The *real* secret about your self-worth and net-worth! [video]

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I never understood the saying: increase your self-worth to increase your net-worth. Not because I was daft, it was more that it was a major key and activating point for me and like most I have had my fair share of ‘resisting’.

In this short, (just over 5 mins video) I share how you can increase your self-worth so it impacts on your net-worth.

I answer, whether it is sufficient to simply affirm this?

(Hint: if you want to get your affirmation on your self-worth to be your magic wand that creates the transformation and invites an abundance of seemingly miraculous events and opportunities in your life then you will want to watch this video!)

I also share what it really means to increase your self-worth.
This topic is hugely important as let’s be honest, if you have money dramas and fears, increasing debt and trust issues with whether you can really thrive in life, then your ability to serve is going to be hugely impacted. Your focus will be on ‘survival’ and much of what you create, or think about and even feel will come from a belief in lack and insufficiency. That is the illusion that most fall into believing that the debt, the lack of bank balance or the next huge bill is in fact evidence that abundance isn’t real or truly possible.

It has a knock on effect on everything.

The quickest path back to abundance and being able to experience it, live as well as know it is through self-worth and this video will give you the ‘refresh’ or kick start to get your back on track and remember there is always ‘more’. That is abundance after all.

In the video I also share how you can deepen your money healing and heal your money patterns starting June 1st on my 5 week online programme. Click here for more details.

Watch the video – or press play and listen in. You don’t want to miss this self-worth upgrade!

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