The real energy behind not earning…

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It’s said over and over you create your own reality and you make choices…and where this is the most watery is when it comes to money and earning. People will shout and defend their lack of money and not earning. Claiming it to be something happening to them via an external force and in that space they refuse to connect to the energy behind not earning…!

It’s the economy, people don’t want what I am offering, there’s too many doing what I offer, everyone else is better than me and more popular…are the kind of things I hear.

I used to tell myself the world wasn’t ready for me.

It was a comforting (and manipulative story that stopped me taking responsibility) thought that disempowered me. And then of course I couldn’t possibly change it as not earning was happening to me not a consequence of my inner world and inaction…as that would have meant taking real responsibility.

Everyone has been there, the difference is whether you stay there and become a victim of your shadow and stories. Whether you feed and grow everything that you believe makes you less than. It of course keeps you stuck too.

In an abundant Universe where your purpose is unique to you and your Soul contract is framed within a context of abundance, anything else is learning the hard way by the choices, decisions and action (or in action) you take.

What is the real energy behind not earning?

I was speaking with a client the other day who sent me a long essay about her financial situation and lack of business. She was filled with woe and an anger to keep her story that separated her from the abundance she truly desires at bay, fed and alive.

Her story has become her defence, mask and excuse – she can’t stop repeating it and part of her is demanding sympathy and pity as then she will validate that it isn’t her, it is her external circumstances that have created her financial struggles and that she is a victim, a real one. And it’s what the victim energy creates a need to be validated that we are stuck because it is out of our hands.

That is what people do with their stories, live them over and over again and so creatively as everything in life is contextualised against the story of lack and unrequited abundance.

  • It’s a disregard of abundance as somewhere there’s a belief if it isn’t just happening it can’t be true and the Universe has to prove it to me.
  • It’s a desire not to create change as if you do you might just have to be successful and that could mean working and being successful…!
  • It’s an addiction to what keeps you small.
  • It’s an unwillingness to be uncomfortable as same same is the better devil allegedly.
  • It’s a preservation of beliefs that continue to make you less than.
  • It’s a manifestation of not believing you are good enough, and while that is true it is how it specifically manifests and when you understand that you can choose to create change.

When you choose and decide to write a new story – one that is aligned to your real self, and let go of the old and truly take the action to let go of why you hold on to being less than; then the reality of not earning changes as that is when you step into abundance.

It doesn’t happen because you pass struggle milestones or because you have struggled for so long and there’s a prize of abundance waiting for those who struggle. It happens because you consciously choose it.

Most will say that they haven’t consciously chosen to struggle and not earn, and yet still the conscious choice to change it isn’t being made.

What choice will you make – if you are willing to make a conscious choice to claim your abundance, join me for an abundance adventure, where you will uncover what is hidden and stopping your abundant flow and where you will write your new money story. Click here for details on how to join today.

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