Why do my money blocks always come back?

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I had a ‘manifesting strategy call’ with a gorgeous woman recently and she shared with something interesting about her ‘money cycle.’

She told me that she seemed to go full circle from doing well and having money to finding herself back at that point of struggle and survival, without knowing why. Each time she was doing well she thought that was ‘it’ but it never seemed to remain that way.

She was frustrated and couldn’t understand why her ‘money blocks’ were returning and putting her back to the point of financial struggle and stress.

I have decided to address this here because it is one of the questions I get asked most.

Why? Why me? What am I doing wrong? What am I missing? Why am I back here again…what is wrong with me?

Firstly be aware, when you question this way it is affirming you into lack as it supposes there is something wrong!

In the old paradigm energy it was deemed useful & necessary to unpick and understand ‘why, why, why, why…’ (even though it wasn’t – it became a spiritual practice to fix. An illusion!purpose-of-money-healing

It’s also as if the success of hoping, wishing and maybe even half or whole heartedly doing any kind of money healing work can only be classed as successful if you never ever have money challenges to grow from again. By that reckoning abundance isn’t abundance as there is an end point, which means there is a limit…think about that!

It all comes down to the illusion of perfection and the  desire for proof before action. Along with the addiction to uncertainty, fear and disconnection from the energy of money and the universe in general. This leads to a sense of something is either right or wrong. If it isn’t working it must be wrong or worse I must be wrong! It doesn’t take into account the bigger picture which is mostly unseen and the universal truth of All is Well.

Of course the purpose of money healing is to shift your money story. What would be the point otherwise?

However, and I have said this often, the purpose of money healing is not to understand lack, it is simply to experience abundance!

And here’s another big reveal: money healing never stops giving you the opportunity to go deeper and deeper. That is abundance in action. There is always more. Kinks in the road are always your gifts and opportunities, unless you choose them to be your punishments and reasons to step back into lack. Always a choice…!

Why do money blocks come back?

Habitual behaviours and reactions. Beliefs that don’t believe in abundance, an unwillingness to give yourself what you want, not applying & practising learning, not stepping forward to continue your own expansion, can be some of the reasons your money blocks keep coming back! It has nothing to do with how unlucky you are, or how far behind than others you say you are and how unworthy you feel, or what happened in your finances when you were growing up etc  – those are personality illusions and end up hurting you more.

e.g. if you have had a pattern for most of your life where you were never your priority and everyone else was, then this pattern is so ingrained and even when you clear it you can go back to it as it is a place of familiarity and comfort… and

when you find a money block coming back the challenge is will you step into old patterns or implement what you know and trust the universe and your soul?

Another key factor in money blocks returning or never really going away is that most of the ‘money work’ out there is generic. They say…

You can’t believe you are good enough.

You don’t believe you deserve.

You don’t believe you are worthy.

And so on. And to those I would always say… AND? 

The true art of money healing is to go beyond the generic. You are unique and as you move beyond the generic you will find what energy within you is unresolved and be able to make a choice to resolve it or not. Your journey is always unique.

There will always be a good reason why the blocks / limitations were put in place (& came back), however as they are part of the illusion and in the end they limit abundance.

A money block is a choice, conscious or unconsciously made! And healing is about making different choices. If something isn’t bringing you joy it is about how you can find that joy in that space and shift your energy.  When you truly embrace, understand and live the universal truth that you create your own reality you begin to see how you can through making different choices create a different outcome and journey as you learn and grow.

This is what I do for my 121 Money Archetype clients, it is about giving you the tools to create a pattern of conscious awareness to know when to use the tools and step into greater alignment with abundance while at the same time completing the Soul’s Money journey for your life.

The opportunity enables you to get more abundance!

The focus on what isn’t working or why ‘this again’ is not serving you, it is keeping you stuck. Yes your money story will benefit from healing, there isn’t anyone in the world who wouldn’t benefit, however this healing is about ‘expansion’. 

When you take action and step forward you shift your energy which means lower vibrational habits suddenly and as if by magic are dissolved and resolved. Or the energy and effort in understanding and shifting them is more like a breeze. Because energy isn’t linear, it is chaotic, can appear messy, counter-logical it requires faith in moving forward and not just being on this repeat cycle. The one that says I will do the same thing until it works as I don’t believe it has worked…or I don’t want to move forward because I don’t want to commit more often find old money blocks returning and of course the idea of not moving forward is a story of lack!

I help people achieve abundance without having a healing crisis or falling into some pit of despair. I give people the tools to respond to changes in money flow, by learning how to hold energy and how to identify when old patterns are coming up and when beliefs need upgrading. Awareness is key!

I want to remind you that if you find your money blocks never seems to go away. Or that your money flow seems to stop abruptly and you fall back into survival mode, firstly see it as a gift. Don’t ask why it is happening or questions like that.

Don’t be a victim. Instead take responsibility and see what more you can ‘add’ to change this. Speak to your Soul and let your intuition assist and don’t just fall back on your emotions which will be highly stressed! This is the big feature of my Heal Your Money Patterns programmeit isn’t about how to create a financial spreadsheet to track your spending.  It is about the spirituality of money as an energy and your ability to have a money story you love and one that brings you joy and one that is about standing in integrity with your Soul!

The adage of you never get served anything you cannot resolve is true.  Or you can tell yourself whatever is happening is beyond you and you have no idea how to make it different and then do nothing other than keep asking why…and this will keep you stuck in lack!

Better to remember that the universe is abundant so take abundant action, more so when you are feeling the fear of survival and money shrinking. Don’t fall for the illusion.

And try this; I know when I feel money drama coming on and my money spotlight and manifesting and attraction power appears to be dimming, I get super excited. Instead of falling down the well of woe and self-indulgence which simply lowers your vibration, the excitement is that I am growing exponentially again! I am moving from one level to another and this is my chance to rise and apply what I have learned and it is the most beautiful experience. You can do this for you too.

This is how I have supported 1000’s of people to change their money stoories over the years too. Many of them spent years playing out the same old money story and sure enough with a willingness to change they had their breakthrough.

If you want to get your own money healing tool box, bust through limiting patterns and dissolve habits that aren’t serving you and attract and manifest more money and really learn how to understand the energy of money, then join my next Heal Your Money Patterns Boot Camp. I am waiting to give you the same tools I use to keep my money consciousness raised!

If you know you are on repeat with a money pattern that is limiting you and making your money flow feel blocked, then don’t just talk about it, or simply journal about it – take some action to be on top of it.

You are abundant!

Sarupa Shah


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