Bridge to Magnificence

Are you ready for 12 months of spiritual, business, money & career mentoring?

"How you treat yourself is an indication of how the universe and others will treat you too" Sarupa Shah

The Experience...

"The core yearning that made me sign up for the “Bridge to Magnificence” with Sarupa was to come back into a sensually experienced relationship with my soul and spirit and to understand myself more in areas where I felt flat. It becomes so easy to talk about spirituality as a status symbol and I was bored of that and wanted to dance with my spirit and soul.

As I am three-quarters through the yearlong mentoring-program that sensual taste is coming back into the relationship with my soul and spirit. This fills me with great pleasure, deep gratitude and sparkling wonder of the last part to come. I am touching parts of me that I had forgotten or not been able to speak of, releasing so much and gaining a new way of being that is changing my whole life. Words aren’t really adequate here, because in spirit and with soul it is a whole new way of being, the real you that comes out and I feel that is what I have found.

Through every part of the program, Sarupa has been a mentor and guide of simplicity and presence. My heart-thanks to you Sarupa!"

Nema Lazuli,

Bridge to Magnificence

Mentoring is about you claiming back your power and becoming your greatest authority and the processes I offer give you the opportunity to adventure into the wellspring of your knowledge and journey to your soul and spirit. Coaching focusses on goal setting and achieving outcomes and energetically is about being led and taught rather than the journey of inner-self discovery that mentoring offers towards your magnificence. Energetically mentoring is about your mastery with your  spirit, a very distinct energy with a very spiritual and service based experience and as your mentor I walk with you to journey into your deepest truth so that you can live the dreams that you have for your life, your work, your relationships, your health and the world and so that you can dream into being the fullness of your trueself.

As a mentor I guide you to find your spiritual insights, truth and plan for your true purpose, release from negative self talk, fear, blame and judgement and rise as a master in your journey. When you discover your truth it changes everything and empowers you beyond anything anyone can tell you to do.

Where you stand now, where you want to be and how you want to be seen in the world; how you dream to live and serve, are all already within you and mentoring with me will offer you the opportunity to create your bridge to your magnificence. This is divine living and divine service, where all that you can be and all that you want and all that you aspire to be come together easily and effortlessly.

In this 12 month 121 mentoring programme, the focus is on you building and creating your life, business or career in alignment with your purpose and greatest dream. This is about you creating your most extraordinary dream and desire, bringing it from the inside out and learning and understanding how you can support yourself when you connect to your soul and change hidden patterns, mindsets and limitations and get in touch with the inner yearnings, deepest dreams and highest vision your soul has for your life.

In the 12 months you will focus on building a new foundation for your New Era through understanding what has stopped your wealth and abundance being materialised in the world and how to access the simple path to success, often described as a miracle, however in the New Era the potential is to live miraculously permanently.

Soul conflict with the personality will be identified and for everyone this manifests differently in fears, limitations, confusion and inertia. We all experience these in varying degrees. As we explore and resolve conflict energy in your life, you will discover ways to make what has been inner conflict into motivation and cooperation with your true purpose.

Currently it may be manifesting in feeling like you can't do what you are here to do and things get in the way and you feel stuck in confusion and uncertainty. Or it may be that you can't earn money through what your heart yearns to do however much you try, or remain positive, something or some things remain out of alignment.  Or it may be that relationships, including the one with self and others are filled with challenge and struggle.

If you feel that you compromise who you are and what you want because you are waiting for something, someone or just waiting for no reason, it also indicates a soul conflict with the personality. Deeply and profoundly I am sure you can feel something waiting to birth and pop in your life, yet how to make it so and what it even is can cause challenge in thought and emotion. Visionaries often get stuck in over-thinking and overwhelm, all energy indicators that the soul connection is weak and in our 12 months together we strengthen your connection to your soul, so it opens the door to spirit and your essence.

The door we open together cannot be shut because once you step into working with the energy and dreams of your soul, you can't un- know your power, potential or purpose that emerges as a result.

During the year we work to understand your archetypes, how they stand in your way or support you and how to resolve your patterns to align with where you are consciously choosing to head. At the same time focus on your business and career gives you the inner confidence to claim your fullness in service to self, others and the planet. Each of us has a role, each of us can choose to go for it, or find a reason why not.

If you are ready to move into service compassionately, tap into your true intuitive source, resolve the energy that has hindered your mastery and tap into your creative essence and serve on a planetary platform because of the piece you hold for the Divine Plan, then you may wish to consider this as your path. I only ever work with 6 people at any one time on this mastery programme so the focus on you is clear and strong. For me personally this is about seeing you living soulfully empowered and successful in the world

Your opportunity in 12 months will be to achieve spiritual mastery and gain a deeper understanding of your magnificence and how to share this in the world and how to continue supporting your presence in this world joyfully and successfully in real alignment with your divine plan, as well as spiritually. This is about dancing with your soul, spirit, personality, universe and all the elements together to create a life of magnificence, abundance and service and one that creates the legacy of your contribution.

Over the 12 months you will be given worksheets, processes and meditations to work with as this is about enlivening your soul and spirit to lead your journey.

For the first 3 months we meet weekly, for 30 minutes over Skype. The focus is on creating your New Era Spiritual Foundation, and fine tuning your spiritual gifts of intuition, channelling and even connecting you to your spirit team if that is appropriate.

The remaining 9 months we meet twice monthly for 30 minutes to build on the foundation, create the vision of your dreams into reality and continue the process of removing limitations as you create, connect and change the dynamic of who you thought you were, for who you truly are.

In total there are 30 121 sessions which focus on you stepping forward and keeping you accountable to create the dream and vision into reality. Plus you get email support during the year. A monthly 15 minute 'good fortune' is available to you on an as and when needed basis. Ensuring your growth momentum is supported too.

We end our year together with a private retreat where the emphasis is on celebration and your next steps as a master in your own life and as a New Era Leader.

If you interested and aren't sure if this is for you, then arrange a 15 minute no obligation chat with me, by clicking here, and we can see if you are ready for this level of work. Throughout 2015 I worked with 4 people with their archetypes, now I am ready to share this more widely and invite you to step into your mastery in life and business.

The Experience...

Big revelation only minutes ago, understanding my archetypes I can see why my spirit chose this emotional body in this lifetime ~ to really give me the power to sort things out for good. THANK YOU for staying strong and believing in me when I couldn't. Love you and thank you.

Hannah Imogen Jones

Claiming your Magnifience

If we have spoken or you are simply ready to move forward, note the price for this programme is £12,000 plus VAT if appropriate and this approximately US $ 17,000 or 16,000eu. As the 121 element is delivered over Skype, it is perfect for you wherever you are in the world. However, please note for the private retreat you will have to travel to our agreed location which spirit may also have a hand in directing us to and all travel costs and accommodation costs are not included in this price.

To secure your place and manifest your true self and true success, limitlessly and abundantly and in a way that supports your true service please pay your deposit of £3000 (plus VAT if appropriate), (which is approximately US $4300 or 3900eu) below and we will set up an initial chat to agree your payment terms (over 10 months) and initiate our journey together for the next 12 months.

sarupa soul agent

My promise to you is my brilliance to empower you as we adventure together.


Sarupa xxx