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I was talking to my spiritual mentor today. It reminded me about some things I’ve noticed people forget so quickly even after doing money work which means money blocks return pretty fast! Often it is the first habit they allow back in. Or the one they secretly held on to as they weren’t gonna let their fears down completely! Hence why money and abundance work is ongoing work!!

This habit comes back in like a meteor style Armageddon.

The habit of lack

A specific ‘manifestation’ of this money block makes it so potent is for those who have done money work. It manifests in several ways, so can feel like many money blocks in one.

Your Soul and the Universe sees it as you gained an awareness about money and now you pretend you ‘un-know’ it? What happens is after gathering momentum towards a new relationship with money and abundance, there is often a sense of—I have conquered this money stuff so now whatever I do has to be infused, embalmed and aligned to abundance.

It can’t be if you step back into lack. Or stay in lack. No amount of let me look abundance-y which usual means let me look like I am spending or let me turn off to the notion of abundance and settle.

And it isn’t just those who have done money work that uphold this habit.

It is also held by those who get triggered by the idea of money work. Those who get outraged at what others charge and focus on the idea to make only to survive (often by the seat of your pants if at all) and are busy busy doing and doing for as many hours of the day as they can hold this money block like a shield of armour.

Also held in equal measure by those who don’t do money work, or invest in any kind of work on themselves. They look through the metaphoric windows of what could be, walking past it every day, eyeing up what they want and say yes one day. Or maybe when my ship comes in.

The habit is the same… and it’s born of ‘lack’ and ‘I can’t’. It is so disguised it is avoided, not addressed and welcomed back with emotional fear and logic guarding its safe and prime location.

And here is the biggest and #1 money block

If you only ever do what you feel you can afford, you will always be in I can’t.

If settling and making do is present with your money story it will be present in all other areas of life too.

Even if you can’t see or recognise it or if you would rather defend it or pretend this money block isn’t there. It doesn’t change the energy of what it is. I don’t agree with the notion that people don’t know something is there, as we all always do—it is whether you are willing to acknowledge it and then change it that makes the difference. There isn’t an invisible locked vault of ‘don’t know’; just a vault called: didn’t want to know.

You stay fixed and close the door to Spirit and the Universe as you feel you have to limit. So they can’t bring anything else to you.

Step one to addressing this sticky money block:

Look at these questions and explore them in your journal.

  • How fixed & stuck do you feel about your Money Story (AKA financial circumstances)?
  • What level of fear do you feel about your finances even though you may not have allowed yourself to describe it as fear?
  • How much do you avoid what you really want and settle for what you feel you can only afford or let in?
  • Does it feel like you hold your breath and hope your financial situation will ‘make it’…?
  • How much would you really love to earn that you don’t yet?
  • What would you do with that money? How much more could you offer to the world and would you?
  • What would it be worth to you to change your money story from where it is to where it could be?
  • Can you really afford to be in a place of ‘settling’ for the rest of your life?

Explore the questions. Pay particular attention to the ones you want skim over and avoid. Even though I have awards, accolades for my work and praise and real juice, passion and the gifts to show you how to heal your money story, the only person who does it is you, so when you ponder the questions; be honest with yourself as if you aren’t, you stay with the money block.

Step two to break the cycle of lack and rejecting abundance…

Now this is where you aren’t going to hear the usual stuff, like declutter, gratitude, forgiveness or affirmations and all that passive distraction stuff that gives you the appearance and the feeling of ‘well I am doing something so if it isn’t working it must be (a) timing (b) because I am not good enough’ and then whoop there begins the full blown hold of the habit again.  

See how interconnected and insidious this habit is, and it grows at the rate of knots!

It puts you back to where you thought and hoped you were moving away from. It is why people get super frustrated with themselves and money work. They become irritated and even angry, I am doing everything and nothing is changing. Like I said above, just because it isn’t expressed doesn’t change the energy which presents itself through creation. Why suppression is always pointless as is over indulgence of expression of emotions too.

This is controversial for some as the defences get built even higher and balance is key, as the opposite extreme of what I am about to share is to spend fearfully to prove you are abundant in the hope the Universe will be tricked into rewarding you with permanent abundance.

However pining for a better bank balance, a better lifestyle, the funds to do the things you want like support the charities you want and create a contribution and legacy, is just that pining.

Most have experienced moments of abundance, only then to snap themselves back into the arms of the habit of lack. Fear creeps in and takes over.

Once you have explored the questions from step one, and remember the first time you look at them your answers will be what you think you should say and then once you have done the should you will get to a deeper truth.

Your next step is to say you can and make it happen. And then you have to.

  • Maybe that means learning how to manifest money – so come learn it here.
  • Maybe that means addressing your money story – so come do it here.
  • It may involve you putting your prices up, I know there are extreme schools of ungrounded advice about this that say just put your prices up. Hike them to biggest number that makes your knees knock… it isn’t about that. It’s an energy thing. If your approach to pricing is pluck it out of the air and hope for the best, then you will be invisible to those you are here to serve (and contrary to belief they do go somewhere else if you don’t sort your money stuff out as do opportunities that were for you – the \Universe doesn’t let one person change the destiny of many – that would be harmful.)

And even then it doesn’t stop you from taking steps forward, they are growth not conditions.

  • It involves you spending money and maybe you will feel you are spending more than you are comfortable with or have been ever comfortable with. Comfortable isn’t where you will find your transformation as growth is always challenging. (Comfort zone stuff isn’t new so don’t try and pretend you don’t know!!!)

It’s not the easiest advice to stomach as the money block itself is about the: no I can’t.

It doesn’t matter what you tell yourself, unless you physically move by taking action AND do the energy work in tandem (the questions above start to tap into the energy however they aren’t just the start), nothing will change.  That is what truly affirms your connection and commitment to abundance and that is what will break down the habit that keeps you in lack.

Like the walls of Jericho, they tumbled easily when what needed to be done was adhered to and followed.

Question is do you love your habit of lack and the story of your emotions that say you can’t? Has it become so embedded you truly believe you can’t and every step has become fearful, or piecemeal? A little gasp of breath into abundance and abundant living before running back behind the walls of lack?

And are you willing to make that change and break down the habit once and for all?

Say goodbye to your money blocks…

You can here.

Sarupa Shah






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