Do You Unknowingly Deny Your Light?

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This isn’t an easy blog post to write. When you tackle the deepest depths of mass consciousness, the parts that people want to literally deny exist (and no play on words intended), the parts that are buried so deep, the resistance is strong. 

When you stand in denial you block your light. Yet for most they will even deny that they are in denial.

Even reading that last sentence sounds complicated, it is when you are in denial. Denial makes it difficult to even know you are doing it as denial is propped up by stories that make the illusion feel real.

There’s this inner deal that plays out; if I ignore something it won’t challenge me and will resolve itself on its own….you know the saying ignorance is bliss…? Well it isn’t.

Denial is fear based, however ‘knowing that’ isn’t really going to change that, it is getting underneath the energy and shifting and changing the habit that will. The fear feels real and is masking a fear of the wilderness, and depth of potential as in reach that potential what happens if you find something about you that you don’t like and you decide to let it define you…! Floating across the shallow has always been easy!

What isn’t addressed remains intact until the damn bursts. Suddenly it has takes over and you are forced to address it or worse the Soul has taken drastic measures to get your attention. Like a storm and its at that point standing against what you have denied to address or resolve can sweep you away. It is much better too address it away as a conscious choice. And yes some of it is challenging, however claiming your light is about dissolving illusions and not running away from what you can be. If you run from what appears difficult to address, you will never reach the point of where your potential could take you to. And I don’t know about you, for me that always sits like a tragedy and soul purpose unrequited.

When you prop yourself in denial you say what you fear is greater than your service.

When you deny what you need to address you deny your light because you maintain a story that you aren’t good enough. It won’t work. You can’t do it. And of course you say that the universe is wrong and the Divine has it wrong as you don’t need to address what is on your path.

Indications of denial….

  • Deny they can, so they say they can’t.
  • Deny they are good enough so navigate life keeping that alive.
  • Deny their guidance and listen to their gut instead.
  • Deny abundance is real, may speak of it knowledgeably, just don’t live in truth and alignment of it.
  • Deny that they need to address anything, so they don’t, instead they just go on repeat trying to prove that they can when they believe that they can’t.
  • Deny that they need support so reject it with stories of time and money and still they talk of abundance.
  • Deny that their purpose is real, so tone it down and interpret it to be smaller than it is.
  • Deny that they need to take action.
  • Deny themselves of love, the harsh self-criticism flows with ease.
  • Deny that they aren’t doing it for the money, and ironically they end up doing it just for that so they deny their service and spiritual growth.
  • Deny integrity while they let fear drive them.
  • Deny that moving forward is how to move forward, so many look back and stay on old ground.
  • Deny their light and connection to All That Is.
  • Deny their joy and make-do in relationships, in business…in all areas!

What do you deny yourself that you are willing to address?

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Sarupa Shah

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