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If there was an Oscars for most used and loved quotes. The one made famous by Wayne Dyer. Originating from Susan Jeffers: Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway. Would be up there in the hall of quotes fame. It already has legendary status!
Well used. Well loved.
But is it understood?
I can feel many people nodding. Yes. Sure. I get it.
It means be fearless. Sarupa. And just do it. Don’t let fear win. It means all is always well when you don’t listen to your fears
Does it really mean that to you? It’s not like buying an expensive pair of shoes fear.
This is about the fear of being the real you and being seen as the real you. However much this saying gets dumbed down to fit the material world narrative, this quote is very much about your Spiritual journey.

Do you really live fearlessly and do it anyway?

Most get a whiff of fear and run away, find a way to not stir their fear for the fear of fear becoming all consuming is just another layer to this F E A R – False Evidence Appearing Real!
Fear is subtle, not always gut wrenching palpitations. It comes dressed as practical sensible logic. Fear appears to negotiate and will make false promises. It takes center stage and denies the Soul and her path or wisdom. It will make you believe it knows best and does what it can to take over. And let’s just be really clear here, fear isn’t a monster outside of you, it is you. It is your illusions for whatever reason, they are yours that you have held onto and become a master of. Fear is part of your journey for many reasons with the #1 being it is here to be resolved.
The fear has been owned for so long and gone through the logical filters. That it’s just an argument (with self) of why stepping forward. Taking action. Continuing to grow is just not possible. Probable. Sensible (ugh). Or even practical right now.

And here’s the real tragedy, within your fear is GOLD. But you will know that and still  – rather than be the spiritual warrior most become the fear soldier!

Fear manifests in the most sneakiest ways!

There’s no money being a classic statement in the heart centered community. That’s seen as the issue – and the cause.  So…Nope. Impossible. I mean if you say you have no money then there can’t be anything else other than money being the issue….hmmmm but it isn’t about the money, that kind of material defence doesn’t work with me.
And yet the ‘no money’ story is an outcome of thoughts. Fears. And consequences of not being aligned to self. Soul. Or your light. (In reverse order I may add!) However it becomes the  defence. The stop sign. And then you never have to look at what is underneath it as your bank account and money control your life – they have become your guidance! Ouch!
And you know like I do if you’ve been on any journey of Spiritual Development or Money Healing you know the sadness of when you say no based on money. You probably don’t show it or even speak of it and when it pops into your thoughts or feelings you suppress hard and fast!  You don’t to stay uncomfortable for too long or at all. And it is in the soothing comes the hell yeah kind of defences and misleading spiritual conclusions of it’s a sign. Not meant to be. And many other things get tipped into that pot of it’s not meant to be so it’s a get out clause that makes the mind and emotions feel happy and not being required to align to the soul.
(Money mindset work isn’t moment healing as that presupposes the mind as the inner god so it’s limited by design in 99.9% of the time. Can make you feel good and get you results that are temporary and short lived as the idea that you are a series of thoughts only ignores soul and gives the mind who likes to change its mind way way too much control. It doesn’t build a foundation. Adds to it but it’s not building a solid one. It can’t.)
And you can swap no money. For no time.  Or for: Just finished a programme of development. Didn’t get enough out of it (story).
And they all morph in the same way. The fear gets shoehorned into a personal narrative of why it isn’t possible. From telling yourself you know more than anyone on the planet and are so complete you make God look messy, to money, time, changed my mind (see the mind taking over again), to the extremes of  anxiety, sickness and ill health and so on.
Avoiding addressing fears, or uncovering them as they are so hidden also leads to blaming others for your circumstances. If you can be an eternal victim you can keep tricking yourself (and hope others believe you and many do) that if it wasn’t for so and so or that experience from your past everything would be hunky dory. In blaming others you don’t have to look deeply at your inner world!

Feel the fear and do it anyway is about being uncomfortable.

Allowing yourself to feel the fear is essential. Even for a minute. Maybe longer. Not days. Or even hours. Just enough to feel it and then look within to your guidance to change it. Guidance being Soul or above. Not head. Not emotions. And that’s what happens.
Emotions create fear. The mind goes into cahoots to sustain it. And then to only go to them for the solution is a recipe for not changing a thing. Not a sausage.
So what the saying has morphed into is:
Stop as you feel the fear and justify the fear through logic and avoid feeling it or changing it – work out how to avoid it (so in the end it stays in place!).
It has lost its essence and true meaning.
Unless we are willing to feel the fear AND address it while doing it anyway; the gift of expansion and growth becomes a pipe dream. Yeah there’s moments of growth and expansion, but only what fear allows. And is that really how any of us would want our epitaph to read? ‘Did what fear allowed’…nah I don’t think so.
When fear wins everything can get undone. It’s an unravelling of what was and is being created. And too many yo-yo back. Time to stop. Don’t take this pattern into 2019.
If you’re ready to do what it takes to step forward spiritually and align to you heart (that wouldn’t say oh okay. You’re right that fear is a bit big. Wait to be the best of your potential. Let’s avoid the unresolved energy of fear. ) then let’s talk about mentoring in 2019.
Here’s a link. Book yourself into have a conversation. And feel the fear and do it anyway!
Sarupa Shah

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