, or following others and take a combination of their styles and the while the template  – fill in the blanks has all but mostly gone, the *new* latest one is the so called vulnerable post, the long winded woe woe woe me that became a success story that gets shared on social media. The long Facebook post (usually) that ends with anyway I can help you make 5k a month, book a discovery call. This chameleon energy that comes to surface makes you blend in. It isn’t authentic because it isn’t you or your true message and therefore it isn’t from the heart!

The 3 – invisibility, hiding in plain sight, and chameleon are all issues around being seen and result in marketing being avoided or not carried out with success so all include sabotage. The sabotage can be from what you offer to how you offer to how you physically carry out marketing activities or not…it’s all connected and rooted in the core of your fears.

Now when I see these patterns with clients, what they indicate to me is that the inner work in the manifestation process has been either glossed over or just not really done. If it had, the issue would be addressed. Maybe not fully, though enough to create success and to give a foundation to build upon and from.

Addressing your inner sabotage will always provide a fantastic opportunity. All limitations turn to Gold when addressed, or reveal Gold – or both, that is universal law.

You see when the WHY the marketing is not embraced, or giving results, with the right process you can empower yourself to change that situation, resolve the energy and get on track for success. Easy. Yup, it is!

And a word to the wise, before dig for generic reasons – I am not good enough, I am not worthy, I have a fear of success, or fear something else that is equally a catchall…it generally isn’t going to help you one little bit to change your own energy. Not because it won’t be true, just it won’t have got to the real core and that is why the shift in marketing, manifesting and business success continues to be a little bit of an enigma for Heart Centered Business owners.

There’s a real big wider for too much time in the head and it being filled with spiritual theory and not enough action that is really getting in the way as everyone reports to be a spiritual expert without success or willing to address the bits that are off alignment!

Once addressed, marketing becomes a bit of a breeze and totally easy. Yes you may then feel an appropriate desire to learn some ways to write better copy and improve the ‘art’, however it will build on the message you are pouring and sharing abundantly about what you offer to your ideal clients who are finding you, being retained by what transformation you give and being ignited by the energy and message of your marketing which is an extension of your manifesting.

Let’s change this because until you do your service is impacted and what joy does that bring?

Want to slay your marketing demons and get your manifesting really cooking? Book in a conversation with me to explore how I can support you doing that.

Sarupa Shah

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