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There’s a lot of talk about financial freedom. There is also a strong desire to want to achieve it. Both words Finance and Freedom go together, like Bonny and Clyde. And somehow it has become synonymous with investing and how you handle money and how you feel about money.

For many people they don’t feel like they can afford to invest, so financial freedom begins and ends with how they feel about money. And the mask of should is put on; I need to say I feel good and not touch that place where I don’t feel good. As you fear you may be the only one who has a bit of a dipped and dipping relationship with money. 

Freedom is probably the most sought after feeling people want to experience when it comes to money and that or any other feeling goes out the window, when it all feels like there is a financial caving in and things appear to be going wrong. The auto-response emotions kick in, and for most they were always there just the mask was pretending they weren’t. So fear, stress, worry, anger, frustration, blame anything that keeps the emotional body loud and strong and flowing to what it believes is financial doom, struggle and constraint.

Now I can imagine most people reading this are shaking their heads, and saying, no that isn’t me and maybe have a little recognition that they did last week have that stress about money come up, the tightening of the belly. And oh yes, it was there this morning when they were making their coffee. They don’t know how it got there it just was and anyway it can’t count, can it?

There’s a real disassociation with money and what is really going on with it. Vulnerability is feared as it is misunderstood as sharing emotions and that is a well no-one wants to fall down when it comes to money. So avoidance and stories that justify, excuse and defend prevail.

The emotional control of your money story

The thing is the emotional body is insidious, it is clever and it engages the head and brings her logic into to play. It isn’t necessary public or private displays of emotional breakdowns and utter panic and anxiety. It can be and is so subtle, and such a creeper energy, like a vine slowly taking over your amazing beautiful walled rose and strangling the roses for its uninvited creepers to take over. And they do fast. Just like the emotions – a subtle take over here and there and before you know it you are operating from an ongoing and continued fear, stress, worry, anger, frustration, blame type of pattern and as it crept in slowly you recognise it as norm.

I mean, you didn’t get that client that you needed last week and the month before your workshop didn’t make a profit and you aren’t sure you are going to bother again and you are wondering how you will make next month’s bills. Your emotional body gives you enough for a false and faux optimism while underneath it is strangling the joy out of you and replacing it with fear.

  • You judge every spending decision you have ever made –especially those that are about ‘growth’ and pick holes in them or those who delivered it, so you can justify not spending. Stops you achieving financial freedom and keeps your fear well and truly in the driving seat.
  • Every decision is made on money, your head will tell you it is logical to wait. Logical to sign up for more free discovery sessions and read more books, or possibly even pay for the lowest ticket item – a book – a self-study course – both of which are excellent except when they are used to cover up your lack of financial freedom. This is why I say not all spending decisions are good ones. People prove they are spending just to prove it.

I know this from first-hand experience, I have lived with financial drama and struggle and that is how my money work was born. I had to pioneer money healing and create myself out of it. I didn’t just fall into this as it was a good marketing idea.

And boy oh boy I would be angry and frustrated and scared. It was like a loop. And it made me doubt everything and everyone. However the consequence of my purpose was to piece it together and as I moved through it, there came my authenticity, integrity and financial freedom.

The missing piece of financial freedom

It’s not about investments like stocks and shares, or property. Those are choices. Not prerequisites for financial freedom.

At my greatest financial flunky moments or when I caught myself saying NO to what my heart (not gut) wanted as I let logic give me my restrictions on spending and a faux reality and hurdle to pass before it approved my spending. There was one thing I intuitively did and that was the opposite.

As soon as money was mastering me through the limitations of my mind and / or emotions it was time for me to do the opposite. So that often ended up with me at a make-up counter buying more potions to feel good with or booking that ‘special’ restaurant just because.

Believe me my emotions were screaming at me and my head was literally shaking at me when I did this. So yes the gut would be having a field day and sadly this remains mistaken as the heart for so many and a sign of I better stop. The gut is where you feel fear, so why would you let it be your guide for next steps? It simply isn’t wise for a Heart Centered business owner to be so gut centric!!!

It took inner strength at times to hold focus on abundance and not fall down the well of woe.

Without exception in doing the ‘opposite of money be my boss’ there would be a shift – from getting a new 121 client, a renewing client, a sale or even a financial windfall or clarity about my next step to abundance rather than next step to fear and preserving that status quo!

I never took or take this type of action as ‘lip service’ and to be seen to be doing it and trying to trick the Universe. It was and has to be genuine, heart led which is why the action is not always the same. Sometimes it has been go book that flight, go say YES and pay your deposit for that retreat etc. As in that moment that I have almost shut the door to abundance you have to do the extreme opposite not just for the sake of it. The opposite has to be in alignment to get you the outcomes and only your heart knows that.

I share this with all my clients and tell them it is a non-negotiable if you truly want financial freedom. Often I hear the yes,  I do that already type of response.

They don’t and even when they do they pick and choose so it can’t create value or desired outcome.

And then you get the I don’t care about money I do it for the service fluff – and business owners have a very narrow idea of what service is and this statement in any case is a get off my case one! I will stay in struggle until the Universe gives me the break I am not willing to give myself.

It goes back to that I will do it to prove to myself and do the minimum as what does Sarupa know, what does Abundance and the Universe really know  – my bank balance is pretty low and I will in any case stop letting money be my master when I manifest more.

When money is controlling you there is always a counterbalance thing going on which is you are attempting to control everything and everyone else. Well trying to…!

Convoluted…yes! And all about upholding financial struggle and letting fear be in charge. And those money fears always engage logic who will back it up. I mean how can you spend when you don’t know if your business will get anymore clients next month or ever?

And the logical part of you also throws an oar in to judge you – as not enough and everyone else as better. As wrong, as useless and worse! Ouchy!

What self-sabotage and what a distance from Financial Freedom!

The real meaning of Financial Freedom

The true meaning of financial freedom is that money doesn’t own or control you. And over and over again it does, in such creative ways. Money has become the boss of all decisions for most Heart Centered and Spiritual business owners. Ironically completely stopping their service!

The approach to abundance is totally limited and over shadowed by fear and logic and that will never at any time be a path to Abundance or Financial Freedom. Being on and off, trying to prove your alignment to abundance is also never going to be a path to Financial Freedom.

And it’s so complicated to uphold every fear, every logical reason and excuse and rule of why money must be in charge, when abundance is so much simpler.

Wouldn’t you agree?

What are your thoughts and feelings about Financial Freedom?

Leave me a comment, let’s create a discussion and a change. And do share this post with others.

Sarupa Shah

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