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You have heard of vision boards, right? If not where have you been…? 

Vision boards are ‘visual representations’ of how we want our life to be, expand, transform etc.  A little bit like a collage you may have made at school but of course a totally different energy to what you were doing back then. Although a vision board is a ‘spiritual tool’ for manifesting a life you want!

In this article I want to share something that is really important with you – how to create a money vision board. Now there are very few who wouldn’t be happy to have more money, even if you tell yourself if you had more you would give more away to the causes that are dear to your heart. As long as you give to you first and don’t sacrifice then the energy is balanced!

money vision board

I have written about vision boards before and you can check out the article here. The gist of that article was that for most the New Year or some other significant moment in time results in a vision board being made and then it gathers dust. It gathers dust because the vision board is not used and is just a collage of ‘what you don’t have!’

Now there is nothing wrong with ‘wanting’ at all – but when that is all you are thinking about ‘stuff’ you don’t have, it is too easy to slip into a stream of lack and poverty. It’s a fine line between being inspired and feeling like you don’t have anything to offer or receive!

I know this from personal experience. A good few years ago, I created a vision board for my weight and filled it with pictures of amazing looking women. It just simply made me feel inadequate and it wasn’t something that I wanted to really look at. I created it at a time was I was slipping into illusion and watching The Secret etc. and started to believe that they did have secret knowledge which was more than I knew, but that is another story! It got me focusing on everything external and material. Now material focus is not bad or good for that matter and given we live in a material world of course we will ALL have material desires and they don’t need to be judged! However without internal focus from where your material success comes from there will be a disconnect that can stop you getting results.

Good news was that vision board experience soon gave me the metaphoric ‘butt kicking’ I needed. I went back to what I knew was the powerful way to create vision boards. The way that had always worked for me and the way that I had been teaching it.

As I said in my previous post about vision boards there is nothing wrong with ‘stuff’ it is just the intent and how it makes you feel that you need to be mindful of.

Creating a money vision board

I don’t want you to wait till the new year so get ready to create your vision board ASAP!

Money is something that we could all do with more of. It’s a gateway to abundance in every sense of the word. Very few would say they don’t need any more. Take the Beckham’s (football Royalty) who have more than they need and then some choose to give away salaries to Charities. Something many of us would love to do more of, right?

Money which is the energy of love manifest is a good thing and an important aspect to resolve in our lives. If you think you hate money, just get over it or as I have said before give up on it and let me know how it goes. That type of sacrificial life where you think material (read: man made) is not spiritual and therefore bad or wrong is so old paradigm and outdated and one thing that will never come back into vogue.

Here’s how to do create your most powerful money vision board…

Gather some magazines and images that you like. Have to hand: Scissors, a large piece of card or thick paper (to create your vision board on) and some glue of some sort. I always like to have some glitter and sparkly stuff. Although that is purely a personal preference!

Give yourself some time to do this. Make a date with yourself, put on some music; anything that makes you feel good and then…

  • Start with breathing and connecting. Always the best place to start as it focuses you in the present moment and will reveal to you any illusions and limitations you are holding in your mental and emotional body. If you catch thoughts or feelings that are not helpful or distracting just breathe them away. I always like to imagine that they are being carried away by armies of tiny angels as I breathe out and I know that anything that is unresolved will find its way back as you can’t avoid what is yours to overcome and use as a point of growth.
  • Now flick through the magazines. Rip or cut out pictures that make you feel good and represent money. Now this doesn’t mean it has to just be of money, include things that remind you of how having money makes you feel. If you don’t know this then do this exercise first:

In your journal write about how having money would make you feel and what it represents for you.For me money represents freedom, it brings me joy as I am not worrying, it means I am powerful as I will be attracting what I need to thrive and then some. I will be manifesting my Soul Plan too and my service to myself and others will increase. It will also mean that I am doing what I love and being valued and paid for my gifts. Having money represents wealth, sense of well-being etc. Find your own language and words to get underneath what having an abundant and limitless flow of money represents and means to you.

  • Now you have your pile of pictures, images and maybe words from the magazines. Start to place them on your vision board. Don’t glue yet as you are creating your work of money vision art so this is time to play. Move things around, see how they look. Not one of my vision boards in my life has ever been the same. Some have few pictures, some are completely covered so you can’t see the card underneath and some are in certain shapes. I don’t think about this in advance as it all comes out in the play.
  • When you think you have it nailed, walk away for a bit and then come back to check. Does it feel right? Is there something missing? Is there something that doesn’t fit? Check in as with money vision boards it is easy to go too ethereal and avoid money or to swing the other way and basically create a shopping list. The purpose of any vision board is to help you manifest but in order for it to do that it has to represent growth to you and give you the experience of what you are manifesting, which in this case is money, wealth and abundance!
  • Once tweaked, you are ready to get messy with the glue. If you are like me you can add some sparkles. It just makes me feel lovely to see things and people shine!

That is the process to create your money vision board.

Let me know how you get on.

If you want to learn how to manifest more abundance and your Soul Plan contact me here and lets have a conversation about how you can raise your money consciousness!

Sarupa Shah

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