The REAL cost of having it ALL

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There’s a lot of talk made extremely popular and latched onto by online marketers about ‘having it all’ – which for one is about when you buy my product/service for the other it is that airy fairy woo woo of spirituality that says if you print a faux million $ cheque from the universe and stick it on your notice board and walk past it you are gonna attract the million to you just because.

New Age was about the dumbing down of spirituality and selling the dream as opposed to giving you the tools to live your dream. Some are waking up to this, and I know it may cut through your grain so to speak however have you considered the cost of the spiritual new age rhetoric of having it all.

How many people do you know who have it all, like really not people who you think do from a distance do, and do you really have it all? In every area of life?

I firmly believe you can have it all, and the all is the alignment of your potential and purpose which is unlimited beyond what you can even imagine…but it has a cost that no-one wants to talk about. 

Maybe it isn’t sexy or maybe because people who sell ‘have it all’ concepts from Facebook ad marketers to business coaches, either half understand the universe’s concept of have it all or are using concepts in marketing because the fashion to be the most conscious has been running a while and there are some real hard marketers ready with their Ipads as weapons waiting to get to that finish line, because they read the book, watched the Tony Robbins box set, and regurgitated it all, and sadly a cost for them is they will never experience spiritual freedom when it is such a head game!

Having it all has a cost and because most people don’t know it, and even if they do, they refuse to pay that cost they ultimately pay the price for not having it all. (You may want to read that sentence again or a few times!)

The real cost of having it all

  1. If you choose to hold on to fears, even a slither of a fear, then you cannot expect to live in full joy.
  2. If you can’t stop choosing ‘fixing others’, seeking their approval and love then you cannot expect to experience abundance, real love or service.
  3. If you have a penchant for drama, yours or other peoples and always have a reason (excuse and story) why not, then being all about service just isn’t compatible or possible.
  4. If you harbour money fears, spending it, understanding it, calling it in, fear you don’t have enough or will lose it all, can’t get what your worth is to charge etc then you can’t expect to be money wealthy, which means you will not be fulfilling your purpose which of course costs you your service too.
  5. If you protect yourself by telling yourself you know it all, are the best and don’t need to learn or grow spiritually or otherwise, then you won’t grow and you will stay in illusion and illusion is shadow energy. Plus pride always comes before a fall…!
  6. If you let your personality, AKA emotions, mental body (your gut) be your lead then you cannot claim spiritual power, because you are powered by personality.
  7. If you fear being seen and you try all you can to hide in plain sight, your message will never reach those it is intended for so your service will not be possible, you will pay the price of not having it all because you decided the cost of not being seen was a better price to pay!
  8. If you defend your ‘I can’t’, the smallness, the fears like a sacred chalice, you know the I will work on my spiritual development, soon, next year because at the moment I am busy, just finished a programme, worried about money or some other defence, any defence then you cannot expect to achieve your greatest potential or fulfil your Soul Plan or Purpose.

Makes sense, does it to you?

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