A monthly members club giving you powerful spiritual tools and expanding your spiritual power!!!!

"The Money, Manifestation, Majesty Members Club means your Spiritual Growth in 2018 is going to be HUGE & Significant and support you in making a difference in the world."

I know your greatest joy is putting your Soul & Spirit first and in every day life, this just sometimes becomes difficult...pushed and pulled to 'do' instead of be...

For over 20 years I have been offering Spiritual Workshops & Classes, having mentored and been the ‘intuitive go-to-women’ for industry leaders and celebrities for the last 5 years. Helping them increase their revenues and profit, expand & create new businesses and align to their Soul Purpose. Empowering their own Spiritual Knowledge, Spiritual Connection and transforming their lives & financial well-being. 

This is your invitation to join me in this Global members community through which I will take you on a journey to spiritual growth and transformation and make spiritual development that makes your heart sing and  your life and business shine...easy!

"This is for everyone who wants spiritual development that changes their life, money story and impact in the world!!!"

When your growing your impact in the world increases. Your confidence strengthens and you become the magician and creator of your own life and destiny...and life becomes the fun adventure it was always supposed to be. 

Imagine...waking up and knowing you are good enough without a doubt....that is 100% possible.

"Each month getting spiritual wisdom that complements your life journey, something you can implement and see results with

That is what Money, Manifestation, Majesty Members Club is about...giving you access to spiritual wisdom...and processes that work to empower you in all areas of your  life..."

Your place to get juicy wisdom delivered to you every month…expanding your own Spiritual ToolKit and knowhow!

And that is why I have created with great excitement and collaboration with Spirit, Money, Manifestation, Majesty Members Club.

The challenge for all of us has been to move beyond where we are...will you? Will you allow yourself to raise your frequency?

Money, Manifestation, Majesty Members Club...

... each month's theme and topic will give you insights, new perspectives and change how you manifest, how you access your intuition, give you tools to expand your money story and impact....it's a pretty exciting time we are standing in - New Era - and new teaching is coming through...and as a Light Worker you can receive this and be part of anchoring it in all you do!

“It's awe inspiring to  consider how much more there is and how the teachings of the Universe are still being revealed...”

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Are you going to step into Money, Manifestation, Majesty Members Club and experience empowering growth?

Each month, on the 6th as a member of Money, Manifestation, Majesty Members Club you will receive:

  • A money meditation to use for the whole month – keeping your abundance channels expanded and opening you to a new wealth potential and creating a consistency in Spiritual wealth consciousness practice.
  • A Spiritual Teaching webinarcovering aspects of manifestation, Spiritual Laws, Concepts and Processes, and other topics like intuition, money, etc so that your spiritual wisdom increases and creates a successful and positive impact in your life.
  • An accountability exercise which will keep your energy moving and you implementing.
  • heart
    A private, secret, closed Facebook group, which will be dedicated to the Money, Manifestation, Majesty Members Club - where you can get support, create collaborations with others, and who knows what other magic will unfold as when like hearted Souls come together there is magic, always!

PLUS ... A quarterly (every 3 months) group LIVE Q&A mentoring call – where you get me mentoring you  - and insider access to me...!!!

And of course in the year there will be additional bonuses for all annual members.

Become a member and get started...

There are different levels of membership as you will see below – the best option is also highlighted you can see membership for the whole year is very low…so is there a catch you might be wondering...

The only catch is if you don't join - you miss out. It doesn't matter how many business programmes you sign up to, if your energy isn't aligned, if you are simply hoping business coaching gives you the spiritual development you have a hunger and yearning for...you will be searching for a long time.

I know once you have joined and seen and experienced the gentle, powerful growth and your own energetic transformation as well as the expansion of your understanding of Universal Laws and Spiritual Concepts, you will be delighted at how your life, business / career shifts into a whole new vibration.

Join today…it’s less than a £1 (just over a US $...!) a day for annual membership!!!

Choose your membership plan...and get spiritual growth that will inspire you, bring out your Soul, and positively impact on every area of your life...

…and see you on the other side…as soon as you join you will get an email giving you your login details for the membership site, and you can get started with the bonus material and the month that you are paying to join. 

Membership Plans

Twice Year Payment - 6 Month Membership 2018

  • Monthly Money Meditation
  • Monthly Spiritual Development Webinar
  • Monthly Accountability Exercise
  • Quarterly LIVE Q&A mentoring call
  • Private, secret & closed Facebook Group

£175 for payable today and then in 6 months (approx US $233) and is the equivalent of paying £350 ($466) per annum

12 Month Full Membership

Everything that you get in the 6 month membership for the full 12 months, and this is the **BEST** option and gives you 2 months FREE!!!!

£300- this is the lowest cost membership and covers you for 12 months!!!

Money, Manifestation, Majesty Members Club is your opportunity, take it today and see you in the members section soon!


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