[video] Powerful money affirmations for abundance and wealth

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Affirmations are magic wands. Not because they themselves create results. They make it possible for you to manifest the reality that you are seeking to create.

Affirmations mostly work to get that ‘personality’ on board as it is the greatest objector of greatness because it holds the fears and judgments of self. It is the part that is separated from the Divine…well until it ship shapes itself into alignment, which of course is about you and what you do. It isn’t happening to you, you are in charge.

In this video, which is just over 2.5 minutes long, there are 8 powerful affirmations. Press play and repeat the affirmations out loud as they appear.

If as you use this video, I suggest daily, you feel a stirring in the mind and emotions and a story of this can’t work, we won’t make money, it is all to hard and such like…! GREAT. Great because that means energy is being stirred and moved so instead of it being like concrete it is more malleable and ready for further shifts.

The affirmations will keep the energy ready for shifts, what you must do next is resolve the energy as we aren’t yet living in times of osmosis and doing the work is what we are all here to do…and yet once that stirring begins, the fun and the joy that follows and during your process of evolution and growth is far better than anything you could imagine. 

One of the biggest reasons money affirmations don’t work is that people don’t use them…

I have made it easy so you don’t have to fall into that category anymore!!!!

Over to you…

Your first step is to watch this video, do it daily and you can do it twice a day if you want and don’t fret if you don’t feel a stirring, or do some days and not others. Spiritual growth isn’t linear and there isn’t a template of this is the right way. It is about doing it and then taking the next step as that is the way to keep momentum.

If you are ready for the next step, check out my Unlock Your Affirmation Programme here…

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