The Why & How of dreaming as a conscious creation tool! [video]

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We all secretly or openly wanna live the dream…whatever that means. Of course what I dream of and what you dream of are going to be different, because WE are different.

Though I know very few who actually dream. Most do it at night, yes, but dreaming as a conscious creation dream. Not many.

Many have hopes, and fears and spend a lot of time visualising both. Yes, sounds counter intuitive, I  know to visualise fears, yet the time spent on worrying, and on what ifs and scenarios of what could go wrong and what you may say, or even what you wish you had said when faced with challenge, all give energy to fear.

It’s a misuse of the gift of dreaming when you consider that.

A waste even, though that energy is always recycled and when you choose to focus on purposeful, deliberate dreaming which is more than wishing and thinking, it is an energy experience (watch the video to find out more!) – you can recycle all those hours, even years of worry and fear into something so beautiful!

In this video I share about the forgotten art of dreaming and why it is so important NOW in the energy we are in, where the old and new era are doing their last dance.

The video is just over 6 minutes long, so press play, listen in and watch (or you can just listen) and then start dreaming. Let me know what you think and do share this post so others can be supported to  bring this long lost forgotten art back into their lives as well as ride the waves of energy that are challenging everyone.



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