Your personal invitation to your very own 121 retreat  - various locations around the world...

Heart Centered Entrepreneur, Healer, Spiritual Business owner? Want to Create your Soul Plan and achieve a new level of abundance and service? Solve it Today...

It's an exciting & powerful time in the history of the world and YOU have a significant role to play in creating the future. A time of abundance and love. You can feel it, in fact you have probably known it for years and not been able to voice it or make it tangible and now you know this is it. The signs are there, your business is taking off, what felt impossible not that long ago is happening with ease. You are in service and it feels really good and although you don't want to burst this bubble your intuition is telling you don't stop growing. Not yet! It is guiding you to go deeper and a thirst that isn't quenched, your adventure into your magnificence and contribution has just taken off …..take a few moments to consider this invitation to your 2-day Soul Retreat.

Have you ever wondered why so many heart centered & spiritual entrepreneurs struggle to make decisions, earn their worth consistently and seem to be following a pattern in what they offer? How would you feel if I told you it wasn’t to do with ability or experience? Would you want to learn the simple & powerful techniques that the compassionate world leaders have been using unconsciously or consciously since time began?

If you want to be seen at a Soul level and fully commit to your Divine Plan trusting that your Soul’s Plan is being activated at a higher frequency, so you release even more fear, doubt and uncertainty and replace it with an achievable and planned for clarity, direction and abundant purpose without falling into a ‘healing crisis’ or taking months and months to ‘breakthrough’ - you will find your Personal Soul Retreat fulfils your desire to take your next big leap.

If you want see the value for your wonderful work, expertise and service increase infinitely while being seen and found easily and abundantly by those you are here to serve and those who want and need what you offer then you will love this. Without compromising your personal desire for spiritual growth & while having fun and in the most gorgeous high vibration global locations your Personal Soul Retreat is going to make your heart sing and your body tingle and vibrate. You know that sensation when your Soul is shining and lifting your vibration to say YES let’s do this.

Yet every day when you show up for work you feel there are still too many moments where you are metaphorically holding your breath, afraid to stand out, not 100% sure why some things you tried to achieve, fill, launch or create didn’t work. The mystery element makes you nervous despite that inner call to go for your next leap of magnificence. So what can you do?

Your Soul is ready are you?

How much more do you love what you do when you are being paid handsomely, recognised and being sought out as the expert? How much more is life joyous and stress free when your growth is handled and your spiritual growth is increasing? 

When you sign up for your Personal Soul Retreat, we will quickly, usually within a few days, set up an hour’s Skype session where you and I will blend energy. I will hear from you what your hopes and dreams are and then I will go away and create your unique tailored Personal Soul Retreat itinerary. I will give you immediate access to my Unlock Your Affirmation Code Programme (value £249) to get your spiritual power ‘turned up’ and to get your manifesting prowess increased! After the we have had the initial hour session I will also send you an ‘ink pack’ to get your hand prints so I can use them to intuit more about your energy and the opportunities you have within your reach and within your potential for the next 12 months!

When I create your Personal Soul Retreat itinerary, I will sit and channel and work with the higher realms. I call in the Ascended Masters and Archangels and the process is very sacred and aligned to the Law of Transformation which in the days of old was always about turning lead into Gold. Think of your lead as what stands in your way, of what you fill your life and business with to keep busy and distracted from your Gold and that is what we will transform during our day together.

Who am I anyway and why should you listen to me?

You are invited to your own Personal 2-day Soul Retreat to map out your next 12 months of service, creating your legacy of love, attuning you to the New energy, to abundance and giving you access to Spiritual Tools as taught by the Ascended Masters & Archangels as well as my personal 15 years + of being in business (I reached my 6 figures over 5 years ago) so your business and service soars and reaches the depths and heights that you know and an feel possible and where you achieve what you really know you will love to do instead of following a ‘template’ that Heart Centered & Spiritual Business owners are being almost herded into. Yes you can achieve your most creative desires without some imaginary coaching graduation and slogging it in a business journey that isn’t really the one that fully juices you! I promise you can and when you follow your Soul’s Plan and do what you want to NOW that is where the riches come from!

You get your personal 24 hour Soul Retreat, which includes an overnight stay (the overnight stay is included in the price) where we will be face to face & heart to heart in ‘Divine Immersion’ at a fabulous location around the world – Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand, Los Angeles, Florida or London & many other places! To be global is to know the world truly is your ally!

The best part is that when you are working with your Soul, things can only get better and better...

Wherever we are meeting in the world, (and in 2017 I am in Hong Kong, New Zealand, Australia, Los Angeles and London at least) – I promise you a beautiful and high vibrational location. Where your energy will be held by the elements as well as the vibration of the location & where your Soul’s dreams will anchor! You may choose to travel or it may be that we are close to where you live. These details will be clear and agreed, it’s the opportunity for you to have your own Personal Soul Retreat and map and plan your next 12 months!

I promise you luxury and beauty and something out of the extraordinary – not just the world’s best hotels or venues but also the ones that are most magical. The ones that have an energy that is just perfect for your 2-day Personal Soul retreat. This is more than just because you deserve it is as much about you claiming the life you want to manifest, it is NOW! 

Before your 2-day Personal Soul Retreat, I will channel your Soul Purpose and will share with you your expanded purpose for the New Era and your soul lessons for the next 12 months so you can understand how to navigate your dreams into being and your service into transformation for others and into wealth for you. This gives you your Soul’s map for you and will give you the insights to be enthusiastic and clear about all the wonderful things you can and will achieve. Having this in advance of your retreat takes the energy work deeper and will open you up to take greater advantage of what is yours to claim, create and offer! This on it's own would normally cost £1497 plus VAT!

My normal months in my business are well over £10k a month and more often than not reaching £20k - I don’t work every hour of every day. In fact the less I do and the more I ‘be’ the easier it is to be in service and I will share with you my techniques, - little known spiritual processes, New Era emerging wisdom that has been hidden for eons and part of the ‘new’ energy.

You can carry on working ‘mentally and emotionally’ it’s a choice, or you can join this SOUL Adventure, choose a retreat date & activate the most significant relationship of your life – with Your SOUL.

You get benefit from my training with spirit, my business acumen and experience spanning over 15 years, in fact my first business was when I was 13 years old – teaching Indian Classical Music so I have even more experience of being ‘out’ there earning and creating transformation and growth for clients!

Truly manifesting, attracting and creating.

There are many coaches out there who simply offer spiritual wisdom from videos they watch online and books they read and regurgitate as their own and my ongoing training with spirit is deep and far reaching. You want processes that aren’t just text book but ones you can understand and someone who can guide you to understand why something isn’t working and for that understanding to be unique to you and not generic. You aren’t generic so why is it acceptable for your support to be? Some of what I have been taught has only come to light because of the New Era and it isn’t in books or videos online and that is the wealth of knowledge you will have access to.

Don’t just take my word for my work…and my gifts and expertise at being your spiritual & soul mentor!

“Insightful and intuitive, Sarupa has been on the money in terms of helping me to create fantastic business growth and expansion." Lyndsey Whiteside

How much is not investing in yourself at the high-end you want to attract, really costing you? You know it makes you a contradiction talking to your clients about abundance and fearing spending on what you know is your next step on your journey. When you deny your adventure you suddenly realise that your inspiration dries up. Your beginning to realise that there is a correlation between how invested you feel in you and how invested others are in you, your authenticity prevails here because it isn’t authentic to be fearful of doing what you want your clients to do and that is step forward!

May be you feel others in your area of expertise are taking over & racing ahead of you while you are getting left behind…while that isn’t true in an abundant universe, the fact that you even think or feel that is your Soul’s way of telling you – hey YOU I am waiting for the more you know you can achieve and do.

Authenticity and integrity means walking your talk. It means inspiring through modelling courage, abundant risk taking and leaping into alignment with your Soul & Universe. That is where abundance is and I know you know this. I also know you know it is your time.

Soul Service isn’t about being on Facebook or any other social media. It isn’t about being a disciple or fan of the latest spiritual author and regurgitating their work as your own. This is the mistake many Heart Centered professionals make, believing that they aren’t as good or as equal to others. Worried that if they dig deep to hear and then share the authentic voice of their Soul’s piece of the Divine Plan there will be nothing there, people won’t like it anyway or they will be found out as a fraud. This leads to a belief, of I will stay small and comfortable rather than experience the fullness of abundance and really live powerfully and share my message with the magnificence it is here to be received!

This is hurting you and the world!

Yet there is something about you and you can feel it.

Maybe your conscious awakening has been quite recent and you are just beginning to reap the rewards, finding that you are experiencing miracles. It seems you can on occasion manifest a client out of thin air and at other times you panic. You want to receive more of the value you know you offer, be paid your worth, achieve a work/life balance that enables you to have it all. When you sit in silence you can hear your Soul lifting your vibration and gently nudging and maybe even pushing you to go further. The idea and feeling of ‘more’ is exciting as well as exhilarating and you know without your next step you are staying small and going over the same old ground which has been dug to the point there is nothing left but to use it as your springboard to your next step forward!

A Personal Soul Retreat is imperative for Heart Centered and Spiritual Business owners…it is your precious time to bring the next chapter of your Soul Plan to life. Your willingness to step forward is the only prerequisite, it’s about stepping forward and not looking back at where you have been! 

There is such disruption in the world as illusions are being shattered and areas where light has not been able to reach appear to be making headway. Now more than ever the call to step forward is urgent as is the opportunity from the Divine to be courageous, bold and get over the ‘head’ stuff and fear that says I want to wait and I am not sure I am readyI can’t afford it…! They are not the kind of affirmations a planetary change maker makes and now is the time for you to choose. You can say you are ready for the more that awaits and the service you are here to give which isn’t based on this imaginary ladder or proof of money - those are material ‘tricks’ – Soul Service is only based on your willingness to align to Divine Service. There is no other qualification!

My most heartfelt & powerful call to Heart Centered Business owners for 2017 is: if you align to this archetype and that isn’t about whether you see yourself as spiritual or not because everything is spiritual. It is about a frequency and that frequency has to be reached, fine-tuned and shared in its wholeness with the world so you can be that beacon of light. It has to be a journey you embark on. Don’t sit on the side-lines holding a label and not adventuring into your heart and her / his path for you. Don’t hold on so tight to your mind and emotions that your intuition is drowned out by their desire to keep you small and limited. if your true desire is to create a legacy of love for the planet, and transform the lives of the masses and live life abundantly then this is the year to do it.

Isn't it time you achieved with ease? This is what occurs when you have a SOUL level clarity and a certainty about bringing your ‘big dream’ into reality- the things you really want and hope to achieve, do & create…instead of climbing an imaginary ‘service ladder’ which can sometimes feel like it is made of string and not steady.

If you have journals and journals of ideas and worry that these are just fast becoming a pie in the sky list of things that make you remember that you don’t achieve… I will show you how to find the magic and how to discern your Soul’s ideas and how to use journaling effectively as a tool to get to your Soul in just 5 minutes a day!

If you are afraid of really asking for your true value or creating something fresh and unique in your business, I will guide you to a place of refinement and total clarity of how to make either or both happen with confidence and a heart conviction and no sacrifice will be needed.

Imagine the relief of knowing you are moving forward in a big way, no more of these side way steps or looking for short cuts that make you feel like you are running in a maze. The gift of your Personal Soul Retreat is a calling from your Soul to you! 

To get your own Personal Soul retreat – pay your 50% deposit by clicking the big PURPLE button below; I promise you a Soul Plan for your next 12 months with clear action steps both ‘physical’ and ‘spiritual’ where you achieve your pure Gold…!

I will contact you within a few hours and no more than 24 to set up our one hour Soul Strategy Session, PLUS fix up the date, location and make the arrangements for your final payment.

Your Personal 2-day Soul Retreat costs £7777 (plus VAT) - this includes your overnight accommodation  & everything to make the 2-days spectacular.

Your deposit is £3333 plus VAT - just click on the purple button below!

The dates will be agreed with you and know that your YES is creating a new divine flow of timing, power and support…that is the magic of saying YES!

Remember you are getting almost £2k worth of bonuses included, plus overnight accommodation and everything to make your retreat a magical and pivotal point in your journey!

Acknowledgement time – quality takes time and isn’t cheap. I know you know that. The Personal Soul Retreats are completely unique and are high-end from the locations to your investment. I am afraid I will disappoint you if all you are looking for is a templated day that tells you to create a x-step signature system, set up a coaching diary and launch a mastermind and ‘hustle’ on social media 24/7 to get clients and be generically the same as other coaches who have been ‘herded’ through this template. The ONE thing that makes you truly unique is your SOUL and that is where we you will be heading and where you will be creating from. You know money is an energy and if you allow yourself to model abundance by being abundant financially you shift your energy and service so much quicker. It changes your frequency and will impact on what you charge, how committed you are to implementing and how much you grow your service.

I have been terrified about investing in me in the past and I made a conscious decision to let it be ignored as if I let it win, then my life was being ruled by that terror and where would that lead to? Nothing that I in truth wanted, so instead I have taken leaps of faith and do because then comes the growth and expansion. It impacts everything and yes sometimes even after I have taken the leap the terror has stayed and in keeping the goal in sight has dissolved its impact and I know when I have paid for a cheaper alternative to what I truly wanted I have been left unhappy, dissatisfied and basically been given a short sharp lesson from the universe.

I know the Personal Soul Retreat isn’t going to be for everyone – if you are looking for free and cheap and aren’t ready to make a real­ stand for your purpose and the hollow feeling in your stomach kicks in and your head goes into overdrive telling you that you don’t need anything and your excuses are more significant than the opportunity and being comfortable rather than challenged to be the light bearer that your destiny has the potential for, then you will simply find saying YES to this divine retreat a step too far.

For those of you who are getting so curiously excited, and can feel the flutter and tingle of energy and your heart bursting open – I say woooo hoooo go you and….

…I am sure you have a few questions about location, dates and can it work for you at the stage of your business journey etc.

Hopefully this will answer your questions!

You can choose your location with the caveat intuitively I will let you know where a good location for you is, it may not be that the location that is walking distant from your home, so be prepared to travel. This is your Soul and yours adventure, so let yourself be on a journey from the beginning. I do have specific dates when I am travelling so if we can synchronise that will be brilliant and if not, I will travel to you. 2017 is the year of my pilgrim, where I have been asked by spirit to move and that is my commitment.

Dates for your Personal Soul Retreat are set after you have paid your deposit and when we have the one hour Skype session. Depending on location, availability and the energy it may be that from paying your deposit it can be 2 months before we meet. I am a firm believer in divine timing and spirit always move things to be in exactly the right energy moment.

Wherever your Personal Soul Retreat is taking place, you have to arrange to get there and the one overnight stay is included in the price. During our tailor made and unique to you Personal Soul Retreat, I take care of where we are meeting, refreshments, foods and any other experiences that form the energy and process of that retreat for you.

Everyone is at different points in their business journey, I have worked with start-ups, established successful and established ‘stuck’ businesses! The common theme to anyone I work with is their ambition and their desire to move to the next level or more – they want to take a leap, they want to operate using Soul fuel and are tired of being mediocre, bored of the same old same old and want instant shifts and insights that keep on giving and enhancing long after our time together! That is energy it simply keeps on giving!

Once you have paid your deposit and after our hour long Skype session if you believe that the Personal Soul Retreat isn’t for you – you will have 24 hours to let me know and I will give you your deposit back with no questions asked. And I will still let you have the bonus – of the Unlock Your Affirmation Code – 28 day self-study programme delivered via email to you!

And I have you covered as after your 2-day Personal Soul Retreat you will have email access to me for a month, as well as a follow up implementation session.

When you are invested in being a beacon of light and fulfilling your Soul’s journey you are indeed working on your business, in fact you are working on your whole life and future. This is life changing as well as planetary changing and when you realise that you can achieve what you want and that perhaps some of the roads you have been trying to run down haven’t actually been yours, your life and business becomes easier. When you cooperate with your Soul everything just IS!

If you want your Soul to influence and co-write your next 12 month plan and get the spiritual and business knowhow in a personal 2-day retreat, where you will experience a powerful leap simply pay your deposit (below) today. Once you've paid you I will contact you to set up our hour long Skype call and you will start seeing immediate results from your decision to say YES.

Each time you step forward even before you experience the full transformation your vibration starts to change automatically; you attract differently & people respond to you more readily. The benefit always starts from the YES - so pay your deposit today! I promise the plan you leave with won’t be one that makes you feel ‘maybe in 12 months I may see a huge and significant transformation, it will be much sooner. In fact after 12 months you will look back and not recognise where you were because where you will be will be so vastly different, consistent high income, completely feeling that difference your contribution is making and a spiritual growth that will set you in the realms of inspiring the masses with your Soul’s message!

To get your own Personal 2-day Soul Retreat – pay your 50% deposit by clicking the big PURPLE button below, I promise you a retret where you will be supported, seen, and shown the steps for your next 12 months!

Your Personal 2-day Soul Retreat costs £7777 (plus VAT) - this includes your overnight accommodation  & everything to make the 2-days spectacular.

Your deposit is £3333 plus VAT - just click on the purple button below!