Do money affirmations really work?

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In this short video I am talking MONEY AFFIRMATIONS! And I am rather chuffed at how I am creating shorter videos, jam packed with content and strictly no fluff!

Maybe you like me have wondered and maybe you still do…

  • Can money affirmations really work?
  • How can a money affirmation change your money flow?
  • How can YOU make a money affirmation work?

Maybe you fall into the trap of creating money affirmations, mean to use them and don’t however feel that illusionary safety of having done something…in which case of course money affirmations will not be working for you. Affirmation creation isn’t the point, it is using them that makes the difference.

In this video I explain why money affirmations work, and how you can use them.

(See I told you it was jam packed with content to transform your life now!)

It’s 2015, this information has been around for a very long time as the wisdom on the truth and energy around money, so if you are struggling financially or drop your power for whatever excuse or fear based beliefs, then it is time to change this.

I know the spiritual community shun the idea of ‘hurry up’ or ‘get on with it’ which is why so many heart centered business owners never realise their potential and many fall by the way side or at the first hurdle believing it will happen just because they really really really really believe they are on a better path. Sadly none of this is the case.

If you are on a Heart Centered Path then that is a choice and to make things happen or not or to improve your life and your service, well that is your choice too.

So check out the video…

Do money affirmations really work?

Leave me a comment and share this video with your friends and community too – get them excited about the power of affirmations.

(Here is a link to the previous video I made on this topic… )

And the link to my Money Healing Workshop 2015, on December 18th in London.

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