What is really underneath your money story [an exercise]?

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Everyone has a money story. Not always full of ups and downs, panics and deep breaths out and sometimes it is just amazing. Money is the land of hopes and fears for most.

The money healing journey until you have an alignment with abundance can feel as if you are driving a car in the dark with a blindfold…nerve wracking. Even when aligned, there is always a next step that will challenge you to be more through addressing more of what you hold as not enough.

I know in many business coach circles, especially those who have jumped on the bandwagon they are spiritual as they digested some book and watched a few YouTube videos on the law of attraction and are academically on point, the story has become the focal point. In fact, the story is a favoured marketing tactic. It is encouraged. Especially if it has woe and pain in it. Pain as a point of connection is still seen as a good thing when coming together in pain is a way to ensure vibrations aren’t raised and your emotions indulged.

While your story has a place, what is more important however is the WHY…when it comes to your money story.

  • Why is your money story writing itself as it is?
  • Why is it stuck?
  • Why is it plateaued?
  • Why is it you go from money highs to money lows?

In my years of working with thousands of people, what I have learned is that often that someone’s money story is their first line of defence. Then when we explore WHY, what is first said and maybe what said second and third is just a mask. An illusion to preserve a defence of my situation is (a) so brilliant – money it grows out of me OR (b)it has been so bad for me, my life, the circumstances, the events, you understand why me and money aren’t friends, I have so much ‘stuff’ to deal with!!!

Both a & b are defenses as there is an adage that if you have to prove it’s okay, then who you kidding? And with b if you keep affirming your money story is so true and impossible to change then it will be!!!

I am often faced with conversations like this when people express they want to change their money story and heal their money relationship. The defences are as high as a skyscraper. Money work does that to people. There still remains such a stigma and shame about money. 

Money Healing when done spiritually is about you shining your light, receiving your value and aligning your value and service together.

When you don’t allow yourself to hear what is underneath your money story, you keep living it. While you defend it, you embrace a sense of helpless, and blame outside of you, so you don’t have to take responsibility – it was my family, my relationship, my last coach. It becomes a money story loop to keep you in lack consciousness.

How do you get to the WHY underneath your money story?

I have created a short video exercise – Peeling Your Money Layers, it will take you on a deep and powerful journey where you will get to your WHY rather than sitting in your money story!

The exercise itself will take you about 15-20 minutes and the video is just over 17 minutes long, so give yourself about 45 minutes to do this.  

All you got to do is press play below…

Do leave me a comment on how this exercise went for you and don’t forget to share this post and let others get underneath their money story!

Sarupa Shah

PS If you want a Money Healing Conversation with me and want to take the next step from what you have discovered with this exercise, then contact me here.


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