The top 3 limiting money beliefs that stop your heart centered success!

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As a reader of this blog I can safely say you are going to have a spiritual leaning. You might not call it that – however you know you have an inner being that has an ability to expand or contract your life and business experience. You will also know about limiting money beliefs and the likelihood is you will want to avoid this as you want to believe you have none or that you completed this work back in 2016!

Breathe. Did you? Well if you did then you have limiting money beliefs – which become money blocks as in they stop the flow of money. We all have them if we are growing. We don’t have them if we are standing so still or dead!

The other thing I know about you as a reader of this blog is you will be talking about abundance in fact you are probably quite sage like when it comes to what abundance is all about. You know more is possible and you know you don’t even have to know how it is possible, it just is. You understand enough about manifestation and want to and the Law of Attraction, energy and intuition…all in your vocab and your heart and buzz words.

Then comes the word money. That can make even the most ardent spiritual business owner gulp a little. It’s the age old dilemma, is money spiritual, am I in business for money or service (which is often used in place of sacrifice as if you aren’t earning in your business and giving away your time and gifts for free you are in sacrifice)

And then you remind yourself: I know about abundance, it just doesn’t work for me when it comes to money.  You end that thought stream with a hope: it will as I am really committed to my path and transforming the planet – as if there is a correlation with being spiritual goody-two-shoes and wealthy. There isn’t as neither are in balance.

The top 3 limiting money beliefs

You will come up with more than three and most do – however for me the 3 limiting money beliefs below are the core from where all others are born. Now for some of you – you are going to find that all 3 core limiting money beliefs are yours –and don’t worry that doesn’t mean you have triple work to do to heal as they too are connected by this magic thing called YOU!

Limiting money belief no. 1

Money isn’t spiritual I snuck this one above. It is defiantly denied as on an academic as in knowledge level Heart Centered & Spiritual Business owners know money is spiritual, they issue is that they don’t believe it enough. And in the race for who is most Spiritual or awake in the 128 Dimension that Social Media has exacerbated and amplified there is this fear of addressing something as it might show you up as not spiritual enough. (See how other limiting beliefs can so easily be born from this core!)

This limiting belief causes undercharging, causes discounting that doesn’t make sense, pricing that doesn’t honour or value your time let alone gifts. It stops you from investing in your growth as you are fearful of the money you have as if it isn’t spiritual it is likely to be outside of the Universe’s signature of abundance and maybe as it is man-made allegedly and you are choosing a spiritual path you are always going to be at odds with money so hold on to what you got out of fear!

Also from this limiting money belief comes the idea that those who charge and earn well are probably not spiritual…well it’s a way of making one feel better about not earning abundantly!!! And linked to this is that fear that if you do earn well maybe it is because you aren’t spiritual, as surely God can’t Love Gucci ™?

Limiting money belief no. 2

I am not good enoughthis is where I am not worthy, I have nothing of value to offer is born from. And to counter balance it comes the it’s too hard to earn money, too much hard work. So if I become lazy at least I can never know if  I was good enough so it is safe to live up to your fear and incredibly manipulative.

And yes, back to social media again as it is just such a perfect example of mass consciousness in action, with it comes the increase in how we look, I am too fat, I am not as pretty, I don’t have enough people following me… I am not enough…so visibility issues are cemented in and then of course you aren’t going to show up as your Soul intended as you won’t believe you can, should, ought to or anything!

Limiting money belief no.3

This is an interesting one as this one has the most ‘anger’ in it. It is quite extreme in how it manifests. Absolving Responsibility – so whether you hand your finances to your partner and never open any bill, to demanding the Universe proves herself to you, or get angry with someone like me whose affirmation you said once in 2016 and it didn’t work as I had shared or another one of my clients had shared.

You believe in money, except you believe in your entitlement to it and underneath this is a very strong line to I am not good enough however with the additional anger is this desire to be proved and be helpless at the same time.

The everyday world of limiting money beliefs.

As you can see the limiting money beliefs impact more than just money, it is all things related which is everything potentially.

The simplest way to know if you are being impacted by a limiting money beliefs. which IS code for have an opportunity to shift, change, grow, transform, resolve…so always an opportunity, is to ask yourself these questions, YES and NO answers only – if you go for sometimes, it depends you aren’t being honest.

  • Am I happy with my money story?
  • Can I call in the money that I need and want?
  • Have I ever done any deep and powerful money healing work with an expert (not DIY)?
  • Does my business earn consistently and enough for me to thrive?
  • Am I little cross that I haven’t found the wealth despite all that I do and offer to the world?

If you answer even 1 ‘NO’ there’s a limiting money belief opportunity for you. Probably you have felt which one is the strongest from the 3 I have shared and that is a great place to start.

If you want to be part of a structured, Money Healing programme, – check out when my next Heal Your Money Patterns Programme is next on by clicking here. And get yourself booked on. You gotta do the opposite of your usual and step beyond fears if you are to successfully align to abundance and call in your financial prosperity.

Over to you – share how this article has inspired you or any questions that have come up in the comments and do share this with others too. We are all here to serve the light and abundance is part of that!

Sarupa Shah


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