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Recently I introduced the 7 levels of Abundance Consciousness.
They aren’t really steps. Or linear as energy never is. It’s more like a symphony that creates a harmony. Different aspects coming together to make a whole that you wouldn’t even know the individual parts could. That’s abundance of energy and abundance in action through energy!
Today we are focusing on an levels 1-3: Accepting, choosing and aligning to abundance
When these are in harmony. When they are playing the right note so to speak you stop blocking your innate ‘receiving abundance’.
There’s an idea that you aren’t open to receive abundance. And for me this doesn’t ring true completely as it has an undertone if there’s something wrong with you. You’re not open to receive. It’s harsh, no?
Everyone is open to receive abundance. So breathe a sigh of relief.
That however isn’t the same as saying everyone is receiving. The challenge is that some people haven’t accepted. Chosen it or aligned to abundance as a reality. There are too many ifs, buts and maybes getting in the way!!!
The missing pieces or unaddressed pieces are: Accepting. Choosing. Aligning. That’s what stands in the way. Without those in place you don’t get to receive fully. And that seems to primarily focus on money though it doesn’t have to. If you aren’t aligned to in one area to abundance, it’s gonna be showing up in other areas. And these 3 levels of abundance consciousness are not about getting to a point where they are fixed. It’s an ongoing depth as you journey to the light. Which is eternal. And all about ongoing expansion.
The thing is you’re always receiving abundance. And I’m saying this to give you a realisation. Not as an excuse that you have abundance elsewhere and not in money. However abundance is always there and you’re already receiving it. Sometimes we refuse to see it so it’s like waiting for a delivery, delivery person is knocking on your door and you simply aren’t prepared to hear that knock and instead you are so annoyed, frustrated and anything else that your delivery just isn’t coming when promised!

It’s your money story that creates a reality of not receiving money!!!

Accepting Abundance when it comes to financial abundance, is something that is often fraught with emotion. Thoughts. Judgments. Ideas of what is right and what must be wrong and much fear and condition too. However without accepting it and accepting it’s an ongoing journey, not a point of perfection. Even the violinist who is considered the best. Continues to improve. Finds new ways of playing. It’s like that with accepting abundance. There’s always a new depth of understanding and exploration.
*The piece people miss or overlook is what worked last week or even yesterday may not work tomorrow as you will have grown so you will have new layers to address…that is one of the key things about being open to receive it is about being open to expand your light!*
Once you accept all that is with your current (and what a financial word that is hey?) money story and situation. Not as surrender of giving in. As acceptance that it is neither right nor wrong. You can make a choice as to what you are going to do about it. And note: not what you would do if you had more money or things were working out for you in a way that you had hoped and wanted as that is just affirming your lack; it is about making a choice that has actions following it!
Are you going to choose financial abundance? Just saying yes I am is great and equally ‘meh’.
A choice is courage based and the first step to alignment. Saying YES I choose and then sitting back saying bring it to me. Prove it to me before I accept the choice undoes your journey and you never quite get off the starting ground financially. Yo-yo-ing back and forth between this is he change. To oh I’m back here. I don’t know why. I wish I wasn’t. 
A choice requires a decision and action. Inner and outer. Actions when soulful will net you the magical results you seek. Emotionally driven actions can end up being grand gestures to prove or if they are thought about too much they fast become a ‘should’. Neither of which lead to consistent results.
Then comes alignment to financial abundance. When aligned you have the least resistance to receiving. However like all things alignment isn’t passive. It’s a conscious journey to and a conscious journey to stay aligned.
A conscious journey isn’t code for thinking and obsessing about it all the time either as then you’re back at the point of acceptance. If you accept something it simply is. And money and abundance and both together. Simply are!!!
Alignment in the 7 levels of Abundance Consciousness is about the balance, harmony and symphony between accepting and choosing abundance and the growth and expansion that comes from that.
How do you accept abundance? And how are choosing it?  And more significant how have you avoided choosing it? And what will you do to change that?
Answering these three questions will change your alignment and open you up to a new opportunity to receive abundance.
Share in comments your thoughts and ahas.
And if you want a conversation about how to heal your money story. Or how you can support others in healing their money story. Click here and set something up ASAP.

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