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Vision Boards are popular and accepted tools. They even get a mention in the brilliant Netflix show Ozark. 

Vision Boards are a rite of passage for those who begin a journey to the Universe’s mysteries, and a much loved tool. The reality is most don’t know how they work which means they don’t know how to make them work! 

For most they are a great exercise that don’t net results, just giving an appearance of ‘doing’. In this article I will share the process of creating a Vision Board so it supports your manifesting experience and have a great exercise for you to try too.

Vision boards are part of a manifesting process, not a fixed must-do, nothing is. Everything is a choice.

The process to creating a vision board as a manifesting, AKA making something happen tool involves:

  1. Aligning what you are setting out to achieve with your Soul’s Plan. If the word Soul makes your toes curl, I will put it another way, it’s about aligning your plans to what you are here to do. If you are a business that sells socks, to create a vision board that will help you sell health drinks because you believe it is a great idea, may not be the right course of action as not all ideas or so-called inspiration is ours to ‘run’ with.
  2. Now you get your feelings aligned and in that process, you understand what fears and limitations exist.
  3. Once feelings are aligned you get the head involved and in doing so you look at the judgments and stories you have that will stand in your way.
  4.  Then and only then you create an action plan and always, energy + physical action is where the outcomes are best achieved.

Make your Vision Board Work…

What happens most of the time is an idea pops in and lands. It seems like the next best thing to sliced bread as it is *new* and then there’s a high jump to create a Vision Board. What then follows is a sense of well this is all just going to unfold as I have a Vision Board. Most of the process is missed, ignored or not even understood. Each of the 4 steps is a journey and like any journey miss part of it and the destination is never reached!

This makes your Vision Board a pretty thing to look at however it stops being a manifesting tool. It becomes a collage, like the kind you may have made at school with that really sticky glue!

We’ve all created a Vision Board and forgotten about them. They gathers dust… and curl up at the edges! In a previous article I shared how to use your vision board so it doesn’t end up as something that disappears in the pile of ‘I tried and hoped’!!! If, however you have created one because… and assume that a few pictures and words on something is a magnificent, powerful tool because you call it a Vision Board, get ready to own a dust collector and unrequited dreams. Where’s the fun in that?

If you want to get Vision Boards working for you and use them as a tool for creating life, experiences, business, wealth, contribution and fun, then start at the beginning. Like the famous song said ‘a very good place to start’.

Your Exercise

Look at what you want to achieve, play with ideas, explore them and ask yourself WHY as often when you keep asking why you realise it isn’t really an idea for you to ‘run’ with. This isn’t something to do in 5 minutes. It can take time to get over the ‘shoulds’ to let your idea evolve, or become clearer or change. If you take the time to do this, then you will be really cooking as the next steps, 2-4 are about manifesting your vision.

If you want to explore manifesting and commit to learning how to manifest which involves addressing fears, judgements, stories and beliefs then drop me a line or two and we will have a conversation.

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