Divine Success & Divine Living VIP Day

​There comes a time in ones business and life journey when only a deep dive into your soul will feed your hunger to be more, do more and serve more. Dipping toes in, here and there and then slipping back into doubts and excuses gets frustrating. The hunger for success has to be more than the desire to stay small and figure out why you can't get to where you want to be and yearn to be

If this describes you and you are ready for your deep dive, then you may choose to book your Divine Success & Divine Living VIP day. This is a whole day dedicated to you, your business and your spiritual life. A retreat from where you are so you can focus on where you are heading, get A-list intuitive insights from me, my spirit team and create your simple Divine Plan for moving forward.

Each day is created uniquely for you, to fit around the new story you wish to author for your life and business. What once felt and sounded audacious becomes your new norm, the extraordinary that felt like a giddy dream becomes your everyday way.

In our day we weave in and out of: business how tos, spirituality; living it & making it work for you, manifesting your dream & purpose with greater ease, while fine tuning your wealth, health & relationships. You will dissolve illusions and claim your magnificence. Leaving our day with clear & robust plans, all with a Divine, Soul & Spirit twist, shake & stir. When we collaborate expect spirit, miracles & expect laughter. More than anything expect to be understood and lovingly challenged to be more and drop the excuses, as well as change your perception about what you can achieve when you step forward.

I really adore these days and my commitment is to reflect back your brilliance and hold​ you in integrity with your purpose and see your brilliance shine and your soul lead.

In 2016, Divine Success & Divine Living, your personal 121 VIP retreat, are being offered, in London, Spain & France. Other locations are available, and can be requested, however trust in spirit and energy that the Earth has long held gifts in locations that may not be your home. Growth is adventure after all.​

I have had the pleasure, the joy and the honour of working with amazing woman at different stages of their business journey, from emerging to those looking for the next step forward to share their purpose and gifts in the world more abundantly.

In my own business I have experienced VIP days and have savoured the magic and miracle of creation that lives on longer than the day and that is exactly how you will experience your day.

I aim to offer no more than 3 of these days in any month so that I can give you my total focus. We always have a pre-VIP day set up Skype session, a get to know YOU, your dreams and challenges, your fears, wants and desires and from that moment I hold our connection sacred. From this I plan your retreat, Divine Success & Divine Living VIP Day and if the impulse from our connection has been for me to channel your life purpose we put that in, or perhaps energy leads me to create a meditative series that too is organised and delivered to you before we meet. As I shared, each experience is unique and dedicated to you.​

Before you book your day, check out the experience of other fabulous women who have worked with me in different ways where I bring the fullness of me to support them.  My intuitive ability which has been strong from when I was a child has been sought by celebrity entrepreneurs, and other celebrities in ​the spotlight. Spend a day with me and you get the same star treatment, because in my eyes and heart your purpose and reason to be now, is of paramount importance and diving into your Divine Success & Divine Living VIP day may well be the turning point that stops you giving up on your dream and instead living it and serving joyously. Don't stand at the cross roads and choose the path of struggle, invest in yourself because your hunger to serve is allowed to be greater than your fears that keep you small. You can do this and I will show you how!