Money Manifestation Magic

121 'mentoring' programme working on a 'real' life project in your business.

Perhaps it’s a launch of a new project or to fill your coaching diary, a retreat or something else where you get to live your Soul Purpose more fully and step into a higher level of service & experience more success & money.

This year, 2017 a new wave of Heart Centered & Conscious Business owners will create unprecedented profit, contribute to changing the planet and people's lives, and fulfil their Soul Plan without sacrificing their desire to be spiritually open and powerful. Will you be one of them?  

I promise you the skills and ability to confidently know how to manifest money into your business in 12 weeks.

  • You will work on something real you desire to manifest in your business, a tangible & measurable project
  • You will deepen the voice of  your Soul, read your energy and let them influence your actions to get what YOU want! 
  • Money Manifestation Magic IS the #1 one-to-one spiritual business mentoring programme for Heart Centered, Spiritual business owners who are tired of 'textbook' generic spiritual responses to their Soul Dream manifesting!

If you are frustrated and feeling stuck with your money situation and how business seems to be flat lining or is no longer exciting. You know that sinking feeling that tells you have lost track. It doesn’t mean that you aren’t lucky or are full of bad karma or fallen off your Soul Purpose path. 

It might mean that you need some tailored guidance and a plan to heal your money story and realign how you manifest to get what you want so you can serve and fulfil your Soul Purpose and let’s be honest have that dream life. Corny, I know but who would say NO to that?

When you work with me 121 on Money Manifestation Magic you will write a new money story which fills you with delight and changes your money consciousness - and makes charging your worth a breeze, as well as making money doing what you love easy!

You will learn how to attract and manifest easily and know exactly how to deal with ‘seeming’ twists that appear in your life and business. With a manifestation process you will always have an anchor to keep you on path and keep your vibration high! No more falling down!

This is your time to do what you love and were born to do.

“ Once you have this 'spiritual' toolkit you can never 'un'-have it. Once you say YES to Spirit and take action to adventure to your Soul Purpose using spiritual tools that make money and manifestation easy, fun and effortless  - everything conspires to support you - however - and this is really important  - you have to be willing to step fully on to your path!”

You will be working specifically on how to manifest a specific business project - launch, event, filling your coaching practice, etc. during the 12 weeks, as well as healing your money story and going really deep to understand where and how you hold yourself back and why...without knowing this manifestation and consistent money flow are always in adversity...!

Imagine the joy you will feel as each week you will see results both to your energy, your mind-set, your ability to feel courageous, confident and clear as well seeing tangible results as your ‘dream project’ becomes a reality. 

It becomes something that isn’t out of reach but well within reach and achievable and brilliant! I bet you have a real burning passion to do something 'other' than what you do now and something stops you from going for on and I will tell you what that is!

Don't worry if you have so many brilliant ideas, dreams and yearnings - it is normal to be creative! I have a really powerful process for you to use to 'pick' the right project for for now and it will be THE project that propels you on your Soul Path. AND once you learn how to manifest, hold energy and call in the money AKA love, you will be able to do this again and again...​

In 12 weeks you will know how to stay in alignment with abundance and raise your money consciousness. And..

  • Feel spiritually powerful, confident and clear on how you can have all the material and spiritual success you desire. Business isn't a game of chance or create your business reality!
  • Your vision of what you 'really' want will be clear and life and business will be exciting and full of passion and service.
  • Feel that satisfied success that comes when you have a grounded plan that is achievable and incorporates what you dream of to thrive and soulfully serve. Your service is your business!
  • Each week you will see & feel your progress, in fact your closest and nearest and dearest will wonder what has happened because you will be shining from the inside out. This is what happens when you claim your Soul path and invite magic into your life!

It will be impossible not to  feel wealthy when your money consciousness is raised and you start to see more money flow coming into your life and business. 

“Most people think that there is some hidden secret to having what you want and being a success. Like is is some kind of initiation into an inner circle that very few will understand and believe and unless you spend a fortune you won’t make one…not true. It is so much more about energy and going in to your reveal magnificence which is your greatest point of attraction. It is about YOU being willing to follow your own path and not put what you really want to achieve and experience on hold!"

With ‘spiritual tools’ – processes, meditations and practical exercises & actions you get positive results, expected and miraculous! 

Responding to the inner hunger to align your business more deeply with your Soul means you serve more people and the joy you know you will feel is almost indescribable as is the handsome and healthy bank balance! (When I mean service, it is the service you dream of, the type of service that makes your heart sing and it feels like you have 'made it' and come home!)

It is a homecoming when you are fulfilling your Soul Purpose and being spiritually powerful!

100% tailored to your success.

Your experience over the 12 weeks tailored to you and fine-tuned to ensure your energy and vibration is raised and outcome focused.  The tools and processes offered to you will be the right fit so I work to you rather than you being ‘fitted’ into a pre-existing format. This is so important for your success;  meeting you where you are and you having the tools to build that bridge to money healing and manifestation mastery – where life feels like it flows again!

Claim your Spiritual power  & gifts.

Knowing how to manifest like a pro and understanding the process and making it your own so it works with your energy means you can take out the stress, the worry, the sleepless nights and instead enjoy creating, serving and transforming lives.

Live & experience abundance.

Experience abundance through your business that you dreamt of when you started out in business. No more plateau. No more hitting your head on a ceiling that you can’t break through. When you get the universes guide to 'making money'  - it will simply happen for you!

"About your Spiritual Business Mentor"

Sarupa opening Vitality 2013 in London, UK!

This is being taught by Sarupa Shah, internationally acclaimed and published Money Healing Expert, and media favourite for topics on spirituality particularly manifesting, intuition and money healing! So you know you are in powerful and in-demand hands (Sarupa has worked with 1000’s of people healing their money stories and teaching about manifestation!)You benefit from 16 years of teaching and over 40 years of her personal spiritual training, which started around the age of 4 with Spirit.

A lot of people never achieve their goals, not because they aren’t ambitious they simply don’t take the right action and get stuck. YOU don’t have to be one of them… and here’s how…

Over your 12 sessions I will give you universal secrets that 'fill in the blanks' and provide you with a complete map on how to manifest, call in money and hold and use your personal energy.  I know you will have ‘information’ from books, and other sources and this 12 session 121 Money Manifestation Magic mentoring programme reaches depths that can only be achieved when you 'experience' & live fully and embark on a journey of spiritual mastery.

Let me guide you to your path of Soul Success so that you can give to the planet!

"Imagine a foundation that supports you manifesting what you want, the clients, the opportunities & the money"

If you are interested, hungry and yearning for some deep inner transformation that isn’t about how to integrate with the latest tech or algorithm changes to Facebook or Google and other ‘stuff’ that like that, which doesn’t float your boat or get you excited, then you can apply to be one of the people personally mentored by me over 12 weeks, one session a week.

Already know you want it well click here to sign up!

Learn the universes methods for manifesting & apply it to money and a 'real' business dream and combine it with healing so you can...

· transform your money story

· turn your money limitations into gifts that aid your manifestation so your business grows

· recapture your enthusiasm for being in service

· feel your Soul Plan more alive than ever

· shed the old patterns and beliefs about what is possible, wrong, right, upside down and inside out and claim your place in New Era energy where living is really easy…

Say YES today and get your dream out in the world!

All you have to do is click the button below to secure your place now. Remember, due to the energy and close personal work this programme involves I am only able to work with 6 people at any one time. So make sure you are at the front of the queue and book NOW!

Here's the thing...

 I know you want to be in service, so make it happen and take action! I know you have such passion and brilliance and you want to do so much more.

Well this is it …

Once you pay, I will be in touch with you within 24 hours – probably sooner to set up our kick off session, (which incidentally isn’t part of the 12). We can get to know each other more and I can 'tune' in to your energy and create your individual journey for the next 12 weeks. 

This is mastery because you are going to master money healing and manifestation and apply it to real life. You are going to stop feeling frustrated and scared about money and sad about all the things you really want to do because before we start you will have picked one of your brilliant ideas and that will be the central focus for your 12 week 121s..

There’s a reason you have read this far.

Many will tell you that you need a sales funnel, Facebook ads, more blog posts, better copy ... even an emotional meltdown, or (my pet hate) to be more 'feminine'...none of this is true!

You don't need anything except YOU! 

You can do all those 'outside of you things' and keep wondering why nothing is changing or sign up today to Money Manifestation Magic and get your own 12 one to one sessions with me.

12 121 sessions over 12 weeks, email contact in between, meditations & worksheets if necessary PLUS a high level of accountability…...and you get to transform your money story and manifest like a pro – and bring your business and future vision for your business into alignment with abundance and your Soul.

You can see the price is low considering my only other 3 month programme is nearly double this one…

  • 12 X one-two-one sessions
  • Dedicated Divine Plan with clear actions & steps  - mastering the inner & energy game and the outer actions!
  • Bring your dream and reality into alignment.
  • Give your gift of true divine service to the world!

All these now for just:

£3997 plus VAT.

(take this offer up before it goes - and before you realise yet another year of not really getting or doing what you want has passed...)​

There is something I have to let you know in joining - be prepared for prepared to get what you want and open your heart to yourself....

"You weren't put on the planet to dream and hope, you agreed to come now so you could dream and do and live the best life, remembering your true spiritual power and sharing your gifts to change the planet and transform mass consciousness. Will you step forward and learn what the universe and your Soul wants you to know - the easy route and easy path to getting what you want?"

PS - I promised to tell you the reason why most people don't really go for what they want and yearn to do in their business. It is because they are protecting themselves from failing, which is born from a mistrust of self and universe - all an illusion as is the illusion of lack and while illusions can feel real until you are willing to give them up and have a new plan to get what you want and be willing to learn and activate your spiritual power to manifest and be abundant, the illusions win and you miss out!