What is the entrepreneurial spirit?

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I was reading an article the other day, an interview of someone in Hong Kong, who had settled there and loved it for its entrepreneurial spirit, which she described as ‘can do’.

It got me thinking both about Hong Kong as I am soon there and giving one of my delicious money healing talks. And because I thought is that it. Is ‘can do’ what the entrepreneurial spirit really and truly is?entrepreneurial spirit

I contemplated asking some peers to share their thoughts and share it here. I decided against it because I could ask 50 people who call themselves entrepreneurs and get 50 differently worded answers and maybe different for the sake of being different but in truth all themed.

  • Fearless –
  • Creative –
  • Problem Solver –
  • Leader –
  • Inspirer –
  • Curious –
  • Innovator –

And so on.  Yet the essence of entrepreneurship for me is captured in the ‘can do AND does’.

Entrepreneur is more than a label!!!!

It never has been about the label. In fact it took me a while to even like the word entrepreneur, though that was more about my resistance within myself to embrace that aspect of me.

In honesty most would say that they ‘do, do’ – yet they aren’t really ‘can doing’!

Let’s put it another way, if you say you are in business and just talking about it as if you are doing it, or what you will do that magic one day, then you aren’t in business! The ‘can do and does’ is missing and instead you have the ‘will do one day’ essence!

Ultimately without the ‘can do and does’ there isn’t a business. Even with the greatest desires and entrepreneurial ideas, creative flair, financial backing, ability to solve problems, fearlessness and leadership qualities, and more, if there isn’t a ‘can do and does’ these are just qualities that aren’t being put into action. They aren’t used, they are sat on a metaphoric shelf called someday and gathering dust!

Do you agree?

‘Can do and does’ is the overarching encompassing essence which brings alive all the other aspects and it is also the heart of being an entrepreneur. In my many years of business coaching, those who have ever said to me they aren’t getting results, nothing is working, they don’t know why as soon as you dig deep they ‘didn’t do’ because somewhere within themselves they stoke the fire of ‘can’t do’ & won’t do! Sometimes they actually did nothing and sometimes they did keep busy doing everything but…!

Can do isn’t about doing for the sake of it as that isn’t entrepreneurial and doesn’t lead to desired outcomes, whatever they are! ‘Can Do’ is about doing what you need to, to get to what you want and it isn’t always pretty and sparkly, though it can be of course. It is about taking those soul aligned actions and moving beyond your inadequacies instead of letting them control you – and being soul aligned is an action – it takes a commitment not a slap dash approach!

‘Can Do & Does’ is what sets people apart. Those that do & those that simply don’t, won’t or expect others to make it happen for them. The latter aren’t utilising their entrepreneurial spirit. There are those who will have excuses, health, money, time, life, something about a planet out of sight or in the wrong place…or be holding a story of why they can’t and upholding it rather than seeking out a ‘can do and does despite’ pattern. And you can add just about anything else as an excuse and make it sound plausible and even defensible in appearance or by your own defence. Yet, these same people remain waxing lyrical about being an entrepreneur. A world change agent of sort.  A contributor to the future. They are barely contributing to their own life, so not sure how they equate that to the world.

For any entrepreneur to contribute to world change you need to be standing in the full light available to you in that moment, of who you are, as otherwise you aren’t. I say available to you in that moment because your light increases as you accept and claim it. And that means claiming it with the ‘can do and does’. It is nothing airy fairy.

Can do and does isn’t necessarily about following or breaking rules, it is what it says, can do and does.

Can do and does gels the aspects of being an entrepreneur together. Do you agree? What are your thoughts on this? Would love for you to share in comments and don’t forget to share this post!

Sarupa Shah


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