The most dangerous new age pricing myth!

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*warning this may be the frankest piece of writing on pricing I have ever shared so if you are sensitive, like to believe you can’t change financially and at the same time you are a goddess here to save the world, don’t say I haven’t warned you!*
Pricing and how to price is a business challenge. Price too high or low and a bit like Goldilocks you are gonna find an energy equivalent of a bear questioning you. In this case the bear will be your head and your emotions making you feel insignificant and rubbish as no one ‘bought’ what you were offering or not enough to make it viable as your pricing was out of alignment.
Of course there are ‘traditional’ business strategies for pricing, look at competitors, work out your costs (that one is sooooooo important and scary how often than is overlooked) etc etc.
However here at The Soul Agency we are all about the Spirituality of business and money so of course how to price has an energy behind it. That is what is really magic when you understand it.
Most heart centered business owners have a pluck it out of the air pricing strategy. It feels like a good number therefore that can be the price and at the point you are making an offer you can discount and ignore the high figure so you feel ‘more comfortable’ in that moment!
Then you have this thing that goes on with money and it is pretty distorted. Money is used to prove your level of spirituality (& abundance). And what better way to prove your worth than by inserting a really really big number as a price.
Whenever you have to prove anything, it’s a shadow energy. And before the shadow sisters rock in and say the shadow is good to face, why go there when you can go to your soul instead? (It’s an article for another time, the use of shadow as the place for growth – more light distortion and pure shadow!)
There’s a theme in the majority of emerging money come business spiritual coaches who seduce women into believing it’s all about how high you can charge as apparently that’s representative of your Spiritual frequency. They encourage a go high or you are in a bad money story approach on how to price. And interesting there is a contrast just as off key emerging about low pricing to rebel against the charge as high and the over encouragement of give it away free. Both ends are off balance!
There was one Facebook Live I was watching recently which was actively encouraging women to state what they wanted to earn in the next 12 months and to make that figure odd and huge, them were the rules. women were sharing numbers like 4,843,716k – and even more. The zero to multi millionaire phenomena. As if in saying it you are claiming it and as if that is all that has to be done.
It’s also misleading and potentially harmful.

I am all about the stretch, however if it is ridiculous it remains a comedy, and more sadly it doesn’t change the energy and relationship of money that is being lived.

When did the number you say you want to earn become a symbol of how spiritual you are?

It seems that the inner work with your inner being is being forgotten as it is all about the number and for the emerging money talk in the personal development world (note that isn’t the same as Spiritual development) is all about the mind and some emotions, and not the inner being . And as the mind is key  – the big number makes the mind feel pretty special in that moment! Try it for yourself and see!

It’s just a spiritual bypass to the big big number that you put on a post it note on your mirror, though I find ridiculous post it notes like that have a tendency to lose their sticky pretty quickly!

And of course I see the pull in this, imagine if your coach says: yup you only earned 5k last year and I can feel that your desire to earn 4,876,932 (yup 7 figures) is totally possibleI can feel it, I can smell it, I can see it for you.

You sign on that I am working with you contract and paying whatever. The fact that you work 3 hours a week most weeks, haven’t had a client in 7 months and your highest package which you have never sold is 10k.

And when that big 7 figure number doesn’t happen…well nuffin’ needs to be said as it was some Uranus Taurus transition and let’s apportion it to #metoo, says your coach and blame patriarchy…so it isn’t her fault or yours – you are simply victims of anti-goddess strategy by the ‘them.’ Whoever them are.

What you charge isn’t representing how grand your purpose or Spiritual connection is. Nor is it just about the number. And all that said if you simply charge low in the hope they come of course there’s an issue. However the remedy isn’t go large to prove your money story is some kind of representation of your alleged 79 million strands activated DNA.

It can all be much easier than the illusion. If you allow it.

And you can earn to thrive. It’s a choice. Not a point to prove. That’s all.

Do the money healing work instead of being seduced by how high a number you can prove something at, whether a service or an income goal. It’s what kids do when they first learn to count and understand the pattern of numbers. I love you 100. Yes, it doesn’t make sense neither. However it’s cute when you’re three.

Money work is of course about money and it is about so much more – it is a piece of the jigsaw for your business and for part of your service through your business, I say part as your business isn’t the only vehicle you serve from!

Wanna have a go…and do some powerful spiritual work and put your money where your heart is?

Check out my money workshop in London July 16th here. Can’t or won’t come to London – and want to talk spiritual money with me – drop me a line here and let’s connect.

And ask me your pricing questions in the comments below. Share how you may struggle when it comes to charging and how you may have fallen for the let me come up with the biggest number. We will chuckle together and then find a way for you to truly claim your abundance. That’s what it is all about – the rest of it isn’t even gravy, it may as well be magic beans!

Sarupa Shah


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