Want to Stop Poverty, Financial Inequality & Create Abundance For All In The World?

Do you wish to assist others on their journey of Spiritual awakening?

Do you dream of aligning to the magic of the Universe and showing others how to do the same?

Are you looking to lead others to abundance, and willing to discover how you can be an ambassador of abundance?

You are invited to become an officially certified "Money Mentor ™" A one year training - taking you to the heart of Abundance teaching so you can take that out to the world and show others how to create soulful and financially secure lives.

A Soul Calling For Those Who Are Here To Contribute To Creating A New Financial Era: Abundance - a Win/Win For All....starting February 2019

WHY YOU...no coincidences - you were called here for a reason...

Pretty much all your life, you have felt an inner calling. And you now find yourself immersed in one way or another with Spiritual arts; crystals, healing, rituals and all thing Universe...and have a hunger to become a student of the mystery schools of the Universe. This isn't any ol' hunger - this is a calling to do something revolutionary in the world that is more than struggling to find your next client  - or write your next blog post - or email to your list...this is about your Spiritual Service - shining lights on the part of you that you have hidden. It is about creating a life of impact not just a business.

And don't be fooled by the word 'student'. Those in the Universe's mystery schools are masters in training - beacons of light - who are willing to stand outside of mass consciousness and lead with heart - challenging the status quo and becoming custodians of new teaching and putting it out into the world.

This means you will stand out from the crowd - as to break what has been to what it could be - abundance for all - a new spiritual economy - isn't about regurgitating the old. It isn't about mindset - it isn't about giving feelings supremo status, it is about SOUL.

Breathe. I know it excites you and terrifies you. It did me too.

Before I embraced being a Money Healer, Mentor & Abundance Ambassador, I resisted doing money work. In fact I hid away the teachings I had channelled for 11 years from the world. Gathering dust...but the failing business, the unhappiness and the calling from my Soul to awaken to the next chapter of my purpose - wasn't something I could avoid & resist for ever.

.... if you had told me my Spiritual journey was gonna take me to working with money and abundance on global platform, I would have laughed at the idea. Money – me? Work with the Universe, YES but not with money – that wasn’t spiritual or what I was good at I believed…! However my Spiritual work as I worked with Spirit and the Universe (and still do) led me to create the world's first Spiritual Money Healing body of work.

When everyone else was talking about money mindset, I was talking about Money Healing and the Soul Path – and how to claim your Spiritual Value and Financial Value as they both go hand in hand, heart to heart and without them in place your Soul Purpose and Spiritual Service can never flourish!

8 years I have been working with groups, and individuals  - healing their money stories - and integrating that into my Soul Purpose work - and now it is time for you, the new teachers  - the leaders and mystery school students - the masters in waiting to come on in and take this work with your magic and uniqueness out into the world.

Become a 'certified' Money Mentor is Spiritual Development and Training...

Becoming a Guardian of the most powerful wealth consciousness wisdom and knowledge and bringing them to life through your own work while transforming & healing  your own money story is about fulfilling an inner hunger and calling.

You are invited to become a "Money Mentor™."

What I am going to show you will ignite your wealth & abundance consciousness to come out of hiding and really support your clients as well as your business. 

Unleashing your inner wealth consciousness will only attract more wealth to you.

I am going to reveal to you how to become a "Money Mentor"™ , a genuine soulful expert in healing people’s money stories and creating TRUE ABUNDANCE in New Energy and New Times.

I am ONLY ACCEPTING 12 PEOPLE into the "Money Mentor"™ training programme.

"Changing the world” is an inner calling!

As you embark on your training as a "Money Mentor"™...

  • You carry on working in your own business AND
  • You will increase your earnings immediately as you will be working with paying clients from the very start of the the "Money Mentor"™ training.
  • You will reach more clients (and more clients will seek you out), transform more lives and make a bigger impact in the world, increase the wealth in your bank balance and alignment to your purpose and contribution in the world will rise.

(if you don't have a business yet you will be launching from the moment you say YES and I will show you exactly what you need to do)

"A Money Mentor empowers the SOUL journey of others - and takes them beyond their emotional and mindset relationship to money and into the Heart of Abundance - Spiritual Purpose and Spiritual Service" Sarupa Shah

What your Money Mentor™ training includes:

As an initiate - you will learn - how to Heal, Expand  & Grow alignment to financial abundance both for yourself and those you have a Soul Contract to work with, a promise you made a long time ago...

The Money Mentor™ training is delivered over a year, in 3 terms PLUS a LIVE 5 day in person - retreat in April 2019. In each term you get approx 8 group sessions delivered via Zoom and over the year you will get 7 X 121 sessions.

Term 1: Money Abundance Magic

In this term you are introduced to Money Healing techniques and the 5 Spiritual Truths of Abundance. As you heal your own money story and understand your own illusions around abundance and unearth your hidden fears and sabotage to resolve, you will learn how to mentor others to do the same. Working with a minimum of 3 paying clients you will take them on a journey of Abundance Magic and help them to Accept, Choose and Align to Financial Abundance. The exercises, meditations and processes you will experience will be how you lead your clients, authentically and with integrity.

Term 2: Abundance Ambassador

In term two your personal journey will focus on you as a money mentor and ambassador of abundance. You will focus on manifesting and new teaching around Spiritual laws and be shown how to use my Heal Your Money Patterns programme. You will launch your first group programme for 4-6 people and take them on a journey to Heal their Money Story where they will learn to Allow & Receive Financial Abundance, and Create & Claim it too. You will learn about how to hold energy and space for your clients to create their own unfolding journey to abundance!

Term 3: Money Mastery

This term is about your Soul Purpose and creating your Spiritual Wisdom and business growth. While honing your gifts as a Money Mentor and launching your first one day workshop on this topic. This term will show you how to claim your Spiritual and Financial Value and Be Abundance and how you can show your clients to do the same.

Throughout the training you will be supported to explore your own growth as well as to grow your business and take your gifts out in the world. And certification is on the basis that you complete the course, and assignments, including working with paying clients throughout the year - this will ensure you are nurturing your gifts and taking your knowledge out into the world as your wisdom, magic and contribution.

During your training you will...

  • Make more money in your business - just as abundance is infinite, the need for this is infinitely immense and is going to be the tonic and the accelerator for your business to rise and your light to shine!
  • Experience your own deep and profound money healing… experience is the best and most powerful teacher!
  • Support your clients to heal their money patterns and awaken to a new Spiritual frequency!
  • Lead the Spiritual Awakening for wealth and prosperity and anchor the New Spiritual Economy!​​​​
  • Become expert in ‘diagnosing’ the money stories of your clients and support them to release their money limitations!
  • Be shown how to create and work with Spiritual tools and exercises like meditation, how to understand the experiences your clients share and how you can help them to understand their own sabotage and limitations and step into abundance.
  • Become an expert in the Law of Manifestation and Law of Attraction and other Spiritual laws - bringing forward new understanding and teaching!
  • How to speak from your Soul and hear Spirit when it comes to raising your clients’ wealth consciousness!
  • How you can integrate money mentoring and its principles into your business.
  • Learn Spiritual Mentoring techniques and step into your heart center!
  • How to create your own your platform as the expert in wealth consciousness and help people heal their money stories!
  • Become an Ambassador of Abundance – and the Light!

I recommend that we speak before you join...and tune into your Soul together so you can truly discover how Money Mentor  training is in alignment with your Soul's plan and Soul Purpose Success. You can book your time to talk using the button below. 

Your are on target to make the cost of the training back and more during your year of training!

The overall cost of the training is £12,000 PLUS VAT that includes over 50 hours of teaching, a 5-day in person retreat - (you have to get yourself to the meeting point in the UK) and additional email support PLUS as you are taking on paying clients it is expected that you will earn more than that the cost of the certification training in the year!!!

This really is about setting you up abundantly and soulfully  - and you could make the cost of your certification free - and once you become a certified Money Mentor™. imagine the limitless earnings - transformation and Spiritual Service you will be contributing too...!

This work is essential with the current global political and financial climate and the demand is beyond the heart centered and spiritual community - this is mainstream work as people are awakening to the more and to their search for the own inner light - and as a Money Mentor™ you become the catalyst for change.

Once accepted all you need is your £2000 (plus VAT) deposit and that will secure your place at this powerful certification training and you will be on your way to becoming a Money Mentor .  The next payment of £2000 plus VAT will be due March 1st and then every other money, with the final payment on November 1st. 

We start February 12th 2019- so get that date in your schedule - and let's speak ASAP - as your Soul has called you here because it is time for your hidden gifts to be birthed and the next chapter of your Soul's work  to be out in the world!