The Elements Of Successful Manifesting

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*This is part of a new mini series all about manifesting with the elements, which are at play in your life and energy*  This first article is to get you introduced to the topic and get you ready for an energy upgrade!

Manifesting is a topic I love and one that remains a sexy topic for the Heart Centered and Spiritual Business Community. Like anything there are plenty of illusions about this topic and a lot of hush hush as no-one really likes to talk about when it didn’t work for them. Yeah there are those on Facebook who wear what didn’t work with pride as they say it keeps it real and shows they aren’t perfect – however they are mostly using it as a marketing ploy.

When you don’t fully understand energy and what it is telling you, it’s easy to brush off what didn’t work as either a case of it wasn’t supposed to be or I am an utter failure and within that buried are the seeds of doubt that manifestation may be more about luck. Which of course it isn’t. It is more a case of unconscious manifestation, where you aren’t fully awake to the energy and what is required of you.

Conscious Manifestation is when you really start to have fun!

The Mind Body Spirit Section of a book shop is full of manifesting books, all giving you the authors fool proof method. It’s alluring and enticing and yet we know there isn’t really such a thing as fool proof. None of us know the BIG PLAN and aren’t here walking around with crystal ball glasses however much you say you are intuitive, somethings are destiny that are only discovered when they happen.

What adds another curve ball to the manifesting game, is that you manifest something, so you believe you have a process nailed, you put it on repeat and then nothing. Nada. Not a bean or a sausage.

You wonder if you have lost your power, you worry about what you did wrong and back to those seeds of doubt, maybe you were just lucky and aren’t anymore…and may never be again!

The piece that is missing is energy – energy is never static – it is always dynamic and yet it operates within the boundaries and laws of the Universe.You aren’t the same as you were when you even started reading this blog post. This means trying to fit an energy process into a linear system and set of rules is never gonna work as it becomes a bit like square peg, round hole.

Manifesting at its real core and truth is about manifesting your Soul Plan. Sounds simple and easy right…well it involves Soul and many are operating at a psychic – gut center so manifesting is always gonna be limited. The gut – which is the emotional and mental body can only take you so far, it is a frequency thing.

More illusions about manifesting.

With the popularity of this concept, manifesting has become akin to upgrades, free meals – free this and that – as if that is the aim of the game – and the proof that you are a manifesting expert. It goes so far that it has become a bit of manifesting snobbery in my opinion that claims the more you get for free proves how high vibe you are.

Now we all love an upgrade as much as we love a free meal or ticket to something, when it is an unexpected gift and surprise and there isn’t anything wrong with that. However that is what they are gifts. On occasion it is Spirit showing you, especially with upgrades, that you say you want to raise your abundance consciousness – so here you go and next time you align to it and pay for the upgrade so your physical choices are aligned to your desire. Unfortunately for most they wait on for the next freebie. They don’t believe they are worth it and they don’t believe if they have paid for it, it is really manifesting. (A double whammy: a worth and misunderstanding about manifesting going on there!)

It’s a big myth and illusion that if you have to pay or take action it can’t be manifestation – put it another way – stay in bed for a year, when the year is over be furious that you have no business or clients. Doesn’t make sense…!

The four elements and how they play out with your manifesting!

In this mini-series – I am going to taking a deep dive into manifesting using the elements. Now – if you are interested or simply nosey for my manifestation process – you can see it here.

Whenever I work with clients on upping their manifesting power, we work on something real. It’s no point doing theory. My process is their guide and tool and they learn how to make it their own. It isn’t linear, like step 1 followed by the next step and so on, it’s about understanding the energy and being reiterative as every step forward and all momentum is an opportunity for old energy to come up for resolve. It’s on going eternally, that is true light work now and forever.

The next post in the series is going to be introducing the 4 elements to you and how they fit into your life and energy and the role each one plays when it comes to manifesting. You will gain an insight into the elemental energy that is playing out when it comes to manifesting and move beyond the manifesting rules that are all heady and into the energy which manifesting is, a way to maximise energy.

This isn’t about what element you are astrologically  – as all 4; fire, water, air and earth are present in you – and we are talking energy. While knowing your astrological element is immensely useful, you also have south and north node elements – so it isn’t just one element in your chart. And for those who have and are doing Spiritual Business Mentoring with me  – your archetypes have elements and they are significant when it comes to manifesting too. However this series is about the 4 elements that each of us has access to.

And here’s a real juicer, when the four elements are aligned, then you get a 5th…and to find out what that is and how to enable that you will have to stay tuned with this series!

If you have any questions you would like me to cover in this series about manifesting – leave me a comment and don’t forget to share this post.

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