7 Passion & Purpose killers (and how to avoid them!)

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If you have found this article, likely that you know what affirmations are. Quite likely you can wax lyrical about what they are and how they are supposed to work. Though you probably can’t be sure that they have always worked in your life or even do. And probably couldn’t say you know how to make them consistently work for you, but shush the spiritual secret is safe. We’ll keep it between you and this blog post!

Though seriously…

There is such a desire to be ‘in the know’ and to be seen to be in the ‘know’ and a shame and heaviness felt if you don’t know something ‘spiritual’ that it is seems the norm is to say I know to cover up. I mean everyone else knows everything and are experts so if I don’t say I am, then it might show me up as not as good as them, right? This is the real fake it till you fingers crossed, make it. Not a recipe for success!passion killers

This need to say you know when you don’t in the end hurts you It stops you from growing and learning because you have a barrier that says, no I get it all, I know already so let me struggle on please. And it means you self-sabotage without conscious awareness, probably are at the end of your tether and aren’t sure why or what to do. So deep rooted is this let me cover up energy that it creates habits and patterns that make everything a struggle.

A passion killer! Not in the bedroom sense, but a sure fire life passion killer, because when there is this in-congruence and inability to seek the help, get the support and say hey I don’t get this, can you help or point to what or who might, it makes life so stressful. And it occurs even with those who seek help, if your defence of I know it all and I am sticking to that story and will not expose otherwise is high, then you will not accept the assistance to be empowered to step into your greatness.

Below are 7 Passion Killers if you entertain any of these as thoughts or feelings or even in conversation with others about yourself, then you are affirming them as true and their dense energy will entrench you in what you truly don’t want! I know you don’t want it because you want to succeed, and yes it is about the money and living the dream, however it is more than that because it is about that deep deep desire to serve. To create a legacy of love for the planet, to play your role and to play to your potential.

These Passion Killers are contextual in part, and the part that makes them passion killers is:

The frequency that they are repeated AKA affirmed in respect of what you feel and think is a life and business not going your way!

The 7 most common Passion Killers!

  1. How long till it happens? Have you decided when you want ‘it’ to happen? Do you have a plan? Are you taking all the steps in that plan or are you heading to the end to say how long till it happens all the time?
  2. I am not seeing results. You create results, yet affirm this and you will not see results as you have said it!
  3. Why is this happening again? In a universe bound by spiritual law, where nothing is outside of the Divine Plan, it is happening because you created it, your soul chose it and because actions led you here, either way it is an opportunity for something else, or you can wear the why is it happening again coat and keep yourself wrapped up in knitted knots of woe!
  4. This always happens to me. OK says the universe!
  5. I always get it wrong. You may make mistakes, yet rather than wrong there is another opportunity.
  6. This is too hard. Change, growth, transformation and such like is certainly not free of challenge, if it wasn’t it would be growth, would it? Yet this Passion Killer is saying, I give up. OK!
  7. This will take too long. Like above, a bit of a give up statement. And in any case, you have seen the weather, it changes in a blink of an eye, so can everything for you. Good news is if you have been playing to your inadequacies and fears and building barriers instead of bridges for a few years, energy says you can move on from that in a flash. No atonement necessary!

How much are you creating a life of no passion? How much are you affirming Passion Killers like the ones above, or perhaps the ones above? What are you going to do about it? Remember this is an opportunity and if you have been inspired then perhaps it is your invitation to take action?

Sarupa Shah

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