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Social Media…let’s be honest is a mixed bag experience. I know it is ‘essential,’ supposedly to be included in the marketing mix of a savvy and wanna be successful online business. Yet not every successful business is present every minute of the day on social media.

And like this blog and my own personal living and working space,  I want my social media space to be sacred, vibrating in alignment and not just a ‘free for all’ of chaotic energy.

Heart Centered and Spiritual Business Owners are used to doing rituals or processes to set the energy of their day and the space they work in. Always ready to get into the zone before they right. I do.

However few consider this when they are on ‘social media,’ yet is this not a space from where you are operating and connecting with the world?

In this video, which is 7 and a half minute long I share why it is important and how you can bring in some basic and powerful ‘personal energy management techniques for social media.’

Watch it now and please leave me a comment on what you do and what you may do differently as a result of watching this video!


Sarupa Shah


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