You Can Wait until all Planets Align, But...

"It’s time to stop talking the spiritual talk and actually walk it, beautiful one…"

If you aren't using


You're not claiming YOUR FULL POWER

I know you...

You’re a powerful, wise and divinely guided woman. But until you learn how to harness the awesome power of this tool you’re not stepping into your full potential. In fact it could be damaging your path to success...

BECAUSE YOU’RE READY for a spiritual deep dive. One that’ll act as a bridge to your biggest and boldest dreams. You KNOW what you want and where you want to go, this magical ancient and eternal gift from the universe will show you how to finally… GET THERE.

Sound too simple? It is simple. But we over complicate things as humans, we get attached and addicted to our struggle (ouch!) If that stung then maybe it’s time to take a good loving look in the mirror & allow yourself this gift of ultimate empowerment.’re short-changing yourself. Yes you. Every time you settle for anything other than your dream and let limitation and fear lead you, you're playing small you and your service is dimmed!

I know… you've tried everything in your power to figure out how to get consistent success using spiritual tools like affirmations, the law of attraction and manifesting,

But... still haven’t achieved the fame and fortune you dream is possible of. You’re beginning to believe the spiritual stuff is nice if you can get it to work. That you have to endure struggle as part of the journey...when the truth is spiritual power gives you the understanding to respond, to know and to manifest. Yet so few allow themselves to achieve this and I know YOU want to.


you've gotten to the point where you can’t figure out how to use these tools to have financial success through your dream business, one that attracts your ideal client over and over… and over.

Not to mention...’re not sure if it’s even possible to affirm yourself into being a leader and expert who’s in demand in your field. You're not sure it can work like that ... can it really be that easy?

Not to mention... can’t seem to give up stress, struggle and the emotional roller coaster.

STOP right there and remember this; You’re someone who’s part of the collective that’s creating a legacy of love for the planet. Your work is contributing to shifts in mass consciousness.

Breathe into how HUGE that is (feels good doesn’t it?).

Only… how are you going to change the world and make the impact you know you were put here to make if you’re NOT in your full power?

Even with all the best will and every 'right' book,

there is still so much misunderstanding on how to

make something so powerful work for you.

If I had a penny for each time a heart centered business owner said to me, "yes I know about affirmations, I just haven't used them for a while, they don't seem to work for me"...I would be a very rich woman.

It saddens me to see the confusion that exists against the desire to succeed and make a difference in the world.

Because it doesn’t feel good to:

  • Pretend that everything is peachy keen when inside you’re tied in knots, frustrated and bored with the struggle.

  • Make excuses for NOT keeping up a spiritual practice that can flip your worries on their head

  • Be (secretly) angry and frustrated that the Universe’s tools seem to be working for everyone else but you

Wouldn’t it feel so much better to be able to transform the landscape of your life and biz completely and easily.

First of all, you are NOT alone!

It may seem like it sometimes, but not understanding how to use affirmations and your spiritual power is far more common than you’d think.

It’s the elephant in the room and feels kinda spiritually embarrassing (I know…).

Affirmations have been around for so long that no-one likes to put their hand up to not knowing how they work. And I mean really work, so that you are creating your dream life with ease and grace.

I ought to know, I’ve felt the exact same thing, until...

I spoke to my spirit team about this over 12 years ago and trained on:

  • How to make affirmations work and most importantly, understand when they’re working. Learning to choose the right ones for you and your energy at any given time. They taught me that affirmations change, but changing them too soon or too late means you lose the affirmation power to shift your life and consciousness.

  • How to use the power of chanting to shift your energy, attracting and manifesting instantaneously. Since then, I’ve manifested exact numbers of clients using this special technique repeatedly!

  • How to use affirmations & mantras and when their energy is working and what to do when you feel disconnected from them, or when beliefs are getting in the way (this alone unlocks their magic & power)! Using both mantras and affirmations with chanting makes your manifestation, attraction and creation a walk in the park!

Affirmations are like magic wands, they make manifesting, attracting and creating easy and effortless. They give you the spiritual shortcut as well as the insights that you need to get what you want fast, easily and more effortlessly. They help make your growth fun as well as supported from the inside out!

Whenever my life has gone into a downward spiral, it’s when I’ve dropped the ball with my power to create. Affirmations have always helped me regain that. Now I never leave home without them in my energy, heart and soul.

I want to show you how I do that because…

Money, Wealth, Abundance. I want you to become your own affirmation expert and experience living your life as your higher self dreamed it!

I know you understand that without success as a heart centered entrepreneur you’re hiding your gifts & service from the world. PLUS you are not making the impact you’d like, nor are you changing the world as you’d envisioned.

I suspect that you’ve even tasted the power that affirmations can have in your own life. For better or worse, because when we affirm the worst, guess what? It’s served up on a silver platter. And… when it’s good, it’s magical (and super empowering).

Luckily, there is a way to claim success, confidence, and courage to live your dream with grace and joy.

Are you ready to increase your spiritual power for good and hook up to the Universal energy in your life and business? Where your effort and commitment is rewarded through what you manifest, attract and create?

Did I hear a big HUGE YES!

Hold on to your crystals because I’m not your run of the mill intuitive spiritual mentor and business coach.

Why work with me?

My earliest memories are of seeing spirit people. I have always communicated and channelled and known I was here to have a wonderful life.

I knew I was here to be of service.

However I used to think spiritual power was only for others. My life slid into decline because I was denying my gifts. Luckily, my inner fire didn’t give up. When I finally asked for help from my spirit team and spiritual mentor, I learned how to reclaim me, my power, and apply what is possible to make my dreams come true.

It was so easy and drama free. Quite literally like breathing... when you know what you’re doing.

Since the age of 4, I have been working with spirit and expanding my own consciousness. Many others have read books and share ad hoc spiritual teachings without clear knowledge on what works and why it works or what to do when it doesn't work.

I have walked the path and transformed 1000s of lives, and I’m ready to support you with my heart and soul.

My passion is your success.

I promise to:

  • Help you bust through your limitations and remove adversity.

  • Make it as easy as possible for you when you download your recordings and material

  • Give you a clear step by step approach for daily success and transformation

    Be there to support you inside of a special Facebook group I've created just for participants of this programme.​

When you follow the easy laid out process you will experience immediate shifts.

"Sarupa's affirmation code 21 day course helps you get really clear about what you want and start creating it...."

Sarupa's affirmation code 21 day course helps you get really clear about what you want and start creating it. I was very uncomfortable with affirmations and they have become a friend, always with me. I've created some great fortune, a couple of great new clients during the programme and know and feel much more is imminent! I've really felt that I'm on target with my life and business and certain that my dreams are within my reach, It helps to be continually in touch daily with my dreams and draw them closer step by step each day.

Rosemary cunningham

This Programme Is The Most Valuable Resource In The World When It Comes To Affirmations, Mantras, Chanting And Changing your Business Paradigm!

You’re sick to death of the struggle/success cycle and you know you can’t get the wisdom from a book, because you’ve read them all and nothing is changing dramatically or fast enough.

You’ve found the missing piece of your divine jigsaw here. You know cracking the affirmation code is going to open your life and business to a whole new paradigm of success, joy and abundance.

In less time than it takes to watch your favourite TV show everyday, you will transform your life. This programme takes you on a journey for 21 days but in less than 60 minutes a day you will be transforming what you thought was impossible or going to take forever.

Unlocking the affirmation code is like having your own magic wand, just imagine what you could and WILL do!

This programme is so easy to follow, you’ll start to feel more powerful immediately and see results that create shifts in your life, and you’ll wonder why you didn't do it years ago.

It’s time to build a foundation of new beliefs, get rid of what doesn’t serve you and learn how to resolve fear and doubt so you can move beyond it.

This programme will SHOW YOU HOW.

**What you’ll learn will change your life and the tools you’ll learn are yours to keep and use forever!**

Unlock Your Affirmation Code

A 21 Day Virtual Programme

21 days of immersion into your soul and spirit power to completely enhance your life and business.

This programme is your spiritual boost and will serve you wherever you may be in your biz and life.

I sincerely believe the world needs more successful, heart-centered entrepreneurs. I’m not going to pretend that this sort of transformation takes a long time and charge you through the roof. I’ve compacted all my knowledge about this spiritual art into 21 short days (so you can see results FAST)

… and I’ve kept the price low so it’s available to as many people as possible.

21 days of immersion into your soul and spirit power to completely enhance your life and business.

This programme is your spiritual boost and will serve you wherever you may be in your biz and life.

… and I’ve kept the price low so it’s available to as many people as possible.

This is what we are going to cover in 21 short days…

Days 1 to 3

The art of affirmations will be revealed to you. During the 1st 3 days you will be creating your specific affirmations for the remainder of the 21 days. (NB this will be a led by your soul...I did say this was a spiritual programme!)

What you learn cannot be unlearned once it has been activated! I don't know anyone else teaching how to create affirmations. Affirmations are more than words or sentences they are your magic wand that reveal so much to you as well as create more than you thought possible. I set you up for success during these first days!

Days 4 to 11

Raising the bar with affirmations and introducing new paradigm energy principles, meditation, chanting, dancing and journaling.

You may think you know all about these but the question you need to ask is are you using them and can you immediately see and experience the difference in your life? It’s more than feeling good it’s how these tools invite your dreams into your life with grace and ease.

The methods I will share will also reveal to you where your beliefs, fears and resistance are limiting you and what you need to do to resolve them. This is so huge, because no amount of positive talk will get you the results you’re hungry for without this vital piece of the puzzle.

Days 12 to 21

Spiritual rituals for spiritual power

You’ll get daily lessons which will be between 10 - 30 minutes on average and a series of workbooks, and links to other downloadable goodies.

You’ll also have an exclusive and totally private Facebook group to hangout in to share, inspire, ask questions. I will be there to support you too, so we can have live interaction.

This programme is fast, effective and powerful, it requires you to be totally 100% committed to having the best life possible. Are you?

99% of the time people give up because they lose faith and trust in themselves. A way to overcome this is to embed new practices so they become rituals & habits that you love to use.

In the final stage of this programme you will learn spiritual techniques for staying on track, releasing fear, raising your vibrational bar and opening up your spiritual shortcut to your abundance and success.

You’ll have a daily email with links to downloadable (keep forever) teachings you can listen to whenever you want. This means you can be anywhere in the world to join me! Everything’s designed for you, so it fit’s into your own schedule easily.

I’ll even tell you how long each audio recording is so you can find the perfect time to schedule your participation. But if you’re like me you’ll want to drop everything to start implementing right away!

I also send you all the links for downloads; meditations, worksheets and workbooks.

All you have to do is make time, commit and participate.

If you want individual 1:1 coaching, because you get distracted easily, your unmotivated, or full of excuses and good at putting things off so you can self sabotage, then this programme will not be what you are looking for.

However if you want solid, tried and tested teaching because you’re saying no to struggle, and ready for powerful and fast transformation so you can get on with what you know you’re here to do, then you’re going to love this programme!

Reading a book isn't enough to change your life and business...have you ever read a New Age book where the author says she or he changed their life from reading a book...? No they experienced life and were doing something to create their spiritual epiphany.

This is  Soul Level Work

If you know you want in then click below...

When you commit to one hour a day (usually less) for 21 days you’ll transform your life AND business because you’re spiritually committed to your magnificence and service and are ready to shine your light brighter!

***As an added bonus for completing the programme, all qualifying graduates will be invited to exclusive Unlock Your Affirmation Code online events! That’s right, we’ll be taking the lessons you’ve learned and applying them a notch deeper. This is my commitment to your success, this programme, and affirmations as one of the most significant manifestation tools available.***

This is an INNER WORLD changing resource.

YOU can change your own paradigm and move from ‘knowing’ to ‘being’ by unlocking the affirmation code.

It’s a spiritual initiation into being more powerful in your business and life as well as finally understanding ‘how’ to use these mighty tools!

Go from being a New Age book and workshop junkie to someone living their truth, experiencing it and changing their life and business because of it.

When you do this you CAN change the world!

You see​ it's never been about how much you know  - a spiritual library isn't the end game. It is what you do with what you know. How you apply spiritual knowledge and turn it into wisdom. This is what this programme does, it lets you learn, apply and enjoy the fruits of your new way of being for ever more!

This is Practical with a capital P, Experiential with a capital E, and Transformational with a capital T.

All you will be required to do is:

a) Show up, make time and be 100% responsible for implementing, seeking help if you need it, and going for it.

b) Enjoy your new spiritual business power and success.

c) Inspire others with your success and attract more goodness in your life the easy way.

Daily affirmations are a bridge to the spiritual life you’ve been craving and yearning for!

21 days of lessons - with meditations, worksheets all designed for YOU to get results...for £249 (+VAT if applicable)

(In US $ this programme costs approx $390)

On average you get 30 minutes of recorded class, a workbook, meditations and all my insights and processes that will alter your life as you know it, to keep forever, for less than the average price of a coffee per day...

I know you’re someone who’s deeply craving and praying for success. You want to get out of the doldrums in business and the feeling that you are always about to breakthrough only to find yourself right back where you started over and over again.

This is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to break that cycle, starting TODAY.

"I am recommended by those at the top of their game and inspirational leaders  - and you can experience some deep transformation, laid out by me for YOU when you join Unlock  Your Affirmation Code...I want you to think BIG transformation as that is what you are about to get, changing your inner world which is what defines your outer world!!!"

You got questions...I got answers for you! 

How is this different to your 31 Day Money Affirmation Challenge?

I'm not sure I have an hour a day to spare, is there a faster way to do this?

How will this fit in with other coaching and training I’m already doing?​

I want more one to one.​

Join this revoutionary self-study programmme: 21 days of spiritual mastery and finally… Unlock Your Affirmation Code

You’re ready to turn spiritual knowledge into wisdom that you can apply easily in your life and business. I know you are ready to do something about cracking the affirmation code and being spiritually powerful.

You wouldn't be reading this far otherwise!

Change your business paradigm and find your spiritual power using affirmations, chanting and mantras.

At last! You can...

  • Learn how to turn your limitations into gifts

  • Interrupt your current (destructive and soul destroying) patterns and replace them with deep focus on developing new transformative skills

  • Make affirmations part of your life, not just part of your spiritual wish list

  • Significantly improve your life and business while getting your spiritual hunger fed

  • Say goodbye to other fluffy feel good methods that are all about pining tails on imaginary unicorns

Your Unlock your Affirmation Programme will start within 24 hours of paying. Don't you love that feeling, when you know you’ve just invested in something amazing for yourself? Congratulations on this momentous occasion! Your life is about to change.


PS Think about how much your life could change if you easily applied the strategies in this programme. In 21 days you can have success in life and business and change your spiritual power. All you have to do is give yourself permission.

PPS Spirit always tell me they watch with fascination at how humans over complicate life, reinvent what exists with complexity and hurdles so this is about you changing that and claiming the simplicity of manifestation and the power of your Soul!

Sign up today!

Give yourself access to the power of affirmations, of changing beliefs and knowing how to recognise energy and fear and transform it and move beyond it and let yourself be the powerful you  - that you have a divine destiny to be! Change your life and change the world. It is the path - and it is your path!

£249 plus VAT (just over a £1 a day...for something life changing) (US $ approx $390 - which is less than $2 a day!!!!) Step forward right away - don't stop growing and do what matters and what is going to make the biggest difference to your life and contribution!​