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If you were to believe online marketers the sales pages is the THING you have to nail. 

I say perhaps…!

The reason I say perhaps is way too many people follow a template and a formula created by someone else for their sales page. It has none of your Soul or energy in it. In fact, it has become so entrenched even various landing page software / plugins give you a fill in the blanks approach…kinda scary that you are being told that the way you would express soulfully isn’t enough! And it’s a lot topsy turvey as you are fitting your message into a template someone else created, so the emphasis is them not you!

It’s an online model and philosophy that has become like a hunt for kryptonite.  While people try to fill in the blanks and fit what they want to offer into a certain style and look, it has lost the very essence and magic you had first started out to share.

Online marketers and copywriters will tell you that the way of a sales page is that they are long letters, with section after section. And they will tell you that is the holy grail of making your business work.

I fell for that too. First believing I couldn’t write, or express my offer and secondly I wasn’t a copywriter so BANG the inadequacy seeds popped. It seemed safe to follow in the footsteps of what some call traditional marketing, I call it meh and sheeple marketing.  On the inside my inner being was protesting.

I believed sales pages had to look a certain way and be long to ‘prove’ why you needed what I was offering. It all became about the appearance – and that is the illusion, always. In fact you can see those pages around here if you look though they won’t be here for ever or long as this girl’s tide has turned.

Over the years I observed who I have purchased things from for business/personal/spiritual development. 99.9% of the purchases were not from copy created to a template or a fill the blanks copy page, which you can smell a mile off. Oh no! 

The pages were often just a paragraph or two and had captured the essence of that the person was offering and touched me deep deep deep. In fact much I have bought from an oneliner Facebook post and no fancy pants page. It was a heart opener and an intuitive nudge. When you go all fancy because you want to follow your inadequacy your message is always lost to hidden so it in fact does you a disservice.

And yet I pretended I had to be something else.

Not anymore.

What are your thoughts and feelings on this topic? Like I did, have you been following the this is how a sales page *must* look while on the inside wanting to run as far as you can from the online old school traditional approach?

How do you feel about the old and outdated trend of sales pages, love them hate them? What has your experience been of creating sales pages…?

Sarupa Shah

PS Next weeks post is 11 tips on how to capture the Soul of Your Sales Page and right copy that is magnetic! Don’t miss out on that!


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