Why be negative about thinking positive?

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Have you noticed, there seems to be a real backlash against positive thinking?

Many people who are anti-positive thinking are often the same people who are all ‘mind-set’ (and isn’t that just an online marketing word for think differently? I mean you think with your mind…despite what some think others think with!!!! )

They are also the same people who believe you create your own reality. In which case why would you create one where you think doom and gloom and the worst outcome always? Almost reminds me of a cartoon character who expects the worst, voices it and then gets it…people laugh at that character!

The challenge for me in all of this is the ‘top’ position of ‘thinking’. Why think at all is my question?

And if you will think, positive as in constructively, is the way forward as otherwise what you going do?

The backlash against positive thinking has increased over the years. People are taking offence at either being told that positive thinking is good for them or if people say they practise positive thinking.  It is 100% a judgment. There is this emerging view that you ought to sit in thoughts (and emotions) and wallow in them when they aren’t positive, somehow that keeps you real. In fact some go as far as saying it is SO important to think and feel all that horrid stuff as that is how you process it – codswallop I say! You don’t fall in to the toilet to clean it do you?

Let’s us be clear, I am not saying don’t have unpositive thoughts or avoid uncomfortable feelings; just don’t let them be your lead driver. You want to feel and think good and sustain that come what may…so yes acknowledge that poop thought or feeling that has come up in reaction to life and then do something to change it. If you don’t – you lower your vibration.

Everyone is entitled to an opinion. However we are heading to a world created by opinion alone and not energy. That is what is causing challenge in the world. Everyone believes their opinion is right and a disagreement to that means the other is wrong! And here at The Soul Agency Blog, well we focus on energy.

Positive thinking is about solutions to move forward. You won’t move if you feel stuck and if you try to move it will be into a more stickiness. Yet the anti positive thinking brigade have decided it must be about being clap happy and on the edge of what they judge as acceptable and sane. I mean how can you see Trump as a positive thing…I do even though I wouldn’t have voted for him! And I can bet for many reading this that doesn’t sit pretty and you are wondering…

Positive thinking creates an opportunity for movement and change. Where as thinking as a ‘realist’ is mostly an excuse to say life is often just a pile of poop that you end up swimming in!

The secret to positive thinking…

And this is the piece that many have not grasped. There is a step of acceptance before positive thinking can kick in. As it isn’t a cover or some let me do this and hope the Universe shines its ‘you are brilliant light’ on you. I am taught by Spirit & my mentor- you are where you are, it is all contained within the boundaries of the Universe and therefore Divine. It might well be a contingency plan instead of plan A, however it is still happening with a purpose. What you do next is what matters….and that choice when it comes from a place of acceptance means you can shift your energy. (NB: Acceptance isn’t surrender.)

Positive thinking enables you to experience something and make a choice. You can move on from what may have been a ‘reactive thought;. You get to choose positive (constructive) action. When you can’t attune to positive and are judging it as a concept you get trapped in the ‘reactive’ mind and then in your emotions. That is the irony. You can’t see the bigger picture and don’t trust the Universe’s Divine plan…that is a dilemma to get out of! 

So take away the story and judgement on the word positivity, and if you can’t insert, try another term like – ‘thinking supportive thoughts’…or ‘seeing the bigger picture of all is well’ … whatever it takes don’t fall into the trap that thinking positively is some sucky thing. 

It is something to learn as the path to the Soul and to peace within you is when your thinking, or emotions aren’t dictating your reaction to life. As if all you can do is think and feel in reaction you will never ever get to hang out with your Soul.

In case you haven’t guessed, I am neither a fan nor an anti positive thinking proponent. I understand when the mind is given a pedestal it flourishes in objecting to anything it doesn’t believe possible. That is limiting your own progress as you are more than your thoughts. And given that you have thoughts (and feelings), nothing wrong with creating positive ones that support you and nothing at all wrong with managing how you think (and feel) and finding ways to free yourself from the traps that they can create.

If you don’t then your thoughts & feelings will control you and become self-fulfilling while blocking your light and your Soul.

Over to you

What are your thoughts on this topic, have you had a change of heart, are do you find your stomach turns when you hear positive thinking? Leave me a comment, and share this post…!

Sarupa Shah



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