Is your money story impacting on your client attraction?

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How much do you judge money and those who have more money than you?

How about those who have less money…?

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles /".

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles /”.

I am sure there isn’t a clear answer to the two questions I asked as they aren’t straightforward to answer. When it comes to money there are so many judgments, people talk of the underserving rich, the deserving poor and the underserving poor. The judgements for deserving and undeserving are many but the commonality is that they are all judgement.

When it comes to abundance there is only one truth and that is it is limitless and that applies to money.

When your outer world is not abundant then it is nearly always reflecting an inner drama. I say nearly always because there are cases where some have chosen to be poor in this life in order to teach those who need to learn about abundance to stop sympathizing and get on with being wealthy so they can do what they wish they could do if only they have money. However these are few and far between so before you put yourself in that category stop and think.

Your money story and everyone has one is how you feel about yourself, how much value you think or accept you have.

If your inner value is conditional on whether people buy your services or products then you have a money story that needs healing. The fact that your value is conditional to something outside of you shows you how you have a weak self-value foundation.

This is why you may read and hear from people, don’t focus on money. Don’t go into business to make money go into business to live your purpose and so on. Yet the money won’t come without an increase in self-value.

When there is a self-value dysfunction going on, to justify the inertia, this there is more often than not a road of judgment that seems to open up.

Judging the rich and the poor, judging those who are successful in understanding abundance, assuming those who do well and charge their worth don’t understand the plight of the poor, the accusations of suggesting people are overpriced and so on.

All of these judgement although put ‘out’ of you are in fact what you are feeling towards yourself and this does and will affect your client attraction. It is a combination of projection as well as radiation … a low self-value and low vibration money story that acts as a repellent!

When you have such a love hate relationship with money, and judgement over those who have and those who don’t, you are 100% disconnected from your value. Business is hit and miss and yes it is easy to justify and create a story around this, the economy, people are not spending etc…etc but these are just excuses keeping abundance away from you and keeping you trapped in a cycle of lack consciousness.

Business can plateau too where you see no growth and again the same justification can be made.

We are in a time when some are stepping outside of mass consciousness and truly accepting abundance. Some are flirting with the idea of abundance but for them self-value issue remains a challenge and judgement therefore becomes easier which ultimately holds you away from abundance.

Raise your money healing exercise!

Today I want you to think about your relationship with money and all your judgments. Think about who you think spends too much or doesn’t understand the plight of the poor or the rich, the one you want to talk about and tell that you think they are wrong.

Write it down on a piece of paper how much you wish so and so would lower their prices and how you wish you could get this for free and give away this for free and how much easier the world will be when there is money…(that just isn’t gonna happen, money as we know it may go but something else that is exchanged for value will replace it!)

Just let the unhelpful money patterns be drawn out of you so you can be part of the collective who are birthing a new understanding of abundance and not holding on to the status quo!

I want you to write all that down on a piece of paper and then rip it up and be willing to let go of your money judgments while you do. The ripping of the paper is symbolic and very powerful.

Then take a 2nd piece of paper and write about how you love money and trust abundance. Start writing a new story from NOW! No going back to fix anything as you want to focus on what you want and with a healthy money story your whole life, from health, to love, to business and of course wealth will change! Everything is connected!

This is the start for you to change your money story and change your value and ironically it is your greatest contribution to abundance for all.

For as long as you judge money and those who have it or not, you are rejecting your own value and your clients will be repelled by this…! A judgement is an indication of unresolved soul and personality energy.

Share in the comments below what you have learned about your money story or any questions you have about this important topic.

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