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Have you noticed how just about every coach is a money expert? Seems you only have to have made some money once and now you can teach others how to sort their money stuff out! It is amusing too as I am often approached by people with money expert or such like in their job title and they want to talk to me about their money challenges or get some free advice without admitting they have a financial challenge…

Financial challenges are usually:

  • feeling like you have no money or don’t have enough money
  • being scared about when it is coming in next
  • worried about spending
  • scared you might be a fraud
  • worried about being found out that you aren’t a success
  • worried about debt
  • worried about spending on growth or yourself, and telling yourself a story that is luxury spending to avoid
  • having no idea how you made money and how to put it on repeat AKA manifest the moolah!

And such like. They are rooted in stories and core beliefs like, I am not enough. I am afraid of being seen. I don’t love myself so I need approval from others and the super biggie that is swept under the carpet maybe just maybe money isn’t spiritual and struggle means I am more spiritual etc.

I have been doing money healing work officially since 2011, and channelled this stuff way back and thought it was revolutionary in 1999 and let it gather dust all except for myself. And I haven’t stopped developing this with Spirit since and through my own personal learning and in the work I do with clients.

Which is why it makes me kinda sad that there is this desire to make money by assuming money as an expertise when that isn’t your gift to share or when you have such unresolved money stuff in your own life. It is like a bolt on expertise and some of that is born from a financial fear that your service, your gifts aren’t enough and it likely that the true gifts haven’t even been discovered, so best to follow a crowd and do what everyone else is doing that looks popular…and do what someone once said sells – and sell money. Which in itself is sad because that is missing the point of who you are and the energy itself…! Let alone a very old school marketing ploy to sell money.

I digress even though it is an important point.

Let’s get back to money fears.

Fears around money are super uncomfortable, they keep you up at night. They keep you feeling like you need to do do do or the exact opposite you withdraw and then dislike yourself and blame yourself for you predicament and the cycle continues. They put a strain on relationships, lifestyle, diet and of course business as having fears and it is always more than just one manifestation of it, branches out to and has many stories attached to it. Fiction yet they appear real as otherwise you wouldn’t be fearful.

There are some super powerful techniques I use with clients and today I want to explore the one that says when you are fearful – give.

I have heard things like go tithe, as in give charity which sounds like a penance; an atonement for being fearful and almost like a seeking to be blessed in return for being such a sacrificial lamb.

And then I hear just give, be generous and give as a gift, what it really is saying is be fearful and give money away. Fear is fear and swapping what makes you fearful for something else changes nothing. And yup, this goes against New Age teaching, however I am not a New Ager, I work with Universal truth..!

Giving isn’t a bad thing per se, except in this situation when your money fears are coming to surface, giving like a gift is not the response that will shift your energy and I will tell you why.

When you give for the sake of giving, give out of fear even if you are telling yourself it isn’t fear you are in fact doing this to overcome fear and demonstrate…that you are not fearful. You are trying to prove that you don’t have fear and this is all ego. Trying to appease the personality. Nothing soulful in that. And the personality (AKA ego) is what created the fears and in its desire to hold them will let you create another work of fiction that this will cure my fear.

The issue is that it is off balance. Give and get nothing in return except what apparently is supposed to be a feeling of ‘if I am safe to give money away the fear must be gone…‘ Giving without allowing yourself to receive in return is what makes it off balance and when you are addressing fears without balance, well that keeps the energy unresolved. That means what could be addressed is avoided.

As this is a blog post and I am not talking with you personally and guiding you to resolve and address the fear and hear your Soul, I want to share with you something that I do and something that is far better than giving.

Purchasing, go spend money on you. Get a return. And I can hear it already from some of the readers, I feel good when I give to charity. Sure I know that, however you are wanting to resolve the fear and not pacify yourself? And giving to charity or giving anything to anyone as a gift while holding fear even if you kid yourself it isn’t there is spreading that fear through your actions. Do you really want to be responsible for that?

Go and spend on you. It is one of the most difficult things to do when you are fearful. And what you will notice is that some areas you have never had fear on spending, like food, or clothes or rent or something else. The fear is never equally distributed, it is amplified in certain circumstances and that is always significant too.

The fear may be loudest or most debilitating when you are choosing to spend on your development and growth or something else that is pretty much about you because it is always about you in the end and the choices you make and the responses or reactions you have. That is a biggie for most. My first multi-millionaire client had a meltdown when she wanted to work with me about the money and I was witnessing a human condition that isn’t based on the money you have or don’t have. It was about the fear of am I worth this, it won’t work for me as I am so lost.

So when the fear of not spending comes up and you will recognise it, you may try and cover it up and that is the habit. Avoid and resist and pretend there is nothing to see. However that isn’t going to change a darn thing and it just gets worse and more entrenched. SO when that fear comes up, do exactly the thing you were fearing.

Last February when I was off on my global travels taking my money work to Hong Kong and Sydney, I had decided I wanted to do the whole trip in business class or above. On first check the flights came in at a huge cost as there were 4 long hauls and one short haul. I did say ouch and I said yes at the same time. As energetically if I had caved into premium or economy I would be saying I am not worth it to me. I would also not be letting Spirit support me and as the long haul business class choice has been my thing for a while. Anything else would have meant I was downgrading myself. It would have been a self-betrayal and an invitation to bring back fears as that is how it works.

So ouch and yes came together. And then came Christmas and I went back to firm up the flights and they had dropped by 50% in price. And that isn’t all, my short haul I booked while I was on the road myself, I am happy for economy on short haul it was a 2.5 hour flight, I booked it and when I got to the airport it transpired I had booked a premium economy and not noticed as I had gone for what fitted with my timings and what was the cheapest option.

Spirit move in brilliant ways when you play your role and stay aligned to how you have chosen to travel and I mean travel in life not necessarily planes so there is an unintended pun!

When you bust through a fear and purchase something you are getting a return on value, so there is a balance of energy. You get to grow, get a new dress, get your hair done, get a dinner in a restaurant of choice, weekend away…or whatever. Spending not gifting is one sure fire step to let your fears know that their time is numbered.

I used to know one coach who told her clients to do this and her strategy was spend the hugest amount on the most extravagant thing ever. That is fear based too as it has to be spending on what you want. Easier to look at what you are denying yourself because of the unresolved energy with money, abundance and love (they are all connected) and there will probably be several things, you pick one and do it. If you pick the one that is easiest you short change yourself as you are choosing safety over growth and if you choose the one that is most expensive because it is, it may backfire too as you have to be 100% that you aren’t operating from fear of if I don’t do this I am doomed. It’s a Goldilocks principle that is related to your energy not a middle point either.

It doesn’t stop there however it is the start to address the fears you have around money and you can implement this immediately. The next and necessary step too address is the energy of why they are there. This has to be understood and let me tell you that for some the idea to get to the why and address the energy, creates a new level of fear. What happens if they find out the fear is there because the Universe says they are bad, maybe they will discover that they are a fraud? The fear stories can make Halloween look like a walk in park!!!

And it isn’t about sitting in the safety of generic I am not good enough, it is about understanding why that is there. Why your personality feels like it needs to stay with the fear and what stories are propping it up.

And in any and every case as a bit of a must do – go purchase something. Something of value to you that will give you the jitters. Will give you a bit of a oh my as that will shift your energy. I can’t promise you will get the experience I did with my flights, however you will shift your energy and get your own wonderful experiences as you embrace that money stuff.

It’s pure love and it is something to address and if it is holding you back and the fears arise and you try and sweep them away, ignore them or navigate around them you can be sure of one thing it will be impacting on everything because everything is connected. If your money stuff is fraught with drama and fear you will not be on path to claiming your full purpose because you have dimmed your light…your power which is the same as dimming your connection to abundance. That will have a consequence in every area of life.

At this point I could do all motivational on you and remind you that you are good enough and worth it. And that you have something significant to offer to those you are here to serve and growth that you are here to make for your Soul journey too. However if you don’t believe it you simply won’t believe it and it is time to make that decision of well I know it is supposed to be easy and effortless and that these fears are illusions so maybe it is time I chose to address them and become that inspiration and beacon of light that I can feel the fire for in my heart. The me that I allow myself to connect with in rare moments where I know it is totally possible to serve, earn, have fun and live joyously in alignment with All That Is.

If you had a broken arm you would get that addressed. This is the same just it isn’t physical per se, so isn’t it time you treated yourself to some growth and expansion around your money? And moved to a new level abundance and allowed yourself to grow. It isn’t one off work, it is ongoing without it you end up on a path without a map and it is easy to get lost again.

If you want to address your money fears and change the impact that this has on your business you can talk to me here, we will discuss working together.

If you are in or near Hong Kong then check this out as it will be just what your Soul ordered – a one-day The Joy Of Wealth workshop.

It’s time for money to become your ally and support.

Sarupa Shah




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