Why alignment to abundance doesn’t work!

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Alignment is a buzzword with its arch enemy being hustle. That is if you were to listen to the online marketing world. The world of social media and funnels.

Here at The Soul Agent Blog we talk about alignment in terms of energy and Spirit, where you get to share the light of who you be and how you share that (and no funnels are necessary or Spiritually speaking!)

You align to anything with your focus – awareness and by your relationship, understanding and cooperation and collaboration with it. For example you align to the weather by wearing what’s appropriate for you to function in that weather. When we get that wrong we learn, right?

When it comes to abundance. Most people are aligned to the hope of it. Hope by its very nature is, yes no, maybe, let’s see type of energy!

There’s a doubt abundance is really true and possible. There’s a theme of beliefs that say if it is true it is gonna be really hard work in any case!

Added to the doubts are fears with stories, judgements and conditions like my family and friends might reject me if I succeed.

An industry has been created to make these conditions, judgments. Stories. Doubts. Fears real. They are in fact the illusion. If you work on that principle then you don’t collude and collaborate with the illusion, which seems incidentally, however is HUGE!

Most heart centered business owners have no problem talking about abundance just when it comes to money there’s contention and misunderstanding. There’s a lack of collaboration with the abundance consciousness particularly around money. As most say (even without speaking the words) I will believe it when I see it. They want abundance to prove itself to them.

This shows up in more than your money story, which for most becomes on and off (and mostly off). It also impacts on your…

  • Ability to attract your ideal clients
  • Visibility, as if you aren’t in the light you are in the shadow
  • Soul purpose too!

All that has an impact on so much more too!

And still money abundance gets bad press and a whole lot of confusion attached to it.

In the desire for quick fixes, short-cuts, ego desires to prove how spiritual you are – people jump to the step of alignment without knowing what it means and without the steps before.

Over the last 8 years when I took my channelled writing from 1999/2000 about abundance and in 2011 launched my first Heal Your Money Patterns Programme. I’ve remained a student of the abundance consciousness.

It’s been an adventure with a few hairpin bends. Learning what I needed. Seeing the illusion. And sharing that teaching with the 1000s who have worked with me to change and heal their money story over the years.

What comes before alignment?

I have had those on my knee, can’t breathe will I ever find the money to pay tomorrows bills moments, to 6 figures in just over 4 weeks without a website, database or clarity on what I was offering. I have been close to losing thousands on venues as a few days before and no-one has signed up and then there 12 sign ups at the eleventh hour! Have had 5 figure pays days from workshops where I ‘upsold’ nothing. To hitting 7 figures and still having sleepless nights about money – it wasn’t about the money!

In my first year, 2011 of offering Heal Your Money Patterns programme I saw clients make over a million while working with me. Then for some it stopped, just like my story of  – stop start, on off. I worked to understand this, was taught by Spirit and have extracted, distilled and refined over the years so I can share with you.

What I saw was people have jumped on to alignment without seeing what comes before, or indeed what there is after.

People stop when they make money and think that is it, I have ‘nailed’ this abundance thing. The sigh of relief is also a sign of that is it, now I can hold what I have as  have made it. That is the same as saying I have nailed the LIGHT thing, and am the source of all light, Sounds kinda daft and egotistical at the same time!

What was ‘nailed’ was an opportunity to be more. A momentum began with a new understanding but it wasn’t everything as abundance is still expanding as a consciousness, so how could it be everything?

In the idea of I have money now so must be sorted with this abundance thing, the focus ironically becomes money, even though the most favourite thing for Heart Centered business owners to say is, I love money but I don’t do it for the money (covers all bases, right?) – it ends up being about the money if you stop when you make money and in any case you go back to on and off. The alignment to making money stop starts and you can’t move beyond that.

There are two steps before Alignment, – Acceptance and Choosing. The steps can run concurrent, or one after each other, energy isn’t linear. Each step doesn’t have to be a life time journey either. It is an on-going in the moment process, but of course you have to understand it and travel it. A bit like what to wear, you do it in the moment even if you had a plan for what you might like it to be. It becomes natural as you understand the seasons, where you are going, what dress code their maybe and understand how you feel, it might be warm to others but for you it is cold so you wrap up warmer. In the same way you can do that with BEING ABUNDANCE which is where the real journey is taking us.

Even when you reach BEING ABUNDANCE as state of being, there is more as abundance is about light which is about expansion.

In this series, new for 2019. I’m going to be sharing 7 levels for abundance consciousness and for now you have to remember starting with alignment, while missing accepting and choosing abundance isn’t a wise idea if you want to align to abundance! And don’t worry I am going to be explaining each level, what it means and how you can cooperate and collaborate with it.


Sarupa Shah


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