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Did you feel the power of April? It has been a super doopa month for energy and a lot of personal growing for me and The Soul Agency has grown and become clearer focussed. Lots of exciting things on the horizon and a few gulp I am sure for me personally however I know the gulp is just an illusion.

It is that time of the month again and if you aren’t already getting the Heart Centered Monthly Business Journals…where you been?MAY 2015

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This month we are all about the affirmations – . and Michael and I decided to share in the journal – 2 classes from my Unlock Your Affirmation Code programme.

Affirmations are a HUGE area of interest for me in terms of my own personal journey as I know they are a magic wand  – often working in an instant and I love to teach people how to unlock their own affirmation potential. It is one of the topics I have been sharing about for a very long time!!

Now don’t be full of shame if you don’t get the joy I am referring to with affirmations – many don’t and less bother to do anything about it. With spiritual processes and tools there is always a sense of:’ I ought to know this and as it appears I don’t let me ignore it as maybe it doesn’t work or there is something wrong with me…’

This is what we all need to drop this sense of there is something wrong with me as that is an affirmation in itself, don’t you agree?

Affirmations are really a wonderful tool – magic wand as I call them and this month Michael and I want you to begin to unlock your affirmation power and code and that is why we took the unprecedented step of sharing 2 classes from the paid for programme. You get the full audio of each class as well as the worksheet.

If you could see our faces right now, we are smiling with delight as our collective mission for 2015 is to positively impact on as many Heart Centered and Consciously leaning business owners as possible…and not with just free for the sake of it  – with real value  – and each month we create a Heart Centered Business Journal with a theme and intention to move your forward.

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