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I always had a writing passion from when I was a young girl. We were never taught about grammar as it was out of fashion for those years so it never featured in my life. I always thought I was a good writer. Creative, engaging and mostly because I loved writing during my school years.

It was around 2006 I got my first blogger account and launched my blog. I have written about how back in that day I felt I had made it because my writing was on the World Wide Web…I was lucky most weeks to get 8 hits, funny and sweet as I consider that now.

Looking back at my writing from then, it was one big long breath. Hardly any sentences, commas wherever and often the point of what I wanted to say was lost in big flouncy, trying to make me look intelligent words. The good thing about back then was there were less meanies on the Internet who would try and knock the wind from your sails, and I carried on oblivious because it was a passion I wanted to pursue.

Then I started working with a business coach, the wonderful Karen Knowler. Must have been about 2007ish. Karen, and I absolutely adore her, used to grate at me when it came to my copy.

It was never ‘right’ and she was right. So I remember this one particular programme I was writing, ‘Your Next Big Leap’. Karen kept sending me off from my coaching sessions to make revisions to what I had written.

I never understood what was wrong or amiss back then. Karen intuitively knew I had a stronger writing voice, so great she sparked the massive improvement in how I wrote and I worked with a writing coach too back then as I realised I needed improvement and getting support was the easiest way to do this.write from your heart hct

Thankfully in 2007 though the online business world was booming, it wasn’t awash with how to write copy like it is now.

The rules, the white space, the bold, the italics, the headlines, the questions, the bullet points. If it had been I would have probably bailed and gone back to employment.

I don’t know when I did succumb to the panic of needing to write ‘internet marketing’ copy. I just realised I had.

In fact the pursuit of copy looking like copy became more important than the words. The structure of the page. I was lucky enough to not have a coach who game me her templates to follow, though I have had clients who have had the ‘fill in the blanks’ copy for their ‘7-step signature programme’… another must do in the homogenous world of online business coaches.

It just became impossible to not want to read the latest online multi millionniare/billionaire’s version of what copy needed. The so called magic that made people want to buy. The phrases, the words, the colours, everything. Long VS short copy and so on and so on. The head always spun.

Then the software became the same so you could have a template enmasse for your landing page or sales copy, similar boxes and arrows. I didn’t and I often wondered if I was making a huge mistake, I mean you only have to look at something that offers the ability to make landing pages or sales pages and their claims of how if you use them you will get better conversions.

I didn’t fully buy into that, but the doubt was there as a little seed and every now and then would wiggle up to the surface of my thoughts and emotions.

The fact was content was it. Always going to be and always will be.

It was never about size of copy, I mean has size ever mattered anywhere? It’s what you do with what you got, right?

As more and more businesses continue to operate online, the question is how to stand out from the crowd.

How can you really be you?

How can your message be heard, understood and not covered up in the ‘should and must dos’ of internet marketing experts.

I am not saying they aren’t right, however I am not saying that they are right either because there cannot be a one size fits all approach. What is heart centered about that?

The point is we don’t all become images of each other, living to rules, we are here to be who we are and share ourselves in our own way. Good practice is just that, by no means is it a box or hard and fast rule which if you don’t follow you lose.

The heart centered rules for copywriting is that there aren’t any rules.

Now don’t take this literally to say you can therefore write with mistakes and no proof reading and so on, though even publishers and newspapers publish with errors. No rules doesn’t mean you aren’t to brand or with heart and soul in what you write either.

The rules that don’t exist any longer in my world when it comes to copy are the structural and must do for your copy to convert, what the latest research says. When someone tells me you must or you won’t succeed or it won’t work, Iwill smile and ignore.

My own intuition is far more powerful than a rule book on copy that has no guarantee to convert.

My vital piece in writing copy is who is it for, why am I doing this and is MY passion engaged.

That is my recipe for good copy.

Yes, I want to write as well as I can, I like to have pages that look to my brand and where necessary pay buttons and other calls to action, though I know when I write from my heart the impact is far greater than following a well-meaning template that has very little of my energy in it and is more about telling me I don’t know how to do it so I must ride on the back of someone else’s idea of what successfully copy for sales or optins etc. looks like.

I am throwing away the rule book and returning to that place of my heart. Speaking my truth. It feels very freeing, I have to say!

I no longer want to talk about fixing your problems, or believe that people don’t want to buy growth. I do and I know so many people that do yet when it came to my business I believed I had to talk about your pain. I want to talk about opportunity it is far more New Era.

I will be satisfied if my copy for something is one sentence or a 1000. What however will define it, is yes, sales or conversion, but more how I made people feel as they read it and the trigger and inspiration for them to ignite that sense that here is someone writing from her heart and helping me connect to mine. Someone who isn’t using spirituality to put it into a fear based model which isn’t just about lack in terms of buy now, sometimes there is a deadline to buy, sometimes there are only limited places; the fear based model I am talking about is that your voice shared in your way is made to feel like somehow it isn’t enough. That sense of inadequacy makes everything you do carry that vibration, a bit like a bad smell and gets in the way of your service.

When you let yourself write, with the strong foundation of who, why mixed in with your passion for what you are doing; your words will light up the page and the hearts of those who they are for. See your copy as the building which stands on the foundation of your service and is built on your truth.

Your building will become that beacon as you journey and venture deeper into your truth, to your soul and let your heart speak and your gifts will be clearly understood and received. You will evolve and grow with the lightness of heart and the joy of spirit.

That is why I have chucked out the rule book of copy and I am really looking forward to expressing as my heart guides me!

What’s your take on this?

Sarupa Shah


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